I-Mold Atfakuma 2014: System Solutions for Efficient Mold Construction

I-Mold Atfakuma 2014: System Solutions for Efficient Mold Construction

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i-mold atFakuma 2014:
System solutions for efficient mold construction

i-mold's continuously growing product portfolio is making mold construction ever more efficient. The focal points of the company's presentation at Fakuma 2014 will be (clockwise) servo-electric actuators such as the 32-cavity unscrewing mechanism shown on top,its range of tunnel gate inserts specially designed for the gating of challenging molded part geometries, as well as complete ready-to-install hot runner systems with screwed-in nozzles and ready-wired outgoing cable feeders. Photo: i-mold

September2014 – i-mold of Michelstadt/Germany will be presenting at Fakuma 2014 (stand A2-2104 in hall A2)a further augmented range of system solutions for efficiency improvement in mold construction. Among the main exhibits will be the wide range of differently designedtunnel gate inserts for cold runner injection molds permitting particularly compact mold design as well as considerable time and cost savings for mold installation and maintenance. Also designed for maximum efficiency are i-mold’stechnically mature and rugged complete hot runner systems. Thanks to their user-friendly, all-in-one technology they not only make for enormous savings in time during mold installation but also ensure increased process reliability. Precision movements in the most confined spaces are the domain of the Servomold drive solutions for moving mold parts. Readily adaptable to customer-specific applications, theses servo-electric actuators ideally meet requirements for a particularly gentle handling of the molded part, typical examples being the unscrewing of threaded parts, the actuation of splits when demolding parts with undercuts or their use in clean room applications.

  • The range of tunnel gate inserts features four different types, each being available in several different sizes, manufactured from highly wear-resistant steel and readily exchangeable when the need arises. They are suitable for all unreinforced and for almost all reinforced polymers. Possible shot weights range from less than 1g to over 1,000g depending on the type of insert and the melt viscosity. The recently introduced TG types feature a tightly curved runner and are hence particularly space-saving. They may also be used for sub-gating behind an all-around rim or for internal gating above the parting line. Types S1 and S2 (with or without machining allowance) have also proved to be ideal for submarine gating, while the contourable inserts SGC and TGC have been designed for side or submarine gating with large contour increments. The TPS straight standard sub-gates feature an integrated dead-end recess which reduces shear stress and loss of pressure in the melt.
  • The completely ready-to-install types of the A3 family are one of the latest additions to the hot runner systems from i-mold. With these all-in-one systems, the nozzles are screw-coupled to the hot runner manifold system for absolute tightness and all sharp bends and deflections inside the manifold feature special plugs that eliminate dead spots. The cable connections are positioned exactly in alignment with the cut-outs in the mold, thus permitting installation of the hot runner system in just one single operation. Similarly, the pneumatic cylinders for the needle valve nozzles can be screw-mounted directly onto the manifold. Seven different nozzle points, each available in four different runner diameters, permit optimum gate design. Ceramic insulation ensures effective thermal separation of the hot runner distributor from the injection mold. The standard configuration is complemented by high-performance modules designed to optimize the A3 types for the processing of engineering plastics.
  • Servomoldis the collective designation for the ever increasing number of standardized solutions developed by i-mold for the servo-electric and hence clean, space-saving realization of complex movements in injection molds. All Servomold systems are distinguished by the high precision and reproducibility of machine movements and enable gentle acceleration and deceleration of high-speed movements for fast cycle times. While single-cavity and four-cavity unscrewing units for the demolding of threaded parts now count among typical applications, i-mold also supplies ready-to-install units for multi-cavity molds with up to 72 closely packed cavities. Also new is a series of very compact servo-screw unscrewing units for the particularly gentle demolding of threaded parts featuring highly exact and reproducible positioning of the threaded core (<0.01mm). Available as single, double and four cavity units, they can be bolted to the mold in any desired position, also on the stationary half of the mold. The motor to which they are coupled can be mounted on the outside of the mold. Linear drives for splits and core pullers round off the Servomold product offer from i-mold.


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