Grading Proceedures

Grading Proceedures


Students grades will be lowered by one full grade for each unexcused missed performance

Semester final grades will be broken down by the following percentages:

  • Formative30%
  • Summative60%
  • Homework10%

Formative grades are informal tests on how well your student performs on their instrument (both written and playing), and some performance events.

Summative grades are formal play testing, competitive events, and other formal events that your student may be required to attend.

Homework grades will be having paperwork filled out and signed, other things required by the program.

Students start with the consideration that they are at least average, “C” when they walk through the door at the first of the year.

Showing up for all performances and rehearsals on time (without behavior or social problems) completing practice assignments, attending sectionals and receiving average grades on playing tests will maintain a students “average” status. Participation is worth a “C”

To receive a “B” or “excellent”, the student must show genuine sign of effort for the grade of “C” along with the following:

To receive a “B” or “excellent”, the student must show genuine sign of effort for the grade of “C” along with the following:

  • Few absences
  • Practices at home
  • Passes off assignments
  • Has a good attitude and rehearsal habits
  • Scores above average on playing and written tests 80% or above
  • Volunteers for special projects or squad leader
  • Participates in solo and ensemble festival

*Proficiencies are scales, arpeggios, and assigned pieces that are memorized and performed for the Directors or Staff

To receive an “A” or “superior”, the student must not only display effort for the “C” and “B” grades, but in addition, must have evidence of accomplishment for his/her efforts. Examples of this may include but are not limited to:

  • Exhibits musical excellence through performance and tests
  • Good attitude and willingness to help others in the pursuit of excellence
  • Passes off all music on time!
  • Very few or no absences
  • Take private lessons (optional but recommended)

In the unlikely event the student is unable to maintain the “C” level of work, the grade of “D” or “poor” will be give, with the suggestion that improvement is necessary if the student wishes to remain in the program.

The grade of “F” or “fail” will be given in situations where the flagrant violations of Band policy exist, including, but not limited to, the student who:

  • Willingly causes injury to another member of the group
  • Misses required rehearsals or performances without prior consent by the Directors
  • Is pulled from a performance because of behavior or discipline problems.
  • Fails to pass or take required tests and pass off assignments.

For Students receiving “D” or “F” grades, a contract may be used for the student wishing to remain in the Music program. Contracts will be assigned on a case-by-case basis and will outline what the student needs to do to improve their performance.


Student attendance is important, don’t allow students to miss school, please schedule medical appointments, (Dr. visit, Orthodontist, Dental, etc.) around rehearsals so your student won’t miss vital time with the ensembles.

Students should practice as often as possible. Have your students play for you occasionally. Encourage excellence from them.

Your child is not Superman/Superwoman. Avoid over loading them with too many extracurricular activities. Their performance will suffer overall.

Become involved with your students Band activates. Your presence at our events means a lot to your child and other students in out program. Volunteering is a great to be involved. Extra help is always needed.

Make positive and encouraging comments about tournaments and performances. Our attitudes reflect on our students, which in turn affects their performance.

Encourage good sportsmanship toward each other and to our competitors at all times.

Bring any concerns or complaints to the appropriate board member, and follow the chain of responsibility established by the Board of Directors.

Parents should encourage their children to achieve excellence in whatever they do. In the music program, practice and attendance at both rehearsals and performances is mandatory and will require parental support.

The Music Boosters promote and encourage:

  • Musical excellence in the program
  • Teamwork and cooperation in all activities
  • An environment of mutual respect and dignity
  • The communication of the exceptional quality of the program to the community at large.

Parents are encouraged to become voting members of the Music Booster Organization by purchasing a membership card. All Boosters, voting or non-voting, are encouraged to volunteer their time and effort in the support of these young people.

Attendance at performances and competitions is an enjoyable activity and an excellent way for parents to show their support of their child’s talent and interest.


Be prepared for the upcoming activity with all appropriate equipment, uniform, and music.

Do not leave anything lying around; put it in the trash or in your locker. Anything left out will be put in the lost and found, thrown away (including school work), or confiscated.

Gum, food and drinks are not permitted in the Band room

No Horseplay

No Throwing of objects.

No skateboarding or bike riding in the room

Do not use the copy machine without permission.

Before and after all performances (football games, concerts, etc.) no one other than Music and Colorguard students and Band chaperones are allowed into the Band room. No exceptions.

Ask a director before you use the telephone in the band room

Make sure you have your ride set up before we arrive back at school. Be picked up promptly after rehearsals or performances.