Global ICT Companies Listed in Top 500 ICT Companies - Turkey 1

Global ICT Companies listed in “Top 500 ICT Companies - Turkey”[1]

Sales Revenues -2008 (mil. USD)[2] / # of Employees / Location / Web address
Hewlett-Packard / 683 / 300 / ISTANBUL /
Ericsson / 415 / 320 / ISTANBUL /
Alcatel Lucent / 264 / 350 / ISTANBUL /
Nortel / 142 / 1,100 / ISTANBUL /
Siemens IT Solutions and Services / 132 / 7,000
( Siemens group of companies) / ISTANBUL /
Oracle / 120 / 166 / ISTANBUL /
Lenovo / 95 / ISTANBUL /
Fujitsu Technology Solutions / 90 / 330 / ISTANBUL /
Xerox / 85 / 241 / ISTANBUL /
Sun Microsystems / 83 / 60 / ISTANBUL /
Logosoft / 62 / 65 / ISTANBUL /
SAP / 50 / 75 / ISTANBUL /

HP Turkey was founded in 1989 with 100% American capital. HP Turkey offers its products and services throughout the country through its many offices and nationwide authorized service centers.

HP Turkey, who employs 300 workers, was the company to initiate the nationwide distribution of branded high-technology products. HP Turkey has created partnerships with approximately 2,000 companies so that IT solutions and services can be offered to meet the needs of smart companies.
As Turkey’s biggest IT Company, HP Turkey is among the top vendors on the government’s tax payment list. In 2003, HP led the corporate tax list and was awarded a certificate by the Istanbul Revenue Department for its contribution to national development.
As the biggest company in the MEMA (Middle East, Africa, and Mediterranean) region, HP Turkey maintains a consistent growth rate, the number of its employees, turnover, and business potential.
In February 2009, Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Foxconn Technology Group (Foxconn) jointly announced the sourcing of PCs made in Turkey to meet the growing demand in Turkey and the Middle East. This announcement was made in cooperation with the Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey (ISPAT). The regional manufacturing facility operated by Foxconn with an expected investment of approx. USD 60 million will create up to 2,000 new jobs. HP intends to be a major PC customer for Foxconn at the new facility and expects to ship up to 200,000 desktop computers per month for the Turkish, the Middle Eastern and selected European markets.

"Demand for the latest PC technology is developing quickly, and HP sees increasing interest from consumer and commercial customers in Turkey," said Eric Cador, senior vice president, HP, Personal Systems Group, EMEA. “The sourcing of PCs in Turkey is part of HP's strategy to respond to the growing customer demand in fast-growing regions of the world.”

Turkey was selected as the location of the planned facility after careful consideration. The site was chosen for its domestic market potential, geographic situation located between Europe and the Middle East, as well as its talented labor pool and qualified engineers. Jim Chang, executive vice-president of Foxconn added, “The planned factory in Turkey will be the first Foxconn facility for the production of desktop computers in the Çorlu region. Turkey's strong talent pool, strategic location and government support make it an ideal location for these operations to deliver products quickly and competitively.”

Address: Icerenköy, Eskiuskudar caddesi No:10 VIP Center Kat:14 34752 Kozyatagi

Phone: +90 216 579 79 00

Fax: +90 216 579 78 97

Founded in the 19th Century, Ericsson's presence in Turkey goes way back to 1890s. During 1990s, Ericsson played the pioneer role in the development of the GSM technologies in Turkey. Today Ericsson leads the way to all communicating world with its state-of-art technology and first quality services.

Ericsson Turkey employs over 320 people in Turkey.

Ericsson has established Ericsson Mobility World - Turkey in 2001 to support application developer companies to experience new technologies and develop and enhance the mobile Internet market in Turkey.

Address: Buyukdere Caddesi USO Center, No: 61, K: 5 - 6 - 7, Maslak/Istanbul

Phone: +90 (212) 286 86 86

Fax: +90 (212) 286 87 87

Alcatel Lucent Turkey was founded in 1965 and employs over 350 people in Turkey.

Alcatel-Lucent designs, develops and builds innovative and competitive communications networks, enabling carriers, service providers and enterprises to deliver any type of content, such as voice, data and multimedia, to any type of consumer, anywhere in the world.

Address: Organize Sanayi Bolgesi 2. Cadde No : 17/1 34776 Ümraniye / ISTANBUL

Phone: +90 (216) 579 20 00

Fax: +90 (216) 364 0822


Nortel Netas offers end-to-end innovative solutions to its customers in the areas of the installation and operation of the communication networks. Having established the integrated communication networks and infrastructures for the voice, data and video communication of the service providers and institutions with its R&D department founded in 1973, Nortel Netas have also been assuming important tasks as to the modernization of the military communication network of Turkey with the systems it designed and produced for the Turkish Armed Forces.

