Is the Royal Arch Foundation Incorporated and Does It Have 501(C)(3) Status?

Is the Royal Arch Foundation Incorporated and Does It Have 501(C)(3) Status?


Information Sheet

February, 2008

Is the Royal Arch Foundation incorporated and does it have 501(c)(3) status?

Yes! The Royal Arch Foundation, having being approved by Grand Chapter in 2002, Jurisprudence Chairman George Hall submitted Articles of Incorporation to the State of Ohio and our Secretary filed the necessary forms to the IRS for approval. We are incorporated and were granted

501(c)(3) status by the IRS in September, 2003.

Can I deduct contributions to the Foundation on my income tax?

Yes! Now that we have 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, all contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible as allowed by the IRS. As with any charitable contribution, always check with your tax advisor or accountant.

Will my donations be documented?

The Foundation’s secretary / treasurer maintains an extensive database that tracks all donations. With a contribution of $10, or more, the Foundation sends a letter acknowledging your contribution. For your tax records, the IRS only requires you to have a statement confirming contributions of cash or by check for amounts of $500.00 or more from a charitable organization.

Will I be recognized for my contributions?

Absolutely! The Foundation will recognize an individual, a Chapter, or an outside group’s contributions. Depending on the size of a donation, a certificate, or in some cases, a lapel pin will be presented to acknowledge your support of the Foundation. Please ensure your donations, made payable to the “Royal Arch Foundation”, are sent directly to the Foundation at:

PO Box 511, Shelby, Oh 44875. Do not send to the Grand Secretary’s office.

What are the awards being given?

A Chapter donating an amount equivalent to $1.00 per member will receive a certificate for 100% participation; an individual, Chapter or District donating $100.00 will receive a silver certificate; a $250.00 contribution will be recognized with at gold certificate. $500.00 will be a lapel pin with a Sapphire; $1500 an Amethyst; $2500 a Ruby and at the $3500 level, the stone will be a diamond.

Unlike some other charities where awards are based upon an annual donation, all contributions to the RAF will accumulate and your award will keep upgrading to the next level.

What about R.A.R.A.? Have we dropped them as a Charity?

Royal Arch Research Assistance is still the charity of the General Grand Chapter International and we encourage your continuing support of this fine organization. The Royal Arch Foundation was formed to meet the needs of Ohio Royal Arch Masons but not at the exclusion of a charity that we have supported for so many years. Remember, all RARA donations are to be sent to the Grand Secretary’s office. He will then forward them on to RARA. The Foundation does ask that for any current or future giving, you consider making the Foundation your charity of choice. The Foundation has selected the Adopt America Network as the recipient of its support.

Who is in charge of the Foundation and how are they elected?

The trustees for Board of Directors are selected from active Royal Arch Masons in Ohio. Each year, three of these trustees will have their terms expire. The Grand High Priest then has the option of re-appointing him / them or securing a new trustee(s). The Grand High Priest, Grand King and Grand Scribe will serve as “ex officio” members of the board.

Does all of my donation go to Adopt America?

No, not all of it. A small percentage of your donations will be held by the foundation to pay for administrative expenses – this includes postage, the cost of certificates and lapel pins, brochures, etc. No salary or expenses are paid to any of the board members.

What does the Adopt America Network expect from Royal Arch Masonry?

Well, our financial support for sure. However, our contributions are a small part of their overall operating budget. More importantly, AAN wants Royal Arch Masons to share the message of special needs adoption within our communities, churches, and other civic groups. Further, they hope that concerned Royal Arch Masons can help locate new adoptive parents who are willing to fill this most vital role.

What does Adopt America really do?

Adopt America’s goal is to find permanent homes for hard to place children that are currently in the foster care system. These are the children most difficult to place – older children, minority and mixed race, children who are part of a sibling group, and children with physical or emotional problems. They believe that every child is entitled to a permanent loving home. They utilize a network of volunteer adoption specialists, who are themselves adoptive parents, to recruit and match families with waiting children. In 2007, 231 children were placed in permanent homes.

