Life and Career of Octavian/Augustus

Life and Career of Octavian/Augustus

Life and Career of Octavian/Augustus

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Topics to Research

Octavian’s relationship to Julius Caesar

Aftermath fight to Julius Caesar’s death

Octavian and Mark Anthony


Battle of Actium and then events in Egypt

Octavian’s power and rule of Rome

Titles used by and given to Octavian

Politically what Rome became under Octavian

“Pax Romana”

Questions to be able to discuss

  1. Explain Octavian’s relationship to Julius Caesar.
  2. Detail the sides in the Civil War after Julius Caesars’ death and what happened to each of the major players.
  3. Who was Cleopatra and what did her death mean? Plus how did she die?
  4. Explain the strategies and events of the Battle of Actium.
  5. What was Octavian’s proclaimed goal for the Republic after the Civil War?
  6. What really did Octavian do? What power did the First Consul have?
  7. Why did Octavian make sure he did not take the title of king?
  8. Why was Octavian called imperator and what did the term come to mean?
  9. Which were the greater? King, Despot, Tyrant or Emperor? Explain
  10. What title did the Senate grant Octavian in 27 B.C.? What did the term mean?
  11. What did the Republic in effect become?
  12. What was the “Pax Romana” and what impact did it have on Rome?

Essay Options: Chose one and write at least three full paragraphs

  1. What connections to Star Wars do you see in Roman history? Make a list then write up as an essay explaining.
  2. How does Octavian’s career affect you today? Explain.