Guide How to Play Eternal-Wow on MAC

Guide How to Play Eternal-Wow on MAC

Guide: How to play Eternal-Wow on MAC

I will preface this guide by saying that this is not a discussion about what is better, and what is worse. Some people like Macs (I do) and some don't. Please don't use this thread as your opportunity to bash Mac users, and in the same respect, please don't use it as a gloating thread to bash PC users. Keep it clean, and stay on topic please.

Having said that, I wanted to make this guide because I did a search for mac, and macintosh, and got no results in the guides forum. I also saw a couple of threads where people asked if they could play on their Mac, and no answers were given.

First off, I will let you know up front that if you have a power PC based Mac, you will only be able to play on the 3.3.5 realms. As of 4.0, Blizzard did away with support for the power PC based Macs. Only Intel based Macs can install the 4.0+ clients.

Whether you have the PPC or Intel Mac, the instructions are the same for setting up the client to connect to Eternal.

The easiest way to get the Mac client is to download the WoTLK client, and install the patches manually from there after it installs. Here is a link to the full install of the client for WoTLK for Mac:

Open the zip file, and when the program opens, select Wrath of the Litch King from the drop down menu. Let the game install, and then close the patcher completely. Now you have Wrath of the Litch King client version 3.0.1 installed. You need to patch to 3.3.5 or 4.0.6 to play on Eternal.

If you are going to play on 4.0.6, I suggest you patch to 3.3.5, then right click on your World of Warcraft folder in your applications folder, and click copy, then right click again in your applications folder and paste a copy there. That way you can patch a separate copy of WoW to 4.0.6, and play both whenever you like.

Here is the link to the WoW patches for Mac:

If the link doesn't work, copy and paste it into your browser address box. Some browsers want the parenthesis to be in code like "%28" and not in plain text.

Just install the patches up to the version you need, and don't let the patch program start patching to the latest version or you will have to start all over. The launcher will open automatically after each manual patch, just close the launcher right away.

Once you patch your client to the required version, you will need to give the client a different address so it doesn't try to connect to the Blizzard servers. You do this essentially the same way as the PC version. Open the file by typing "" in Spotlight (the little magnifying glass in the upper right of your screen) or just browse to the folder yourself. It should look like this:

This file looks funny, and by default, it's associated with the Terminal app. You can't just double click on it to edit it. You will need to right click on the file, and click "open with" and click "other" and then select TextEdit from the program list.

Then simply erase everything in that file and replace it with "set realmlist" (Without the quotes), save the file and close it.

While you are in the WoW folder, drag the app with the WoW Icon that's named "World of Warcraft" (Not "World of Warcraft Launcher") to your app bar at the bottom of the screen so you can open the game whenever you want without opening the folder.

If you want to multi-client, with the mac, you can't just open the app again once WoW is up and running, and have it open a new instance of the client. You have to right click on the "World of Warcraft" app, and click copy, then paste a copy of it right next to the original. It will name it "World of Warcraft Copy" and you can drag that app to the app bar as well. Whenever you want to open two instances of the client, you simply click one, then click the copy. You DO NOT need to have two WoW folders like some have said in this forum.

You will of course need to have an Eternal account, but I assume you have one if you are reading this, and if you don't, simply look for the register links on the main page. You are all set. See you in-game!