Lawndale High School ASB Contract

Lawndale High School ASB Contract

Lawndale High School ASB Contract

The Lawndale ASB is a dedicated group of individuals who work diligently to plan, organize, construct, and eventually produce the Lawndale High School events, rallies, dances, clubs, and any other school sponsored events. The title of ASB member carries many duties and responsibilities, but also lends itself to fun, teamwork and companionship. This role is one which you will leave knowing you have contributed in the spirit and heart of Lawndale High School. Below is a list of activities you will be responsible for organizing and producing. These activities are the heart of your participation in ASB and will be the majority of your grade and self-evaluation rubric.

  1. The dances and events we plan and produce make your memories. The time and effort you put in will be remembered by LHS students for the rest of their lives. Please plan to organize all events. While it is encouraged you participate in all events, you are responsible for working/attending all of the following events:
  1. Homecoming Game/Dance- October 26/27, 2012
  2. Movie Night(s)
  3. Club Rush- September 7, 2012
  4. Senior Night Football Game
  5. Pride Student of the Quarter
  6. Mr. Cardinal
  7. Winter Formal
  8. Winter Formal Fashion Show
  9. Food Fair(s)
  10. Wave Rave
  11. So You Think You Can Dance?
  12. Campus Beautification Day

Dance/Event / Time in / Signature / Time Out / Signature
  1. Another responsibility we have in ASB is the lunchtime spirit rallies. These rallies provide support for various school organizations and help build spirit and pride in LHS. Below are the scheduled rallies for the second semester. You are required to attend all pep rallies and nig rallies:
  1. Welcome Back Rally(Pep Rally)- August 21, 2012
  2. Homecoming Rally(Big Rally)- October 26, 2012
  3. Senior Night Football Game Advertisement(Pep Rally)
  4. Mr. Cardinal Advertisement Rally(Pep Rally)
  5. Winter Formal Advertisement Rally(Pep Rally)
  6. Recognition/ Multi-Cultural Rally(Big Rally)
  7. Wave Rave Advertisement Rally(Pep Rally)
  8. So You Think You Can Dance Advertisement Rally(Pep Rally)
  9. Senior Farewell Rally(Big Rally)

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3. Being apart of ASB is not only during school hours but also any spear time you have. Each semester each student is required to have at least 15 hours of ASH (After School Hours). To receive ASH, you must participate in an activity during lunch or after school which helps ASB. This includes setting up for a dance or rally, working a sporting event, or making posters after school.

Activity / Date / # of hours / Sign in / Sign Out

4. When you work together, participate, and step in front of the school to organize events and rally school spirit, you are demonstrating what this class is all about: leadership. To enhance our leadership skills we will each take a turn presenting leadership information. Your presentation will address three key ASB leadership issues: successful leadership practices; what we can learn from successful leaders; and teamwork exercises. You and a partner will be signed up to present one leadership seminar for the semester. Be creative, informative, and be sure your presentation reflects your own skills. Remember, we are learning from you!

Leadership Presentation Topic: ______

Partner Name: ______


  • Dances and events 20%
  • Spirit rallies 20%
  • ASH 20%
  • Leadership Presentation 10%
  • Commissioner Position 10%
  • Participation (including dressing up for spirit days, agenda checks, etc.) 20%


  • 90-100% A
  • 80-89% B
  • 70-79% C
  • 0-69% F

This contract, as well as class participation, (determined by weekly calendar) will constitute your final grade in ASB. Please use this schedule to plan ahead, please be wary and prepare for projects, work, finals, etc., when organizing your calendar.

I have read and understand the Lawndale High School ASB contract and am prepared to lead Lawndale High School Leadership with dedication, diligence and a sense of teamwork! I understand the commitment I have made and am prepared for the 2012-2013 school year.


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