KCMS Splash Party Permission Form 2016-2017

KCMS Splash Party Permission Form 2016-2017

KCMS Splash Party Permission Form 2016-2017

Dear KCMS Parent/Guardian,

The end of the school year is coming so quickly. With the end of the year, we wanted to give you some details about the annual splash party. The splash party will take place on Friday, May 19 at Ridgeview Park. There will not be a rain date. In the event of rain, students will be at KC for the day. Students will only be allowed in the pool area. All other events will be at KCMS. The splash party schedule, in general, is as follows:

8th Grade / 8:35-12:45 at KCMS / 7th Grade / 8:35-10:35 at KCMS
12:55 – 2:55 at Ridgeview Pool / 10:45-12:55 at Ridgeview Pool
1:05-3:10 at KCMS
6th Grade / 8:35-10:45 at Ridgeview Pool
10:55-3:10 at KCMS

The KCMS Code of Conduct will be in effect throughout the day. Students must agree to the KCMS Code of Conduct to attend the Splash Party. Signify by signing below. Students must remain in good standing during the Splash Party in order to be permitted to stay. Students from other schools are not allowed.

Reasons for not being allowed to attend the Splash Party:

  • Being placed on the “no go” list already or in time remaining before the party
  • Chronic discipline issues – administration reserves the right to make decisions (You will be notified before the Splash Party day if this occurs for your child.)
  • Fees owed for lost, school purchased items. This includes owed library and cafeteria fees as well as paying for PE uniform.
  • Last day to pay fees and be allowed to attend the Splash party – May 12
  • Not having the proper medical forms or medications in the nurse’s office at least five days before the event.


  • Students will be bused to the park after arriving to school and will be bused home from KCMS.
  • Eighth graders must have parent’s/guardian’s permission to walk home from the park (see below).
  • Parent or legal guardian must come to pick up students that want to leave the park or school early.
  • Students who normally walk home from KCMS will be bused to KCMS to walk home from there.
  • If picking up your child at the end of the day from KCMS, please plan to arrive at 3:00.


  • Bagged lunches have been made available for pre-order with your homeroom teacher. You can bring your own lunch.
  • Pizza will be for sale at the park during the 7th grade time at the splash party only. 6th and 8th graders may purchase pizza at KC during their lunch.
  • Students WILL NOT be allowed to order pizza or other food from restaurants on that day.

The permission slip below must be signed by a parent or legal guardian and must include an emergency contact phone number. This permission slip must be returned to your child’s homeroom teacher no later than Tuesday, May 2, 2017 in order for your child to be permitted to attend the Splash Party. Permission slips will not be accepted after that date.


My child, ______, has my permission to attend the KCMS Splash Party on Friday, May 19, 2017. If there have been any changes with your child’s health information, please inform the School Nurse at least five days (May 12th) prior to the trip.

____ My child will ride their regular bus home from school.

___ My child has my permission to walk home from the Park after the Splash Party (8th grade only)

___ I plan to pick-up my child from the Splash Party


Student’s Parent/Guardian signaturePrint name of Parent/GuardianEmergency contact number


I agree to follow the Kate Collins Middle School Code of Conduct at all times.

Student’s signature ______Grade ______Homeroom Teacher’s Name ______

Please return this portion to your homeroom teacher by 5/2.