Indianoil Corporation Limited

Indianoil Corporation Limited

Global Notice Inviting Expression on Interest for Prequalification of Consultants

JOB:Development of a World Class Knowledge Park based on Energy theme at Manesar in Gurgaon, Haryana, India.

IndianOil intends to develop a world class Energy themed Knowledge Park in about 20 acres plot at Manesar at Gurgaon, Haryana.

IndianOil hereby invites pre-qualification applications from internationally reputed Consulting Firms / JVs for providing consultancy services for development of a world class Knowledge Park having the necessary qualification and experience as given below:

  1. Pre-Qualification Criteria

[A]Experience Criteria:

The bidders should have verifiable experience in the following:

a)Projects such as Museums or Science Centres, and should have executed at least one such project in India and/or overseas of the size of atheist Rs. 250 Crore or US$ 50 Million.


Planned, executed and completed PMC services of at least one Knowledge Park/Science Park of International repute based on Energy or Hydrocarbons of at least Rs. 250 Crore or US$ 50 Million.

b)Should have the capability to design and erect or have erection supervision of three-dimensional /interactive exhibits.

c)Having a multidisciplinary team of architects, structural engineers, civil engineers, landscape architects, physical planners, environment experts and others having relevant experience is setting up Museums and/or Science Centres.

The above experience criteria shall be supported with suitable documentary proof like copies of work order/contract agreement, brief profile of multidisciplinary team and completion certificates etc.

[B]Financial Criteria

The bidder should have an average annual turnover equal to or more thanRs. 30 crore or US$ 6 Million, during any of the last three preceding financial yearsi.e. 2008-09, 2009-10 & 2010-11 or financial year ending 2009, 2010 & 2011.

  1. Bidding on Joint venture (JV)/ Consortium

Bidding on JV / Consortium is also allowed. Not more than three partners will be permitted. Bids submitted by Consortium/Joint Venture shall comply with the following:

a)Not more than three partners will be permitted In the JV/Consortium bid.

b)It shall not be necessary that all the members of the Consortium / Joint Venture satisfy the Minimum PQ criteria set out hereof above, and it will be sufficient if one member of the Consortium / Joint Venture singly or all the members collectively satisfy the criteria. However, in case only one member satisfy the Minimum PQ criteria set out hereof above, the other member must have work experience related to the subject work i.e. to deliver total solution in establishing a Knowledge Park based on the theme of energy.

c)The Annual Turnover for one of the partners / members of the Consortium / Joint Venture shall be equal to or more thanRs. 10 crore or US$ 2 Million,and for the other members, the Annual Turnover shall be equal to or more than Rs. 5 crore or US$ 1 Million during any of the last three preceding financial years, i.e. 2008-09, 2009-10 & 2010-11 or financial year ending 2009-2010 & 2011.

d)The bid shall be signed by a duly authorized signatory of the Consortium / Joint Venture bidder.

e)The bid shall contain a statement of the members and composition of the Joint Venture / Consortium and shall provide all information necessary to satisfy OWNER that at least one member of the Joint Venture / Consortium singly or all the members collectively fulfill(s) the experience criteria as set out above.

f)The party in whose name the tender document has been issued shall be in-charge to represent the Joint Venture / Consortium in all dealings with the Consortium / Joint Venture and for providing any information or clarification sought from the Consortium / Joint Venture / Partnership, and this authorization shall be evident by submitting a Power of Attorney signed by legally authorized signatory for the partner/ member so as to enable such representative of partner/ member to be in-charge and to act on behalf of and to bind the other partner / member.

g)The member / partner–in-charge shall be authorized to incur liabilities and receive instructions for and on behalf of both partner(s) / member(s) of the Consortium / Joint Venture and the entire execution of the contract, including payment, shall be done exclusively with the partner / member -in-charge.

h) All the partners / members of the Consortium / Joint Venture shall be liable jointly and severally for the Performance of the WORK/CONTRACT in accordance with Contract terms and a relevant statement to this effect shall be deemed to be included in the authorizationby legally authorized signatory for the partner/ member.

i)The Consortium / Joint Venture bidder should submit a copy of the agreement entered into by the partner(s) / member(s) governing the Performance of the work without limiting in any manner the obligation and / or joint and several liabilities of the partner(s) / member(s) to the OWNER. It should be expressly understood that the Consortium / Joint after submission of the bid shall not be permitted to be altered without prior written consent of the OWNER. Such agreement shall be subject to OWNER’s satisfaction to ensure that the work will be carried out to the required standard.

j)Should the Consortium / Joint Venture bidder fail to satisfy any of the above conditions, the bid shall be liable to be rejected as non-compliant.


