It S Fun to Have Fun but You Have to Know How

It S Fun to Have Fun but You Have to Know How

Elementary P.E. Training Fall 2014

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“It’s fun to have fun but you have to know how”

Dr. Seuss

The ultimate purpose of any physical education program is to guide children into being physically active for a lifetime.

Activity Sheet

Introduction Game


Scary Stats.


Attitude Is Everything

  • Pikes Fish Market
  • Attitude
  • Noise
  • Energy

Class Management/Safety

  • Class Rules/ Consequences (additional sample handout)
  • Check playing area for safety
  • Safety
  • Water
  1. It’s the #1 thing the brain needs to learn
  2. Keeps body temp normal
  3. Please get drinks as needed
  4. Let student get drinks as needed
  • Routines and Signals
  1. Start and stop music on and off hands in air

go/ freeze whistle

  1. Where do they sit? Or what do they do when they come in ? My favorite was the exercise circuit with numbers.

Line Up practice (what does it look like)

  1. Line up Simon Says (Turn Line around once in a while)
  • Choosing Teams

Don’t Let Students Pick Their Own Teams!

  • Have every student get a partner and have the tallest or shortest partner sit down. Now take all the standing students on one team and all the sitting students on one team
  • Line up boys in front of you and girls behind you and divide line in half or number off 1 and 2 and for 2 teams
  • Have students get into groups of three. Have the groups of three make a group of six. Now have two groups of six join together to make two teams.

Rock, Paper, Scissors (I use this a lot to line up) Tokens or Olympic Style

Best Practices

  • Model what you want
  • Less time talking
  • Moving right away
  • Enough Equipment
  • Plumbing Approach

See Additional Handouts



A senseless game where players throw objects at each other trying to hit them as hard as possible, thus eliminating them from the game.

Hot Feet

Adaptive and Inclusive (see additional handout)

Accommodate and include all students at their ability level.

  • Different Size Targets
  • Slanted Ropes
  • # of reps
  • Different speed
  • Different distance to goals and baskets
  • Check IEP
  • Ask the classroom teacher

Lesson Plans/Yearlong Framework

  • State Core usoe PE core
  • P.E. Central
  • Shape America (AAHPERD)
  • Standards and guidelines
  • Grade Level outcomes
  • Balance of cooperative and competitive

Framework (see additional handouts)

  • Assessment Ideas (see additional Handouts)


Chinese Jump Ropes (see additional handout)


  • Ask Teachers
  • Look for connections

Migration Activity

uen TRB 4:5 investigation 4-wetland application

Builders and Bulldozers (see additional handouts for all the following activites)

5 noses

Paper Trail

Haunted House Sprints

Dice Game

Stuck In a Small Space, what do I do?

Bean Bag Grab

Speed Stacks


  • Spaghetti
  • Silly Putty
  • Flamingo
  • Butterfly
  • Rainbow Stretch

Checkout Kits

  • Speed Stacks

Speed Stacks (


If you do not learn to dance, you are not truly educated. Plato

“To dance is to live!” Snoopy

  • Paddle Dance
  • Scatter Square Dance
  • YESH
  • Virginia Reel
  • Lilo and Stitch Dance
  • 5,6,7,8


  • Email me a list of all your equipment
  • Wish List for new equipment
  • Wish List for checkout equipment
  • Future inservice topics you would like to see
  • Best way to get ahold of you e-mail, phone

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