ISR of Middle Georgia Swim Lesson Policies & Procedures for Lessons at Thewingate Hotel

ISR of Middle Georgia Swim Lesson Policies & Procedures for Lessons at Thewingate Hotel

ISR of Middle Georgia Swim Lesson Policies & Procedures for Lessons at theWingate Hotel

****Wingate Hotel by Wyndham has graciously made their facility’s indoor pool available for the use of ISR Instructors and Students during the period of repairs taking place at the Country Inn. Please carefully review all policies below particularly those related to the use of this facility. Your attention to and compliance with all policies relating to using this facility is essential in order to ensure that ISR lessons will continue to be available at this facility.

Parking: Please park toward the right side of the building when you are facing it. Please also reserve the spaces closest to the entrance for hotel guests so as to minimize any inconvenience to them.

Arrival and Departure: Please arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to your child’s scheduled lesson time. If you arrive earlier, please wait in your vehicle until approximately five minutes before your scheduled time. You will enter through the hotel lobby and proceed past the front desk down the hallway where the pool area is located on your right. You will turn in front of the elevators and see the pool access door to your right. You may need to wait a moment for another parent or myself to open the door and give you access to the pool area as this door is kept locked for safety.

Following your child’s lesson, please change him or her and try to leave as soon as possible as this will keep the extra traffic from lessons to a minimum and also help to reduce the noise level at the facility caused by lessons. Prior to leaving the pool area, please ensure that you have not forgotten anything and that any trash including diapers and the stickers which your child receives following each lesson are not left behind. Please do not leave soiled diapers in the facility trash can. You can then exit to the parking lot to the door on your right as you leave the pool area and will not need to walk through the hotel lobby.

What to Bring to Each and Every lesson:

  • Bathing suit and swim diaper if your child is not toilet trained. No child will be allowed to enter the hotel pool wearing a disposable swim diaper. Also if your child is not toilet trained, please wait until the lesson prior to you concludes before changing him or her into the swim diaper. This will ensure that your child will not have an accident and keep the both the pool and the pool deck clean.
  • BUDS sheet!!! This form would have been provided to you in the email accepting your registration. ISR insurance regulations require that I review your child’s BUDS sheet before each and every lesson. NO BUDS=NO LESSON! If your child is under the age of 30 months you must fill out a BUDS sheet and show it to me prior to each and every lesson. If you are required to fill out a full BUDS sheet and do not have one, I will have extras available for you to fill out. Since I must see this prior to swimming your child, this will mean that your child will have a shorter lesson that day as I endeavor to stay on schedule out of fairness to each and every child.
  • 3 clean towels. This insures the health of your child and other children, and will keep the pool deck clean. PLEASE DO NOT USE THE HOTEL’S TOWELS.

Bathroom use: If your child is toilet trained, please encourage him or her to use the bathroom prior to coming to lessons. Although there is a bathroom available, it is located outside of the pool area. You will pass this bathroom as you enter the hotel and it is located on your left after you walk through the lobby toward the pool area. If you or your child uses the bathroom please make sure that it is left clean and do not leave any diapers in the trash cans there. If you use this with your child subsequent to lessons, please make sure that your child is dry and does not leave wet footprints creating a slip hazard for others who are in the hotel. Remember are privileged to use such a nice facility and need to be very respectful of this!

Dietary Restrictions:

  • No food or drink at least 1 hour prior to lessons.
  • No dairy/milk products for at least 2 hours prior to lesson.
  • No apples or apple products, pineapples, papayas, passion fruit, peaches, spinach, honey & celery in any form during the period your child is involved in ISR lessons Please check labels on fruit juices as many brands such as Juicy Juice contain apple even though the juice may be called something else .
  • Please refer to Chapter 2 in your Parent Resource book for more information on the importance of diet.

Videotaping of lessons: In order to protect ISR’s trade secrets with respect to in-water lesson techniques, ISR has adopted a policy which limits videotaping of lessons as follows:

  • You may videotape the first lesson of your child’s initial or refresher session
  • You may videotape lessons on Friday of each week your child is in lessons
  • You may videotape the lesson of your child’s final week when he/she swims in clothing.

You Tube/Facebook, website sharing video postings: Although many of you are happy to share you experiences with ISR with others, please keep all video sharing private and limited to friends/family. Many people view these sites and watching a child,not yet skilled, who is learning without knowledge of our program may not send the most positive impression on behalf of ISR. Also there are other programs, individuals or perhaps even well meaning parents who will try to emulate what they may see on a video and without having the training provided by ISR, that child will not have the safe and quality experience that is provided by our program.