The project involves delivery of total solution in establishing a Knowledge Park based on the theme of Energy, to impart knowledge through digital display, three dimensional display and Interactive working models. Scope also includes master planning, project management for design, and design application, construction and retainer warranty for a period of at least one year. The successful party shall provide the following services until the project is completed to a satisfactory level approved by IndianOil -:

a)Design and Construction:

  • To design, conceptualize and recommend the execution methodology of the Knowledge Park on the basis of theme of Energy. Responsible for the construction of the Park to meet the required International standards.

b)Overall project management:

  • To conduct site analysis, project feasibility
  • To conduct financial budgeting for site development, exhibit development leading to final costing of the project including professional fees, etc.
  • To handle exhibit selection, development, conceptualization, fabrication and erection / installation supervision.
  • To manage the overall design conceptualization and develop a materials and equipment list
  • To develop a construction schedule and quality assurance check schedule
  • To develop a checklist and to manage construction vendors / sub-contractors
  • To develop a checklist for facility management and ensure logistics arrangement including electricity supply, lighting, internet access and other requirements.

NOTE: This list is subject to update and with further confirmation.

  1. EOI Submission

4.1 In addition to the PQ criteria the EOI should be submitted along with the following submittals:

a)Design concept and approach for the subject job to be submitted in accordance with the site requirements, desired theme & project vision making optimum use of topographical characteristics of the land. The approach should draw from international best practices for crowd management and enhancing visitor experience and should be designed to attract maximum no. of visitors.

b)The number and scale of such projects delivered by the team of the bidder in the past.

c) Number and quality of references provided by the bidder.

d) Track record of the bidder in delivering projects within time and cost schedules.

e) Human Resources of the bidder. Profile of individual team members and experience. Quality, size and scale of projects handled by the individual team members. Duration of their association with the bidder company.

f) In case of foreign bidder, ability of the bidder to leverage Indian expertise to deliver this project and Projects completed with Indian parties in the past.

4.2Interested parties fulfilling the above requirements may send their submission by hand or through courier so as to reach at the following address on or before 27.02.2012

Anshu K Mahajan

Dy. Manager (CC)

Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

Corporate Office

3079/3, Sadiq Nagar

JB Tito Marg, New Delhi – 110 049

4.3 EOI received after the due date mentioned above shall not be considered.

4.4 Clarifications (if any) may be obtained from or 91-11-26260083

4.5 The Parties shall download the ‘Expression of Interest’ in their own name and submit the details directly.

4.6 IndianOil reserves the right to assess any party’s capability and capacity to execute the work using in-house information and by taking into account other aspects to accept or reject any or all of EOI received without assigning any reasons and to negotiate further terms & conditions with selected parties.

4.7 During evaluation, the Party/ies may be asked to submit the Original documents in support of the details provided by them.


The information in this document has been prepared to assist the applicants in preparing the non-binding EOI and it is clarified that:

The purpose of this Expression of Interest (EOI) is to invite responses from the interested parties for Development of a World class Knowledge Park based on Energy theme at Manesar in Gurgaon, Haryana, India.All data / documents received in this regard shall be treated in strict confidence and would be used only for our internal purposes. Submission of data / documents will not imply that the party is qualified and/or will not bind Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IndianOil) to award the job.

IndianOil is not bound to accept any or all the EOIs and also reserves the right to accept or reject any or all of EOIs received without assigning any reasons. No applicant shall have any grievance or claim against IndianOil or its officers, employees, successors or assignees for rejection of the EOI. IndianOil shall be entitled to invite offers from entities other than the applicants who have submitted EOI. Each respondent shall be solely responsible for the fees, costs and expenses incurred in preparing and submitting the Expression of Interest, or subsequent responses or initiatives on the part of any respondent. IndianOil will under no circumstances be liable to any respondent for any such fees, costs, expenses, loss or damage whatsoever arising out of or in connection with the EOI process. Neither IndianOil nor its officers & employees shall be liable to any interested party or any Entity under any law, including the law of contract, tort, the principles of restitution or unjust enrichment or otherwise for any loss, expenses or damage which may arise or be incurred, or suffered in connection with this document or any matter that may be deemed to form part of this document.

Further, this Expression of Interest is not a tender exercise but a process to obtain response from the interested parties. IndianOil may not take any further action after the invitation of Expression of Interest exercise at its own discretion without assigning any reason thereof. IndianOil may in its absolute discretion, but without being under any obligation to do so, update, cancel, amend or supplement, effect any change(s) to these guidelines for submission of Expression of Interest without assigning any reason thereof.