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  • Outdoor Leadership Skills (OLS) training at Boxwell April 12-14, 2013 for Boy Scout leaders. This is part of the required training for SM and ASM positions. Cost is $40 and applications must be submitted by April 5th. For details and a registration -
  • Get your Long Rifle nominations to Mike Warren at the January or February Roundtable. The District Award of Merit (Long Rifle) Award is a council award presented by districts. The award is available to Scouters who render service of an outstanding nature. For more information and link to the form -
  • Scouting for Food – Feb 2-9, 2013. Units are encouraged to participate in a two-step process. First on Feb. 2, 2013, is the distribution of fliers notifying neighborhoods of the collection day. The second is the collection of the donations on Feb, 9, 2013. Units must register online in order to receive a patch.

At the end of collections, units should count the number of cans that they are turning in. This number is needed for the completion of the final summary sheet. Completed summary sheets can either be delivered to Kim Wilkerson at the Scout Service Center or can turned in at the March Roundtable if they want to pick up their patches at Roundtable. Summary forms must be turned in by March 25th.

Be sure to enter the projects and hours on the Journey to Excellence website for any service hours project your unit takes part in. For more information on Scouting for Food online registration – To record your service hours at the Journey to Excellence site – is in the box on the right side of the page).


Scoutmaster Minute - Key to Scouting Minute

(Required: Set of Keys) As you can see, I have my keys here in my hand. I've got a key for my car, one for my house, this one's for a padlock, this one I have no idea, this one fits my Corvette, no just kidding! But, I've got keys that let me access important things in my life. Without them, doors are locked to me and I miss out.

(Hold up Scout Handbook) This is quite a key as well. The values in this small book will open many, many doors to you - not just in scouting, but when you have moved away and are on your own. What you learn and take to heart in the few years you are in this troop can be your key to many opportunities.

So, don't forget your key at home!