Hanger Building

Hanger Building

Hanger – Building

160 Feet wide

60 Feet hight

410 feet Long

65,600 Square Feet

This building was erected in Indianapolis Indiana by the airport as a temporary Casino while the brick and mortar building was constructed next door. It was used for two years and then dismantled when the Main casino opened.

This is a Sprung Building, the world’s leader in stressed skin Hangers and buildings. The framework is constructed of extruded aluminum into which a stressed polyester skin with a 20 and greater year life is inserted.

This construction allows it to withstand far higher winds than ordinary steel hangers including earthquakes while providing a cooler inside than one made of steal. This hanger can be insulated for cold weather operation.

This building can be re-constructed as one large building or two shorter ones. The width can be reduced to 130 Feet from 160 feet however the height cannot be changed.

New today this hanger FOB at the factory is over 4.5 Million Dollars.

This two year old one complete with all hardware and new skin is being offered for 2.5 Million FOB at your construction site within Continental North America.

Your choice of skin either with portions of clear or translucent inserts to allow for Sun Light illumination or non transparent sun reflective.

Professional construction is available by experienced and certified people that have constructed these hangers and buildings all over the world. We will be happy to place you in contact with these qualified companies for construction and you can make your own construction arrangements to suite your cost and time requirements.

The hanger structure will require 12 to 14 open top containers.

The first series of pictures are of this specific Building both constructed and de-constructed on site at Indianapolis Airport Indian Reserve used as a Casino.

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The following images show use by similar structures from manufacturers as hangers. Note: the largest width in the pictures is a hanger of 130 feet. There have been only three buildings of this construction with a width of 160 feet build. The other two are being used by the military as hangers.

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The next is an illustration of a 130 foot wide building as a hanger. Note: This building will make two buildings like this.

You can have either one 410 foot long building or two 205 foot long buildings at 160 or 130 foot width. The one offer is 160 ft. wide and can be narrowed.

  • Two years use as Casino
  • Available immediately
  • Less than ½ cost of a new order
  • Construction at your location available by experienced people