How to Approach Your Local Newspapers Or Radio Stations

How to Approach Your Local Newspapers Or Radio Stations

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Have you got a story to tell?

Contacting your local press is a great way to get publicity for your fundraising efforts and for Breast Cancer Care’s work. Appearing in your local paper or on your local radio station can help encourage people to visit your collection and pop money in your bucket! You can also spread the word by taking photos at your collection and sharing on social media.

How to approach your local newspapers or radio stations

You will first need to find the contact phone number for your local newspapersor radio stations which can be found on their website. Ask to speak to someone who works on the news desk or in the editorial team. Explain what you are doing and ask if you can email them a press release with further information.

How to use the sample press release

On the next page is a sample press release that you cansend to your local media to tell your story, encourage donations and get others to sign up. Edit the sections in yellow with your own information and email it to the press.

Don’t forget to share your pictures on social media

If you use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you can share you photos from the day with your friends, family and followers. Don’t forget to tag your tweets with @BCCare on Twitter and mention @BreastCancerCare on Facebook so we can see your fab photos! Use the hashtag #BucketBrigade on your photos to join in with the online conversation and see what other fundraisers have been getting up to at their collections.

Date: (date)

For immediate release

(Your name), from (town or area) is urging people to stop by on (date) and donate any spare change to raise funds for Breast Cancer Care. (Your name) will be collecting at (shop/ station/ school/ shopping centre where you will be collecting) to support the thousands of women waking up to the harsh reality of breast cancer every day.
(Include some information about the collection, perhaps something fun or interesting – are you dressing up? Who are you collecting with? Is the location special to you or unusual?)
(Your name) said: “Why are you doing the collection? Have you had breast cancer or is the collection in memory or support of a loved one? Add that you would love local people to show their support on the day and donate some change.”
Thousands of people up and down the county will be taking part in the annual Bucket Brigadeby holding collections in shopping centres, at work, schools, train stations and at sporting events to collect much needed funds for Breast Cancer Care, with hopes of raising a total of £40,000 for the charity.
Breast Cancer Care is the only specialist breast cancer support charity working throughout the UK. The charity’s specialist nurses, local services and vital emotional support network mean there’s always someone to turn to.
Alec Raven, Head of Community Fundraising at Breast Cancer Care, said: “We are so grateful to (your name) and everyone who is so kindly taking the time to raise funds for our specialist support services.
“One in eight women in the UK will develop breast cancer in their lifetime and we are hoping that (your name)’s efforts will encourage others to round up their friends and family to organise their own Bucket Brigade!”
Sign up for your free Bucket Brigade fundraising kit and raise money for Breast Cancer Care. Visit for further information. Don’t forget to tweet @BCCareand use the hashtag #BucketBrigade to join in with the online conversation.
For further information and images contact:
(Add your name, email and telephone number here)
About Breast Cancer Care
Breast Cancer Care is the only specialist breast cancer support charity working throughout the UK. We were founded in 1973 by Betty Westgate, who was herself diagnosed with breast cancer. In the ensuing forty years we have supported millions of women and their families through our face-to-face, phone and online services. We also provide training, support and networking opportunities to specialist breast cancer nurses, and Breast Cancer Care publications are used by the majority of breast cancer units throughout the UK.We campaign for better support and care and promote the importance of early detection, involving people with breast cancer in all that we do. Visit call our free helpline on 0808 800 6000.