Grade:5Salat-Ul-Jamaah(A Prayer Allah Loves)

Grade:5Salat-Ul-Jamaah(A Prayer Allah Loves)

Grade:5Salat-ul-Jamaah(A Prayer Allah Loves)


Salat-ul- jamaah







Answer the following:

Q 1.What is the name of the young boy who went to sleep at Maymoonah’s house?

Ans. The name of the boy is Abdullah Ibn Abbas.

Q 2. What did Rasoolullah do before Fajr time?

Ans. Rasoolullah woke up before Fajr prayer and prays extra prayers for the sake of Allah.

Q 3. What did Abdullah decide to do when he saw Rasoolullah praying?

Ans. Abdullah decided to join Rasoolullah for prayer and he offered prayer with Rasoolullah.

Q 4. What do we call this kind of salah?

Ans. We call this kind of salah “Qiyam-ul-layl”.

Fill in the blanks:

  1. Abdullah watched Rasoolullah praying.
  2. Shytan became very angry because Abdullah was earning twenty seven times more reward by praying jama’ah .
  3. Allah responded to the Prophet’s dua’a.
  4. The Prophet (s.w) used to check whether his sahabah came to Salat-ul-Jama’ah or not.
  5. Allah wants us to visit the masjid every day.


1. / How many times does a Muslim pray in a day?
A. / 5
B. / 3
C. / 4
D. / 6
2. / Salat or prayer is one of the pillars of Islam.
A. / True
B. / False
3. / What do you call the funeral prayer?
A. / Qaza Salat
B. / There is no funeral prayer
C. / Salat-al-Janazaa
4. / When do you pray Maghrib?
A. / Sunset
B. / Middle of the night
C. / Sunrise
D. / Afternoon
5. / What is Fard Prayer?
A. / Mandatory
B. / Not a type of prayer
C. / Optional
D. / You should never pray this
6. / What is said to announce the time of prayer?
A. / Iqama
B. / Azhaan
C. / Imam
D. / 'Isha
7. / When do you pray Tahyatul' Masjid?
A. / Right before you leave the Masjid/Mosque
B. / When you enter the Masjid/Mosque
C. / The days when you do not got to the Masjid/Mosque
D. / After you have spent at least one hour in theMasjid/Mosque
8. / Which Surah must you say in every rakat?
A. / Surah Ikhlas
B. / Surah Naas
C. / Surah Falaq
D. / Surah Fatiha
9. / Towards what do you pray?
A. / The Kabah
B. / Any corner
C. / Does not matter
D. / South
10. / How many mandatory rakats are in Fajr?
A. / 0
B. / 3
C. / 2
D. / 4
11. / What is the Arabic word for the Call to Prayer?
A. / Azhan
B. / Salat
C. / Wudu
D. / Adab
12. / This person climbs up a mosque's minaret to give out the call to prayer. What is the name given to this person?
A. / Sheikh
B. / Nabi
C. / Imam
D. / Muezzin
13. / "Al-salâtu khayru min an-naûm" is added in the call for morning prayers. What does this mean?
A. / Wake up and pray
B. / A new day has come
C. / Prayer is better than sleep
D. / Make haste, make haste to pray
14. / Who was the first person to deliver the call to prayer to the people?
A. / Abu Bakr (ra)
B. / Abd Allah ibn Zaid (ra)
C. / Bilal ibn Ribah (ra)
D. / Muhammad (pbuh)
15. / This second call is given right before the prayer actually begins. What is this called?
A. / Iqama
B. / Zakat
C. / Shahada
D. Hajj / (Red color indicate the correct answer)