List of Product Information s2

Subject No. 1180

September 15, 2005

List of Product Information

Reference: UL Action Letter of September 15, 2005 regarding the Standard for The Standard For Safety For Fully Inflatable Recreational Personal Flotation Devices, UL 1180

If you desire certification to be terminated on or before the effective date, please complete the information below, sign the form and send it to the local Customer Service staff at the UL office that handles your submittals (note the Customer Service Locations on the Industry File Review web


When processing this file review, the Customer Service staff will note that the models listed should NOT be included in the file review, as the certification for these models will be terminated on the Effective Date. If you desire certification to be terminated immediately, please indicate such details below.

Products not identified on this list will be assumed to be part of the file review to be evaluated for compliance.

Applicant Name:
Applicant Address:
Telephone No:
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File No

Please terminate Listing/Recognition/Classification/unlisted component coverage for the products noted below on 9/15/2007 or the earlier termination date indicated.

Volume / Section / Model No., Catalog No., or Equivalent / Termination Date1
Very truly yours, / Date:

1 – Indicate the date if termination of coverage should occur before the effective date.