Illness: If your child has any of the following symptoms, he or she will be unable to have a lesson for that day.

  • fever of greater than 100.5
  • diarrhea or vomiting in the 24 hours proceeding a lesson
  • anything highly contagious ex. Pink-eye, impetigo, etc.

Payment Policy: All lesson payments are to be made on Monday or the 1st lesson day of each week. These can be made as follows:

  • Cash: For cash, please put this in the folder at the back of the plastic filing box that is reserved for payments using an envelope provided with your child’s written on it. .
  • Personal Check: For checks, please put your weekly payment All checks should be made to Victoria Campbell. If you choose to pay by personal check and your check is returned due to insufficient funds, there will be a returned check fee of $20 due. All payments after a returned check will be by cash only and if payment is not made within 48 hours of my notifying you on a returned check, your child will be removed from my schedule.
  • Pay Pal or Credit Card: You may pay weekly lesson fees by going to my website by & clicking “about lessons” You will see the payment option on top of the page. The amount is preset for $60 however you can change this prior to clicking the Pay Pal button if your lesson rate is discounted due to a military or multiple child discount. You will then be directed to a secure Pay Pal site where you may pay using either a credit card or your Pay Pal account. If you wish to utilize Pal Pal, you can also request for me to send you a weekly invoice for lessons each week, and I will be happy to do this for you.

Missed Lessons: If your child is absent and you must cancel lessons for any reason, there will be no credit given for this missed lesson. If you know your child will be absent, please call 478-538-6810 or email to let me know. Please do not call the front desk at the Wingate and ask the staff to take messages regarding cancellations or late arrivals. Please understand that payment is made for the use of this facility regardless of whether a child attends or not and thus out of fairness to the instructor no credit can be given. If your child must miss lessons and you have been consistent with your attendance, please know that I am committed to insuring that your child is fully skilled and will remain on my schedule until he or she has learned the necessary skills.

Instructor Cancellations: I will notify you in advance of any planned absences due to holidays, vacations or other personal reasons. Please check your email daily as this is my preferred method for communication. There will be no charge for any lessons that are cancelled by me. If I must cancel due to my own illness, I will call and let you know. The following is a list of additional problems that may require lessons to be cancelled and for which there will be no charge.

  • Pool temperature below 78 degrees.
  • Chemical issues with the facility pool or problems with pool equipment
  • Lightening and Thunder: ISR protocols require that no lesson be given if there has been thunder or lightening in the area within a 30 minute time frame. This is true even for an indoor pool as it is unsafe to swim even indoors if either of these conditions is present.

*** Please ensure that you indicate on your registration the best number to reach you at if I must cancel lessons on a scheduled lesson date.

Safety of Children when not in Lessons: Please watch any children you bring to lessons carefully. Please observe all posted rules for the facility pool. Do not allow any child to enter or play in or around the Jacuzzi. Children will only be allowed in the pool during lessons.

Training of ISR Student Instructors: I have been a Master Instructor with ISR since 2002. It is my responsibility both to mentor and train ISR instructors and I have trained over 20 instructors and Master Instructors. In Middle Georgia and elsewhere in Georgia, effective swimming lessons for young children are extremely limited. I have been thrilled with the response to ISR and overwhelmed by the demand for these lessons. An ISR student instructor must spend a minimum of 60 hours working hands on with students for approximately 5 weeks prior to teaching his or her own students. If your child is scheduled during a time when I am training, please know that I will still be directly supervising all aspects of your child’s lesson experience. Thank you for your understanding and remember that having more qualified instructors will further the ISR Mission of Not One More Child Drowns!

Directions to the Wingate Hotel

From I-75 North take exit 146: GA-247Conn E/Watson Blvd and make a Left from the exit ramp. Proceed East toward Robins AFB 2 miles and this hotel will be the first on your Right.

From I-75 South take exit 146: GA-247 Conn E/Watson Blvd and make a Right from the exit ramp onto Watson Blvd. Proceed East toward Robins AFB 2 miles and this hotel will be the first on your Right.

Warner Robins: The Wingate Hotel is located on the 247 Conn/Watson Blvd. The address is4031 Watson Blvd, Warner Robins, GA 31093. Please go to this link to get directions to this facility: