League City Intermediate and WAVE Summer Math Assignment

League City Intermediate and WAVE Summer Math Assignment

League City Intermediate and WAVE Summer Math Assignment

Students and Parents-

This summer each student will have an assignment that will be personalized for what their needs and levels are mathematically. We will be using the site Compass Learning Pathblazer ( to meet the needs of each student. Even if they used the site this past year in their math classroom, the summer assignment portion will be open on June 13th.

You will first need to take the Screener Test upon logging in to Compass and selecting Pathblazer Math. The results of the Screener Test will then set up Diagnostic Assessments A, B and C for you to take. Each Diagnostic Assessment will set up a personalized learning path for you and will determine the skills that you need to work on in order to better prepare you for next year. Everyone will begin with Diagnostic A, and once all those activities have been completed, you will move on to Diagnostic B and eventually Diagnostic C. There might be other assignments that appear in your file. These are not associated with this summer math assignment and are not required to be completed. The work that is required is what is taking place in your Diagnostic/Personalized Learning Path.

We would like for you to complete Diagnostic Aand the learning Path associated with Diagnostic A. The log on the back of the page will help students keep track of how much time that is spent working in Compass. This piece of paper will need to be turned into your math teacher next year within the first week of school. Continue on with Diagnostic B and Diagnostic C if possible.

To log in to Compass, you will need to know your student ID Number and Pin Number.It is important to note that school code is different than the code students currently use. It has been changed for the summer time period and students will need to use the new school code.

ID # with zeros (username)
Pin # with zeros (password)
School Code / creeksideis

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email over the summer. I will respond to the messages as soon as I can.

Happy Summer!


League CityGrade 8 WAVE Math/Algebra/Geometry Teachers

Note:Please make sure you use the school code of creeksideis when logging on to Compass Learning once it opens on June 13. You will use this code most of the summer. However, after summer school closes on July 21, please note that the code will change back to leaguecityis. You will use this school code for the rest of the summer if you are still working on the summer assignment and throughout the school year.

Step By Step Instructions:

Log on to using the provided information

Select Pathblazer Math

Take the Screener

Take the Diagnostic Assessment A

Work through the assigned lessons in your Learning Path and document the time spent on the activities.

If you choose to do more, complete the next Diagnostic and Learning Path that is created.

Student Name: ______

Title of Lesson / Date/Time Spent Working / Accuracy Score if Given / Parent/Guardian Signature
Diagnostic A