Gulf Coast Classic Drumline Competition

Gulf Coast Classic Drumline Competition


Gulf Coast Classic Drumline Competition

Rules and Regulations


  • Any High School Drumline.All members of the drumline must be in compliance with all U.I.L. extracurricular activity and eligibility rules.


  • Drumlines submit the entry fee online at under the events page or via USPS Mail to:

Lamar Percussion Society

P.O. Box 10217

Lamar University

Beaumont TX 77710-0217

  • Make your check payable to Lamar University Percussion Society; indicate "Gulf Coast Classic" in the memo/comment area
  • Indicate clearly on the check your group's school name
  • Entry Deadline:Thursday, October 30, 2014


  • Classifications: UIL 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A

Overall Best Drumline

Overall Best Snare Line

Overall Best Tenor Line

Overall Best Bass Line

Overall Best Cymbal Line

Overall Best Front Ensemble

Best Drumline, snare line, tenor line, bass line, cymbal line, and front ensemble in each classification

  • The Lamar University Percussion Society reserves the right to move the performance time to accommodate unavoidable and acceptable conflicts.Examples of acceptable conflicts are academic conflicts, SAT testing and other published UIL events.Directors are asked to be aware of these conflicts and state them on the registration.

PERFORMANCES, shall be determined by a random drawing.

  • A Drumline Director may request an earlier playing time than assigned due to conflicts or other reasons.
  • On a space-available basis all electronic entries time stamped or mailed entries postmarked October 30, 2014 or later may be added to the playing performance schedule based on waiting list.
  • Late Entries will receive performancetime bases on what is available.


  • Any acoustic or electronic percussion is allowed.Electricity will be provided to a single outlet box.Each group is responsible to provide its own electric power cords and equipment.
  • Accompaniment by non-percussion instrumentation is permitted.
  • All music must be performed live.


  • Each drumline will be allotted a maximum time on the field of 15 minutes to enter, set-up, perform, tear down and exit the contest area.
  • The drumline will be signaled by a field official to enter the field.The start of the allotted time shall be when equipment crosses the start line onto the field.
  • The stop time shall be when all equipment has been removed from the performance area.
  • No performance boundaries will be imposed.
  • Times will be reported in the final scoring.


  • Judging commences when given permission to begin scored performance.
  • All Classifications have the same time restrictions.

NOTE: The only time constraint is that Total Time is limited to 15 minutes,including entering the field area, setting-up, warming up, performing,tearing-down, and exiting the performance area.


  • There will be three judges that will adjudicate the field performances for all Classifications.
  • Each drumline will be judged in, and scores allotted to the drumlines in the following: Execution, Repertoire and Performance Effectiveness
  • Overtime Penalties for drumlineperformances are based on the 15 minute allotment for setting-up, warming up, performing,tearing-down, and exiting the performance area.
  • Penalty deductions will be assessed to the Raw Score resulting in a Net Score and shall be assessed from the following table:

Overtime / Deduction
10 to 30 Seconds / 0.5
31 to 45 Seconds / 0.8
45 to 60 Seconds / 1.0
61 Seconds / 1.0 + 0.5 for each 20 seconds increment greater than 60 seconds overtime

8)CLINICNew to the 2014 Gulf Coast Classic

  • In addition to receiving comments from the three judges, there will also be clinicians present. Immediately following yourdrumline’s performance, the students and directors will have allotted time with the clinicians to receive additional comments and suggestions.


  • Judges will adjudicate each Drumlines Standstill field performance based on a 100-point scale allocated as follows

·40 points Execution

·30 points Repertoire

·30 points Performance Effectiveness

  • The sum of the Judges scores will be divided by the number of Judges to determine the average Raw Score.
  • Penalty deductions will be assessed to the Raw Score resulting in a Net Score.
  • The Drumlines will be ranked from highest Net Score to lowest Net Score
  • In the event of a tie:

1.First tiebreaker will be determined by ranking the drumlines based upon the average of the Execution Score.

2.Second tiebreaker will be determined by ranking the drumlines based upon the average of the Performance Effectiveness Score

3.Third tiebreaker will be determined by ranking the drumlines based upon the average of the Repertoire Score or Compulsory Score.

4.Fourth tiebreaker will be based on the lower amount of penalty deductions.

5.In the event drumlines are tied after four tiebreakers, the position will be declared a draw and each drumline will share the position.


Best Drumline Class 1A

Best Drumline Class 2A

Best Drumline Class 3A

Best Drumline Class 4A

Best Drumline Class 5A

Best Drumline Class 6A

Best Snare line, Tenor line, Bass line, Cymbal Line, and Front ensemble in each classification

Gulf Coast Classic Overall Best Drumline

Gulf Coast Classic Overall Best Snare Line

Gulf Coast Classic Overall Best Tenor Line

Gulf Coast Classic Overall Best Bass Line

Gulf Coast Classic Overall Best Cymbal Line

Gulf Coast Classic Overall Best Front Ensemble

Classification Placement Awards will be given for the top threedrumlines in each classifications.


  • An open area for temporary storage will be provided under your own supervision, and at the drumline’s own risk.The Lamar University Percussion Society assumes no risk of loss, damage or theft.


  • The judges score sheets will be available following awards for each classification. We anticipate a flash drive with comments being available along with additional score sheets on a best-efforts basis.Directors will also be receiving an email during the day of GCC with your scores and judges comments as well.


  • Each drumline will be given as much time as they needon-site prior to their performance.This time includes off unloading, warm-up and movement into position.
  • Due to local city ordinance, warm-up and practice on site will be allowed only in the areas designated. Play outside of this area for all Classificationsis prohibited.Directors - - please help us comply with this ordinance.
  • Drumlines are not allowed to re-apportion their practice area.


  • Each drumline’s performance will be videoed, and each school will receive a copy of their schools performance. Each schools video will also be available to purchase at GCC. Pictures will be taken of each drumline after their performance, and will also be available to purchase at the GCC.


  • In the event of Inclement Weather, the Lamar University Percussion Society will consider the safety, the forecasts and the conditions permitting each group to perform equally to the conditions providing an optimum performance.After consideration of these factors, the Lamar University Percussion Society reserves the rights to amend the scheduled performances in any of the following manners as deemed appropriate at the time of the decision:

Option 1:move the groups scheduled to perform in the stadium into an indoor facility (gymnasium).If any one of the groups in the classificationsare moved indoors all groups in that classification will be performed indoors

Option 2:in the event of changing weather conditions on the field, a delay may be issued for performing groups.