How to Install E-Bot USB Driver in Windows 8

How to install E-bot USB driver in Windows 8

1.  Press the Window key and R key together on the keyboard. And type “cmd” and operate “command prompt”

2.  Input “shutdown –r –o – t 00” and press the “Enter”

3.  Then screen like below appears. Please select menus like pictures show..

① Troubleshoot→ ② Advanced Options → ③ Windows StartUp Settings → ④ Restart

4.  After pressing the Restart and wait for a while, below window appears. Then press “7” or “F7” and select “Disable driver signature enforcement”.

5.  Once you follow above instructions, windows will reboot and you can install E-bot USB driver.

6.  Install PC Viewer on your computer.

7.  When PC Viewer is installed, “E-bot” folder is created in Documents folder like below picture.

- “Documents¥E-bot” folder –

8.  When you enter the “E-bot” folder, you may find “driver” folder which contains E-bot driver.

- “Documents¥E-bot¥driver” folder –

9.  When you enter the “driver” folder, you may find “e-bot” file (which is driver install file).

- “Documents¥E-bot¥driver¥e-bot.inf” driver install file –

10.  When you right click on “e-bot.inf” file, menu like below is shown. Please left click on “Install” of the menu then install begins.

- Right click and select Install -

11.  When install begins, warning message like below picture appears. Just left click on “Install this driver software anyway” and see install proceed.

- Warning against installing not unsigned driver –

12.  Once you finish install accordingly, install is end. Make sure E-bot is connected to PC and check Control panel. Then you may check “FX3” is in “Imaging devices” and “E-bot (COMXX)” is in “Ports (COM & LPT)” like below pictures.