How Their Research Fits Within the University, Faculty and Departmental Strategic Research Plans

How Their Research Fits Within the University, Faculty and Departmental Strategic Research Plans

“The research of the nominee must be clearly encompassed in one of the research Clusters in the Strategic Research Plan. In addition, the nominator must describe the current research environment in which the nominee would fit and demonstrate the importance of the Chair to the strategic development of the research Cluster at Queen’s.”


CRC 2015 candidate statement template (rev1)

Department of Nano Engineering, Queen’s University
Nomination of Dr. Jill Smith for CRC Tier II

Statement on how the candidate’s proposed research fits and supports the University, Faculty and Departmental Strategic Research Plans
(no more than 3 pages, not including the statement on teaching experience and interests)


The Department of Nano Engineering is in the midst of large-scale faculty renewal, and is focusing on three areas of research strength: x, y and z. The Department is already doing well, given statistics such as the highest average NSERC Discovery grant of any Nano Department in Canada, and a number of prestigious national research awards to its faculty members. The appointment of the nominee to a Tier II Canada Research Chair inVirtual Nano Engineeringaligns withthe University’s Strategic Research Plan for the Advanced Technology cluster within the theme of Creating, Discovering and Innovating

help to ensure that the Department maintains its international prominence in the field Virtual Nano Engineering. The nomination also fits with the Faculty’s Strategic Framework to continue to enhance our research strength in nanotechnology

Nano Engineering Research Environment.

A number of recent appointments in the Virtual Nano Engineering field have propelled Queen’s into a leading Canadian position in this area, … (identify links with other Queen’s professors working in this area (across Faculty and Schools), research centre activity and/or participation in collaborative graduate programs could be used as evidence of the strength).

Dr. Smith’s role in Nano Engineering Research

Dr. Smith’s research into virtual nano engineering focuses on …. (outline the research of the candidate, in general terms, include specific examples of the impact that the work).

Queen’s University Performance Measures.

Recent investments in the Department are already reaping rewards, and are contributing to Queen’s research objectives, as evaluated by measures identified in the Research Plan:

  • outstanding new faculty have been attracted to the Department of Nano Engineering at Queen’s University … (identify faculty hired in this area, and their area of expertise)
  • the level of research funding has risen significantly, such that the Department now has the highest average NSERC Discovery Grant in the discipline of Nano Engineering. During 2008 the average Discovery Grant held by researchers in Queen’s Nano Engineering was $45,000 versus the national average of $35,000 per annum.
  • the Department has led in support ofFaculty initiatives to promote the visibility and impact of the Faculty’s reputation forresearch, such as the new Masters in Applied Sustainability and the proposed Centre for Mineral Resource Studies
  • the Department has an established reputation for the high quality of its graduate students and Postdoctoral Fellows; the average number of graduate students to faculty member is the highest of any nano engineering department in the country and is expected to further improve as the new hires become established.

The Department is also developing strong interdisciplinary links to other departments at Queen’s and beyond, through initiatives such as the Centre for Mineral Resource Studies.

Statement of Teaching Experience and Interests(no more than 1 page

Since her arrival at Queen’s, Dr. Smith’s focus on teaching has been on inquiry based learning …(go on to give examples to support such a statement, with reference to specific courses, highlighting if possible any teaching awards, grants in aid of teaching and curriculum innovations that the candidate was responsible for).

At the graduate level, the focus is on mentoring students and helping them develop the confidence to be innovative thinkers …(go on to gives example of specific graduate courses, indicate the number of graduate students taken to completion, highlighting the nature of any cosupervision. Best paper awards that graduate students have won)

At the graduate level and final year thesis supervision level, part of Dr. Smith’s strategy for obtaining the excellence demonstrated above has involved:

  • Encouraging students to be involved in multi-disciplinary research and research with individualshaving complementary skills.
  • (any other points to illustrate the candidates approach to graduate education)
  • (list visiting professors and graduate students, as further evidence of impact)

As a CRC II, Dr. Smith would expect to teach one inquiry based undergraduate course (identify the course) and one graduate course per year (identify the course).

[potential headings in the teaching statement could be:

  1. Teaching Philosophy
  2. Curriculum Development
  3. Synergy between Undergraduate Teaching and Research
  4. Supervision of HQP
  5. Teaching Awards (both students and nominee)
  6. Expected Teaching Assignments]