Hunter Education Laser Simulation Training Systems

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Hunter Education Laser Simulation Training Systems

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DNRE) Hunter Education Section is seeking to purchase three (3) hunter education laser simulation training systems. The Education Section currently has 12 laser training systems manufactured by Laser Shot. With numerous instructors currently trained to operate the Laser Shot system, we are looking for a system that is similar in operational function and set-up and available software. In addition, due to Michigan’s standards and current curriculum, HE Tools Hunter Education Software is also a mandatory requirement.

Each kit shall contain the following:

·  Computer with the following:

o  Intel Core 2 duo 2.0GHz processor

o  2GB of Ram

o  Minimum 1GB of hard drive free space

o  Video card (at least 256MB of unshared video memory)

o  Computer must secure inside of below listed two-piece hard rolling case.

·  Visible Laser Detection Camera- similar to Laser Shot 100 series

·  Laser user’s manual

·  (1) Adult visible laser simulated trainer (firearm):

o  No longer than 42 inch

o  No heavier than 5.5 lbs

o  15 inch trigger pull

·  (1) Youth visible laser simulated trainer (firearm):

o  No longer than 32 inch

o  No heavier than 2.5 lbs

o  Trigger pull less than 12 inch

·  (2) Single firearm cases: must be hard plastic

·  Two-piece hard plastic rolling case that is able to house everything except firearms and screen. Must have removable covers and capable of only (1) power cord running from case. Similar to Mini Gig Rig use with Laser Shot HECT system.

·  Rackmount: securing computer in mobile case

·  Gun rack for securing firearms

·  Shooting software that includes:

o  Shooting gallery

o  Waterfowl hunting

o  Field targets

o  Trap shooting

o  Varmint hunting

o  Bullseye shooting

o  Pheasant Hunting

o  Prairie dog hunting

o  Quail hunting

o  Marksmanship shooting

o  Target range

o  Timing Training

o  Xtreme Marksman

o  Field targets 2

·  Hunter Education Tools CD (HE Tools) software.

·  Additional hunter education themed shooting Software to include:

o  Anatomy of game animals

o  Skeletal system

o  Internal organs

o  Circulatory system

·  Hunter’s Education DVD 5-pack: (Alan Madison)

·  Wireless Keyboard & Mouse: Comparable to Logitech S520

·  Bose’ desktop speakers large enough to project sound in a large room.

·  6 ft high x 8 ft wide Cinefold type screen

·  Projector- Minimum 2600 lumen. 3.4 – 29.7 feet throw distance. Comparable to Hitachi CP-X2510 Projector

·  Home Theater Software Manual

·  Camera Driver Software