Time: 16:30 Venue:PAR-Old Physics-G16 (Jim Potter Room)


Time: 16:30 Venue:PAR-Old Physics-G16 (Jim Potter Room)

Central Committee Meeting #1 – Friday 4th August 2017

Time: 16:30
Venue:PAR-Old Physics-G16 (Jim Potter Room).

  1. Procedural Matters
  2. Acknowledgement of Indigenous Owners
  3. Official Welcome
  4. Attendance
  5. Apologies
  6. Adoption of Agenda
  7. Confirm of Previous Minutes
  8. Matters Arising from Previous Minutes
  9. Proposals

5.1Big Day Out and Induction Semester 2 2017 Proposal

  1. Final Reports

6.1 Mid-Year Orientation Semester 2 Final Report

6.2 Customised Goods 2017 Final Report

6.3 Central Australia Trip (CAT) 2017 Final Report

  1. All Other Business
  • E&W Timeline Update
  • Reimbursement
  • OB Camp
  • Publicity
  • Infringement

Unconfirmed Minutes
Central Committee Meeting #12 – Friday 26th May 2017

Date: 26th May 2017

Time: 16 30

Venue: PAR-Old Physics-G16 (Jim Potter Room)

Chair: Sander BREDAL

  1. Procedural Matters
  2. Acknowledgment of Indigenous Owners
  3. Official Welcome
  4. Attendance and apologies

Absent with Apologies

Exco: Michelle LUM
Directors: -
Officers: -

Latewith Apologies

Exco: Chowlen LIM
Directors: Joel LOH
Officers: Eu Gin LEE

Leaving early with Apologies

Exco: -
Directors: -
Officers: Annie LIEW, Angeline LAYADI

Motion 1

Move that Standing Orders be adopted for CCM #12 at 16 52.

Mover: Jordan VO

Seconder: JosefKUEK

CARRIED without contention.

1.4.Adoption of Agenda

Motion 2

Move that the Agenda for CCM #12 be adopted.

Mover: Wei Lee ONG

Seconder: Jaycee LEE

CARRIED without contention.

  1. Matters Arising from Previous Minutes
  1. Confirmation of Previous Minutes

Motion 3

Move that the minutes of CCM #11 be accepted and confirmed as a true and accurate record.

Mover: Tzeyi KOAY

Seconder: Daniel TAN

CARRIED without contention.

Motion 4

Move that Miss Angeline LAYADI be granted observer status and speaking rights.

Mover : Hui Qin CHAN

Seconder: Melia Permata Sari WIJAYA

Motion 5

Move that UMSU INTL Central Committee 2017-2018 be granted observer status.

Mover: Ethan ZHANG

Seconder: John HEE

  1. Proposals

4.1Central Australia Trip 2017 Proposal

Motion 6

Move that Central Australia Trip 2017 Proposal be accepted.

Mover: Pearly YAP

Seconder: Samantha WONG

Abstentions : Sander BREDAL

4.2Head of Clubs Semester 2 2017 Proposal

Motion 7

Move that the Head of Clubs Sem 2 2017 Proposal be accepted.

Mover: Marcelo DIAZ

Seconder: Yuen Yuen LIN

CARRIED without contention.

4.3Winterfest 2017 Proposal

Motion 8

Move that the Winterfest 2017 Proposal be accepted.

Mover: Annie LIEW

Seconder: Joshua Regyanto LUKITO

CARRIED without contention.

  1. Final Reports

5.1 Visa/PR Workshop Semester 1 2017 Final Report

Motion 9

Move that theVisa/PR Workshop Semester 1 2017 Final Report be accepted.

Mover: Wuyang QIAN

Seconder: Kai Wen LOO

CARRIED without contention.

Motion 10

Move that standing orders be suspended at 6:16pm.

Mover: Hui Qin CHAN

Seconder : Brandon LIM

Motion 11

Move that standing order be resumed at 6:29.

Mover: John HEE

Seconder : Jack KHOR

5.2 Sweat Out Stress Semester 1 2017 Final Report

Motion 12

Move that theSweat Out Stress Semester 1 2017 Final Report be accepted.

Mover: Joel LOH

Seconder: Wei Lee ONG

CARRIED without contention.

5.3 ISA Appreciation Night Semester 1 2017 Final Report

Motion 13

Move that theISA Appreciation Night Semester 1 2017 Final Reportbe accepted.

Mover: Angel WEE

Seconder: Melia Permata Sari WIJAYA

CARRIED without contention.

5.4 UMSU INTL Annual General Election 2017 Final Report

Motion 14

Move that theUMSU INTL Annual General Election 2017 FinalReport be accepted.

Mover: Kai Wen LOO

Seconder: Angeline Gloria LAYADI

CARRIED without contention.

5.5 UMSU INTL Night Market 2017 Final Report

Motion 15

Move that theUMSU INTL Night Market 2017 Final Report be accepted.

