High Quality Learning Delivered - Learning Outcomes for Children; the Learning Environment

High Quality Learning Delivered - Learning Outcomes for Children; the Learning Environment

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Term 1 Date 30th March 2018

High quality learning delivered - Learning outcomes for children; The learning environment both inside and out; professional learning undertaken; purchases, plans for change, Te Ao Maori

We have reintroduced using provocations which gives the opportunity for many creative designs and discussions. It is a wonderful quiet time yet when an interested adult is added there are many learning opportunities available.

We are going to introduce Ripper Rugby to the older children and Suzi will be organising this. She will take a group of children over to the Intermediate School so we have space to spread out on the fields.

The phonetics game is popular as are the Kei e wai? Games. These small group activities are vital for introducing children into social skills like turn taking, listening to others, helping others and sometimes being a leader and sometimes being a follower.

Our extra bench has arrived for our outside kitchen and this has made the area very attractive and lots of kai gets made here. The tamariki source their own materials needed for cooking and we are often given beautiful plates of kai to eat. We also have an umbrella to help with shade on those super hot days. Suzi also organised for a swimming pool to be used in the sandpit on those extra super-hot days, this was very well used.

We are having PLD with Educational Leadership Project at the moment and this is helping us with our individual inquiry question. We are working as a team and individually as well. We attended a workshop around inappropriate behaviours during the Christmas Break. This was interesting.

We have undertaken a self-review of our kai procedure and have introduced new foods to the tamariki. This has been very well received by teachers, children and whanau.

We are still trying to find builders to redo our veranda but this is proving very difficult.

By reflecting on our environment and what we offer the tamariki we are ensuring that we give them the best of what we have and therefore always putting them at the forefront of what we do.

Relationships – Strong sustained relationships and partnerships: Community Engagement: Pumanawatanga, transition to school visits, trips, visitors into the kindergarten, special events, etc

We have had visits to Kaikohe East and West Schools for transition purposes, we have had Matt Seymour come and visit for the day and show us some things to offer our very active children. Roimata has visited and as always shared her in-depth knowledge with us as has Kim our PPM from NKA. Raewyn has attended COL’s meetings and these are proving to be valuable now the National Standards has been dropped by the Govt. We can focus on what is relevant for Kaikohe. We are supported by Early Intervention team and this has been needed lately. We are still trying to get some hours with them and we will continue to advocate for those that need the help.

By taking part and being known as interested in the community we are ensuring relationships with key people are ongoing and productive.

Promotion – Lifting the profile of the kindergarten within the community: newspaper stories and photos, open days, kindergarten out in the community, promotional flyers sent out, etc

We are having an open day during the term break and whanau are happy to put out flyers in the community. We are going to have spot prizes, face painting and a sausage sizzle.

Our Face Book page in very popular and this is where we do a lot of communicating.

By promoting ourselves in the community we are ensuring that we remain as being seen as a quality provider of ECE for the tamariki of Kaikohe and surrounding areas.

Finance – Financial Stability: Management and administration (roll numbers, variation report explanation, fund raising, grant applications etc

Our rolls are full and we have good attendance. We have a healthy waiting list with few children ready for school. We will keep an eye on the use of conditional and we have one at the moment.

By managing to keep our rolls full and having a healthy waiting list we are ensuring the viability of the kindergarten in our community.

Services – Services delivered that are relevant to the communities they serve: Ensure our services meet our communities’ needs. Working alongside of NKA: PPM, speech and Language therapist, Pou Whakarewa Tikanga Maori visits. Environmental sustainability,

We have had visits from NKA ie PPM, Maintenance person, Pou Whakarewa Tikanga Maori advisor, Matt Seymour, Speech Therapist, Psychologist and early intervention team.

By making use of the services available to us we are ensuring that we can provide what is needed for those that need assistance.

General Comments:

We have had a very busy first term and the weather has been very hot. We have welcomed new families and fare welled others. Donna has been to IY PD and this shows in her conversations and practices. WE have had most of the inside of the kindergarten painted and will get the bathrooms and windows done as budget allows. The outside of the building needs a water blast and repaint as well. This was part of our Annual Plan so we are on track with this. Our Open Day is organised and whanau are on board with handing out flyers for the term break event.

We are still waiting for quotes that I have organised (yet again) to come in for the veranda. I am losing faith that this will ever happen. I will discuss this with NKA.

By being responsive to the environment and well-being of the children we are making sure their fundamental needs are met (a safe and healthy environment to enjoy and take pride in)


The security man Sandy for installing the cameras and coming back to ensure they work properly

Richard Storey for organising the cameras

The painters for working long into the night so there was no interruption to our day

Our wonderful cleaner who worked around the painters

To the teachers at Hillcrest for always working to ensure the children have the best opportunity we can offer

Leonie for keeping our rolls up to date and filling in on the floor when we need her to

Please email this page to your Professional Practice Manager on the last day of term along with the full report

(It does not need to be presented to the community)

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Health and Safety / Term 1 / Term 2 / Term 3 / Term 4
Daily playground checks have been completed all term / #
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Daily Hazard Checklists have been completed for this term and a copy of any new Hazard Record Sheets and Action Plan (Form E) have been forwarded to the Association and placed in the Kindergarten Hazard Register / #
The Term Hazard Checks (Forms M and N) have been completed and a copy of any new Hazard Record Sheets and Action Plan (Form E) have been forwarded to the Association and placed in the Hazard Register for everyone to view / #
The Earthquake Procedure has been carried out and has been noted on the correct form / #
The Trial Evacuation Procedure have been carried out and the Trial Evacuation Report (Form Q) has been completed and emailed to the Association for this term / #
Child and Adult Health and Safety
There have been accidents/incidents reported to the Association this term / #
The following forms and procedures have been completed as necessary:
  • Site Safety Induction Checklist (Form C)
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  • Volunteer Health and Safety Acknowledgement (Form H)

  • The Health and Safety Induction Register (Form B) has been updated
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Trial Earthquake drills have taken place
1st Aid Kit updated / #
Personnel Management
All pre appraisal meetings have taken place: / #
Any Appraisals completed : please name and date:
Suzi 14th Feb
Any professional learning undertaken: (Please list and name attendee)
ELP ongoing all team
Wendy Baker all team staff hui
COL’s Raewyn
Suzi NZEI hui
Mike Bedford Safety in the Playground Raewyn
Alana Pere all team U5Energise
Healthy Heart all team (extra day with Raewyn)
Suzi spatial awareness
Benita ELP Te Whariki

Under earthquake procedures and trial evacuation procedures please put the date in the space provided.