List of Local Apple Varieties

List of Local Apple Varieties

List of Local Apple Varieties for the Tamar Valley AONB

Please note that this is a working list of apple varieties that have traditionally been planted and grown in Devon and Cornwall and are suitable for the growing conditions. They include both local indigenous varieties and national varieties that were popular and productive in the area. This list has been compiled with the kind assistance of James Evans, Michael Taylor of Endsleigh Gardens Nursery, Devon County Council and Cornwall County Council.




American Mother / Eater
Beauty of Bath / Eater
Ben’s Red / Eater
Blackmoor Pippin / Cook
Blenheim Orange / Cook/Eater
Bottlestopper / Cook
Bramley’s Seedling (Crimson Bramley) / Cook
Bread Fruit / Eater/Cook
Captain John Broad / Cider
Catshead / Cook
Colloggett Pippin / Cook/Cider
Cornish Aromatic / Eater
Cornish Gilliflower / Eater
Cornish Longstem / Cook
Cornish Mother / Eater
Cornish Pine / Eater
Devonshire Buckland / Cook
Duke of Cornwall / Cook
Duke of Devonshire / Eater
Early Blenheim / Eater
Early Bower / Eater
Edward VII / Cook
Fern Pippin / Cider
Gladstone / Eater
Grow-bi-Nights / Cider
Hamlyn / Cider
Herefordshire Pippin / Eater
Hocking’s Green / Eater/Cook
Improved Keswick / Eater/Cook
Johnny Voun / Eater
Jones’ Apple / Cook/eater
Keswick Codlin / Cooker
King Byerd / Eater/Cook
Lady Henniker / Eater/Cook
Lady’s Fingers / Eater/Cook
Lady Sudeley / Eater
Lane’s Prince Albert / Cook
Lloyd George / Eater
Long Keeper / Eater
Lord Derby / Cook
Lord of the Isles / Cider
Lucombes Pine / Eater/Juice
Mannaccan Primrose / Eater/Cook
Mere de Menage (Blackrock) / Cook
Miel D’or / Eater
Newton Wonder / Cook/Eater
Onion Redstreak / Cook
Orleans Reinette / Eater
Pascoes Pippin / Eater
Pear Apple / Eater
Peter Lock / Eater/Cook
Pig’s Nose 1 (St Dominick) / Eater
Pig’s Nose (Helston) / Cook
Pig’s Snout / Eater/Cider
Plympton Pippin / Eater/Cook
Polly / Eater
Queenie (Devonshire Crimson Queen) / Eater
Queen’s (Slew) / Eater
Red Robin / Eater
Rough Pippin / Eater
Ross Nonpareil / Eater
Royal Jubilee / Cook
Saw Pit / Cook
Sidney Strake / Eater/Cook
Slack-ma-Girdle / Cider
Snell’s Glass Apple / Cook
Stockbearer / Cook
Sweet Merlin / Eater
Tan Harvey / Cider
The Rattler / Eater/Cook
Tommy Knight / Eater/Cook
Tom Putt / Cook/Eat/Cider
Tregonna King / Eater/Cook
Upton Pine / Eater/Cook
Veitch’s Perfection / Eater/Cook
Venus Pippin / Eater/Cider
White Quarrenden / Eater
Winter Peach / Cook
Worcester Pearmain / Eater



/ Eat


/ Eat


/ Eat/Cook


/ Eat

Mazzard Cherry

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