Mover: Chowlen LIM

Seconder: Marcelo DIAZ

CARRIED without contention.

  1. Other matters

Motion 16

Move that CCM #12 be adjourned at 19 30.

Mover: Tze Yi KOAY

Seconder: Sander BREDAL


Prepared by,

Marcelo DIAZ
Secretary 2016/2017
UMSU International

4. Proposals

Big Day Out and Induction Semester 2 2017 Proposal
Central Committee Meeting #1 – Friday 5th August 2016

  1. Introduction

This event serves as an initial meeting between new International Student Ambassadors and Office Bearers who would be working together for the next year. The Big Day Out aspect serves as a bonding opportunity for Office Bearers and new ISAs. The Induction aspect serves as a platform for introductions to the roles and responsibilities the volunteers should look forward to in their coming term. The team in charge of organising this event will consist of ISAs and members of the HR department.

Coordinators: Sabrina Loh, Rebecca Vincent, Karen Li

Date: 12th August 2017

Time: 10:30am-3:30pm

Venue: Greenwood Theatre (Electrical Engineering Building), North Court, South Lawn, Training Rooms 1 and 2 Level 3 Union House.

Number of Attendees: 60 new ISAs, 10 old ISAs and 32 Office Bearers

  1. Aim

An initial meeting between new ISAs and OBs.

An opportunity to socialise between officers and volunteers.

Explain the roles and responsibilities expected of ISAs over the coming year.

  1. Event Flow

0930 / Set up, preparation
1030 / Registration
1100 / Ice-breaking games
1145 / Induction
1300 / Lunch
1400 / Games + take group photos
1530 / Wrap up
Hand out ISA shirts
Announce Buddy Program Groups
Hand out group photos


This event was allocated a budget of $1350.

Item / Amount ($)
Food and drinks (pizza, biscuits, soft drink) / $400
Prizes / $350
Game Items / $100
Souvenirs (photos) / $40
Total Expenses / $890


This concludes our proposal. Please feel free to approach us if you have suggestions or questions.

Prepared by,

Rebecca Vincent

HR Officer 2017/2018

UMSU International

5. Final Reports

Mid-Year Orientation Winterfest 2017 Final Report
Central Committee Meeting #1 – Friday 4th August 2017

1. Introduction

This report summarises 2017 Winterfest week, which covers the period of 19th July 2017, Wednesday, to 23th July 2017, Sunday. Activities and events include Carnival Day, Xmas in July Party, Food Adventure, Aussie Adventure and Snow Adventure.

2. Activities and Events

This section details the activities and events held during the relevant period.

2.1 Winter Festival Publicity

  • Facebook event pages were put up 2 weeks before Winterfest (each with around 100 response)
  • Goodie bags and hot chocolate were given away to attract students on the carnival day
  • Pin board with posters were right next to the sign up booth for publicity

2.2 Goodie bag packing

Coordinator: Ivy ZHAO

Date: 17/7/2017

Time: 10am to 3:30pm

Manpower: 2 OBs & 5 ISAs

  • We packed 400 goodies bag, consisting of a UMSU Intl customised keep cup, 8GB USB, folder, phone wallet, Freddo voucher, Student VIP stationary, UMSU Intl information booklet, ISA program flyer and Winterfest event flyer.
  • 20 goodie bags are reserved for OBs and ISAs who helped out at goodie bags packing and carnival day

Social Media

- FB followers: 5,923 followers (360 followers increase from 5,563 followers on 17 July)

- FB likes: 5,901 likes (337 likes increase from 5,564 likes on 17 July)

- Instagram followers: 1,373 followers (200 followers increase from 1,173 followers on 17 July)

2.3 UMSU Carnival Day

Coordinator: Ivy ZHAO

Date: 19/7/2017

Time: 11am to 3pm (10am-4pm including setup and clean-up)

Manpower: 11 OBs & 5 ISAs

Budget allocated: $400.00

Booth arrangement:

  • We got a 4m x 6m marquee during Carnival Day, near the MSD end.
  • Our booth fitted 3 tables. 2 tables on one side for info booth and hot beverages give away. On the other side, there’s 1 table for events sign up. A pin board of publicity material was next to the sign up table.

Event sign up:

  • Only cash and card were accepted for payment.
  • TwoOBs carried iPads in front of the line to advice participants when they filled out the google form. Two OBs sat at the table with two laptops to check participant's google form submission. One OB sat between them to double check with receipt, money collection and giving out tickets. Participants formed one queue for any of the three events sign up. One ISA walked along the line to control the crowd, answer participants’ questions about events and publicise ISA program.
  • Google form signup sheet questions are reduced to minimum so the process was speeded up
  • The queue for sign up was long and it blocked the front of a couple of other booths next to us, but there was no complaints from other booths and students.
  • We posted on Facebook event page beforehand to inform students that each time they line up they can only sign up for one person to be fair to others in line. However due to the long line on the day, we allowed some students to sign up for two people at once.
  • $5 is charged as a deposit for Food and Melbourne Adventure and voucher is giving out as a receipt. The deposits are giving back on the event day itself. $30 is charged for Snow Adventure fee.
  • All 3 events were fully signed up at around 1:30pm. We cut the line but encouraged students to get on waiting list and managed to get at least 10 participants on waiting list for each event.

