Job Club Procedures

Job Club Procedures


1. All new customers coming to Job Club orientation are to fill out the Job Club Customer Information Sheet. The Customer Information Sheet, on all new customers, should be collected before JC orientation ends.

2. From here, the Job Club Facilitator has the "sole" responsibility to ensure that the new customer is entered into all of the first four screens of EKOS. This should be doneno later than the COB onJob Clubday. (In most cases, the customer may already be enrolled in Focus Career. This should be priority for any new customer entering our workforce system.)

3. Each week, Dottie Nolan, will be responsible for verifying (cross-referencing) the Job Club attendance sheets to ensure all new JC customers are entered into EKOS. Dottie will alert theJCF, WIADir. by email if the client(s)are not entered into EKOS.

4. AsJob Club participantsattend Job Club each week,it will be the responsibility ONLY ofthe JCF to list the Job Finding Club activity as a reportable common measure. Career Advisors should not be entering this activity with his or her customers/clients as activities are only to be performed by the appropriatestaff directly delivering the face-to-face activity with the customer/client and not duplicated, especially, on the same day.Reporting the Job Club Finding activity will always be the responsibility of the JC facilitator. Career Advisors, who arenot JC Facilitator's,should not duplicate the Job Finding Club activity, for their customer/client,even if their clientattended and participated in Job Club.

From a programmatic standpoint, Career Advisors are still to be actively engaged in JC. Career Advisors, however, should always make a case note documenting his/her active participation withthe assigned customer/client. Case notes should always reflect an up-to-date holistic view of the customer/client, and how the Career Advisor is engaging customer/client for services.

5. As Career Advisor participates and interacts in Job Club, and engageshis/herassigned customers/clients for individual career advising appointments, outside of Job Club, the CA may list the appropriate reportable activities (common or non-common) as long as the client is receiving face-to-face services from the career advisor outside of Job Club.

6.In addition to a host of common and non-commonreportable activities, Career Advisors can alsoinclude the "non-common measure" of a Job Club referral from Career Advisors who are working with customers/clients who have not yet attended. At this time, we have yet to assign what this "non-common reportable activity" will befrom the current list, but there is not an exactJob Club Finding referral. We will make thisdetermination from the listand let you know.