The goal is to increase the number each year. With our support, they will achieve this goal.

How much does it cost to adopt a child?

The adoptive parents pay nothing. Adopt America provides family services including training, home studies, referrals for support services, and matching with children in foster care. All of this adds up to about $3800.00 per child in 2008. Because they utilize volunteer adoption specialists, they can save taxpayers in two ways – then annual cost of maintaining a child in foster care which is around $25,000 per year and the $20,000 to $40,000 in costs usually associated in the normal adoption process. The Royal Arch Foundation will continue to use $3500.00, the cost of placing a child when we first associated with the Adopt America Network, as our target for special recognition – the diamond lapel pin.

How do we expect to get the message out?

For one, ensure that the pamphlets, distributed to each Chapter secretary, are included with the dues notices. The Adopt America Network provides speakers who will come and present a program, however, if you ask them to do this, make it worth their while. (They shouldn’t have to drive a hundred or two hundred miles to speak to only three people!) Each of the quarterly news letters distributed by AAN feature an article, including photos, about the Royal Arch Masons and our support of AAN. Contact them at 1-800-246-1731 and be sure to mention you are a Royal Arch Mason. Don’t forget to refer friends to the AAN website – - it’s a great source of information on adoption. Notice that they include the Royal Arch Mason Keystone right on their home page!

What can we do right now?

Continue sharing the message of the Royal Arch Foundation and its connection and support of Adopt America. Work on a fund raising projects. Consider attending any of the several AAN sponsored events, namely their annual Family Recruitment Day, held in Toledo (usually in July). Their main fund raising event is the annual Dinner Auction, also held in Toledo in October each year. You might want to consider donating an item to support this event. AAN also conducts an “Adoption Carnival” for prospective adoption families and special needs kids. Gary LaRoche, a Past District Deputy Grand High Priest, and AAN Board member, has acted as carnival chairman for several years. Companions from Districts 7 & 8 have been taking an active part in the carnival, as was well as helping at the annual AAN Christmas party and other AAN activities when needed.

Can my Chapter sponsor an adoption event?

Absolutely!! Adopt America Network has adoption specialists working around the state of Ohio recruiting families and matching them with children who wait in foster care. A Chapter can sponsor an adoption fair and family recruitment celebration. Adopt America will assist with you in setting up the event. As a sponsor, you help Adopt America Network cover the costs of carnival games, toys, prizes, refreshments and all the other items needed to bring families together to support adoption. It’s a great opportunity for Masonry, the public and Adopt America to come together in your community!

When is the next Adopt America Network Annual Auction?

Adopt America Network’s is already preparing for the 23rd Annual Dinner Auction to be held on Friday, October 10, 2008. Companies or individuals interested in sponsorship packages ranging from $1500 to $25,000 are welcome. Donations of items for the auction are also welcome. All Royal Arch Masons are invited to attend and will be given special recognition.

Is the Foundation sponsoring a fund raising auction at Grand Chapter this year?

Absolutely! We generated over $4000 from our first ever event held at Grand Chapter in 2006 and an additional $3000 in 2007. The proceeds from these auctions were deposited in our Endowment fund. As the fund grows, it will provide scholarships to special needs kids within the AAN network. For 2008, we are hoping to expand the event and even include a live auction for some of the donated items. Informational flyers and handouts will be distributed at the various Grand King’s programs this summer. Contributors are reminded that their donated items may be tax deductible (as always, check with your tax advisor.)

If I have additional questions, who do I call?

Contact Foundation Chairman Wayne Dill (734-782-5204) or Secretary / Treasurer Bob Blankenhorn (419-.589-2174). They can handle your questions about the foundation and forward any questions about the Adopt America Network on to their staff in Toledo. In the future, you might want to check out the Grand Chapter’s web-site at There your will find a link to the AAN web site.