Info booth/goodie bags:

  • Participants needed to like UMSU Intl Facebook page and follow us on Instagram for the free goodie bag.
  • One ISA was allocated to control the line and letting students in line know the procedure to get a goodie bag. 2 ISAs were at the table checking Facebook and Instagram before giving out Goodie bags. One iPad is allocated to encourage students subscribe to our newsletter accent.
  • All goodie bags were given out at around 2pm.

Hot beverages:

  • Bio recyclable cups were used considering the recent movement against disposable coffee cups.
  • We gave out around 350 cups of hot beverages.
  • Hot chocolate powder ran out quickly.
  • We bought 25L milk in the morning as we realized chocolate powder + water does not taste good enough. Milk ran out after around 200 cups of drinks.

$2340 is collected for the deposit. Breakdown is as below:

  1. Food Adventure: 120 x $5= $600
  2. Aussie Adventure: 60 x $5= $300
  3. Snow Adventure: 48 x $30=$1440

Expenditure / Amount
Chocolate powder / $53.36
Milk x 25L / $24.00
Recyclable cups, napkins, plates, forks, spoons, knives
(bulk for future use) / $391.60
Go Get car rent / Estimated: $80
Final total incl. GST / Estimated:

Improvements from last year:

  • All OBs/ISAs were informed of winterfest duties before the holiday. Thus many of them booked the flights accordingly to help out on the day. We had enough manpower.
  • ISAs were allocated to control the lines and answer student’s questions, so the process is speeded up and confusion and chaos were reduced to minimum.
  • Sign up google forms contain only necessary questions
  • All events were signed up with at least 10 participants on the waiting list

Suggestions for next year:

  • If possible, request for 4 tables so we can assign 2 tables for signups so we can be more efficient.
  • Money collection had a $30 fee short from Snow Adventure (48 participants paid but 49 showed up on the day, but all 49 participants had the receipts, so it must be the case that we forgot to collect the money after giving out the receipt). It is necessary to allocate one OB/ISA at signup table just to double check the process.
  • There is no need to write receipt for participants who paid by card as the card machine will print out receipts

2.3 UMSU Xmas in July

Coordinator: Ivy ZHAO

Date: 20/7/2017

Time: 2pm to 4pm

Manpower: 2 OBs & 1 ISA

Xmas in July Party took place on level 2 Union House. It is a new event that UMSU organised, in which UMSU Intl played a part along with UMSU and Rowen Library. UMSU intl was in charge of performances and contributed for decoration. We invited Joy Heng (guitar + vocal) and Erick Gonzalez (DJ) for performances. The event was overall successful in achieving a chill vibe. UMSU did not end up providing snacks and drinks as they planned to. So UMSU Intl took popcorn and tea from our lounge and gave to students.

Expenditure / Amount
Decoration contribution / $220
Performer payment / $80
AV Melbourne performance set up / $150
Final total incl. GST / $450

2.4. Food Adventure

Coordinators: Dennis QIAN, Nicholas TAN

Venue: Latham Theatre, Redmond Barry

Date: 21st July 2017

Time: 11:30 am - 4:30 pm

No. of targeted participants: 120

No. of participants showed up: 116

Budget: $2600

Flow of event

Activities / Fitzroy / Lygon
Briefing / ●At 11:10 - 11:30, short briefing for station masters and travel buddies was held.
●Their pack were also handed out to them then.
Registration / ●Registration started at 11:30am and ended at roughly 12:10pm.
●Registration for both Fitzroy and Lygon was carried out simultaneously, having two different lines for Fitzroy and Lygon participants’ registration respectively.
●Some participants arrived early and had to wait outside the briefing hall, waiting for registration to start.
●At 12pm, the station masters left for their respective restaurants.
Introduction - presentation slide about UMSU INTL and Food Adventure / ●Due to a minor problem with one of the participants, the presentation was delayed to 12:15 pm.
●The presentation was presented without much trouble and around 12:25pm the Fitzroy groups left first, followed by the Lygon groups 5 minutes later.
The Adventure / ●At around 1pm, all groups have arrived at their respective restaurants.
●The portion of the mains were a bit underwhelming.
●One of the restaurant (Chiquito) could have prepared slightly earlier, and had the food served quicker. / ●All the groups start the adventure at around 1pm
●The quality and portion of the food is good and adequate.
●The arranged time is suitable for main meal restaurants.
●The time for dessert shops are too long. Might arrange an outdoor activity.
●Station masters and the photographers of both Lygon and fitzroy were given Pasta from Mercadante for lunch.

Additional Notes:

Prizes for ‘Eat and Win’ Competition

3 Winners from Lygon, 3 Winners from Fitzroy

Each Winner gets:

1 X $10 Safeway gift card

Budget Breakdown

Expenditure / Amount ($)
Mercadante / $ 360
Sea Salt / $ 350
Gelocchio / $ 210
Cafe Notturno / $ 280
Total incl. GST / $1200
Brother Burger / $ 420.80
Chiquito / $ 700
N2 Gelato / $ 192
Total incl. GST / $1,312.80
Other expenditure
Lunch for ISA / $50
Total incl. GST / $2,562.80

Problems and Suggestions

a) Lygon

  • It could be better to increase the portion of ice creams (It would be summer)
  • Recommend to replace Mercadante and Cafe Notturno.
  • The arranged time is suitable for main meal restaurants.
  • The time for dessert shops is too long. Might arrange an outdoor activity after having desserts.
  • Some participants provided international phone numbers, which hindered us to contact with them. It would be better to ask participants to provide their frequently used emails.
  • Some participants felt bloated due to the awkward transitions from desserts to main courses. A suggestion could be to have more groups in both restaurants serving main courses. After which, moving on to one of the two dessert places altogether.
  • It is efficient to provide participants with menus.

b) Fitzroy

  • Recommended to find restaurants that provide larger portions for the mains.
  • The time spent at the dessert restaurants was too long. Could probably occupy their time with some games.
  • The service in Chiquito was slow. Better communications is needed in the future if this restaurant is picked up again. (Things might change as they’re fairly new)
  • Could possibly find restaurants which can fit 4 groups at once which might bring up the possibility of having a route of (main→dessert→main→dessert)
  • Do consider Brunswick as an alternative to Fitzroy as it’s hard to get a good deal in Fitzroy.

Overall Satisfaction






2.5. Aussie Adventure

Coordinators: Harn Jy (June) Liu, Steven Zhang

Date: Saturday, 22nd July 2017

Time: 10.00-14.15


Registration: Greenwood Theatre

AFL: South lawn

BBQ: North Court

Attractions: Hosier Lane, Federation Square, Shrine of remembrance

Budget: $1500

Manpower: 15 OBs/ISAs ( 6 travel buddy, 6 station masters, 3 for helping with BBQ )

No. of targeted participant: 120

Participant turnout: 50 (two from the waiting list)

Flow of Event

Participants turned up on time. Briefing started at 10:15 a.m. and each team headed to south lawn for the AFL session after that. BBQ lunch was provided and 15 AFL tickets were given out by lucky draw during lunch time. Each team left for station games at 12:45 p.m.. Station games took longer time than we expected and the event ended around 3:00 p.m.. Travel buddies brought their own team for coffee after the event with a subsidy of $5 per person. Participants were then dismissed.


  • Federation Square
  • Hosier Lane
  • Shrine of Remembrance


Expenditure / Amount
Food / $164.10
AFL / -
Miscellaneous / $364.98
Coffee Voucher / $301.80
Final total incl. GST / $830.88

Positive feedbacks

  • AFL session was great and the whole event was interesting.
  • Activities were fun, especially Algorithm March.
  • The groups were a good size and travel buddies did a great job.

ttps lh4 googleusercontent com tXwYuAicE97y0qgvv DhsPtEqwlQ2tWjJkyDQcZGGbDny3Ea0AOQkhwlfMdUcO pIp OSDw

ttps lh4 googleusercontent com 11DI7 zz8KCXfE1BzwtLPpRXSUikX53V6yadFsfIKlF5NSWuNCNSqBraII4AowdDWPS8Oo

Current problems

  • Not enough food is prepared. ( We ordered 2*classic pork sausage 560g, 6*kangaroo burgers 440g, 3*squeezy BBQ sauce 500mL, 3*squeezy tomato sauce 500mL, 4*veggie patties 300g, 8*thin beef BBQ sausages 1.7kg and 10*white toast bread 650g)
  • Not enough time allocated to visit each attraction. Too much time spent playing games.

ttps lh5 googleusercontent com 7 3I5fjdH6Z5wbSnzX5WSM3ZANI9WEVZ1JURGwz61ARV5cunJN2XXW9uZ20b4EN0cxaDC9

Suggested Improvements

  • Prepare more food.
  • Instead of having three station games, cut it to two and let the participants spend more time to visit each attraction while having station games.
  • Participants could learn more about AFL and its rules. An actual game on a proper oval would be a better experience.
  • Travel buddies could learn and explain a bit more about Australian culture.

2.5. Snow Adventure