Technology Group, which produces global solutions ranging from data and voice to optics and wireless technology with deep experience and knowledge, designs third-generation wired networks. This Group, which embraces approximately 1,000 engineers with a high level of experience and knowledge, also provides service in mobile and integrated Metro Ethernet and optical network for the global new-generation telecommunication customers and develops software for more than 30 global operators.

In 2008, Nortel Netas became one of the eight R&D Excellence Centers of Nortel in the world, as a result of the successes it has gained in the Turkish market as of 1967, its date of establishment, as well as the strategic importance it attached to R&D.

90% of the personnel of Nortel Netas, whose sales volume reached to $141 million in 2008, work in Technology Group.

The primary partners of the company, whose 31,87% shares is accepted for trading on the İstanbul Stock Exchange Market, are Nortel Networks with 53,13% and Turkish Armed Forces with 15%.

Address: Alemdag Cad. No.171, 34768 Umraniye - Istanbul

Phone: +90 (216) 522 20 00

Fax: +90 (216) 522 22 22

The collaboration between Turkey and Siemens started with the Ottoman Empire’s decision to bring the telegraph system to the country in the mid 1800s. Leaning on its experience and knowledge of more than 150 years, Siemens is a corporate entity that develops complete solutions and addresses the needs of its customers from a single source. The company develops complete solutions in industry, energy and healthcare sectors in Turkey. In its Kartal facilities, Siemens manufactures low and medium tension boards and products related to circuit breaking and insulation techniques.

Siemens Industry and Trade Corp. in Turkey continues its activities in Istanbul-Kartal on a 90,000 m2 area, 63,000 m2 of which is covered. Siemens has been the first to introduce many innovative technologies in the fields of electricity, electronics and electrotechnics to Turkey.

In line with its growth plans in Turkey, Siemens invested in Gebze Organized Industrial Zone for the production geared towards the energy sector. The new plant built in Gebze will be among the most modern in Europe.

The Siemens Gebze facilities will be the first in Turkey to be certified with LEED Gold standard (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and will be efficient in using natural energy sources as well taking appropriate measures ensuring cost savings and a healthy working environment.

The company’s exports to a wide geographical region from the Middle East to the Far East partly comprise high and medium tension boards. Circuit breakers are exported to five, while automation products are exported to three continents. The Siemens group of companies’, which employs about 7000 people, had a turnover of more than EUR 2 billion in the 2007-2008 fiscal year.

Siemens IT Çözümleri ve Hizmetleri

Address: Yakacık Yolu No: 111 Kartal 34870 İstanbul Türkiye
Phone: (216) 458 65 00
Fax: (216) 458 65 65

Oracle Turkey, founded as a subsidiary in 1989, delivers Oracle solutions throughout the country with its Istanbul and Ankara offices and strong indirect channel of 150 local partners.

Address: Ayazağa Mevkii Meydan Sok. Spring Giz Plaza Kat:9 34398 Maslak, ISTANBUL

Phone: +90 212 329 67 00
Fax: +90 212 329 67 01


Address: Uner Plaza Eski Üsküdar Yolu Erkut Sok. No:4/1 Kat:3 B.Bölüm 4 Kozyatağı, Kadıköy, Istanbul Türkiye
Phone: +90.216.570.01.00
Fax: +90.216.577.01.00


Fujitsu Turkey is one of the most strategically important markets for Fujitsu Group in terms of global growth plans. 328 employees work in Turkey office.

Although there are no PC production facilities in countries outside Fujitsu Group’s main production centers, Turkey was decided to become a production center. It became the single country in the world that has Partner Assembly Line.

Fujitsu Technology Solutions offers a full range of infrastructure products, solutions and services, including:

  • Hardware products ranging from servers, PCs, notebooks to workstations, thin clients, tablet PCs and monitors.
  • Solutions for dynamic infrastructure environments.
  • Infrastructure as a Service, a future model for delivering infrastructures that are provided on demand by Shared Infrastructure Centers.

Address: Yalcin Kores Cd. Erdinc Binalari A Blok 1. Kule No: 20/22 Gunesli 34212 Istanbul Turkey

Phone: +90-212-4104300


Address: Kasap Sokak Konak Azer İşhanı No:12 34394 Esentepe İstanbul Türkiye
Phone (Sales): +90 212 3547000
Fax: +90 212 272 0073

Sun Microsystems Turkey was founded in 1996 and employs 57 people in Turkey.

Address: Eski Büyükdere Cad. No:22 Kat:7 Da:18 Park Plaza Maslak 80670 Istanbul
Phone: + 90 (212) 335 22 00
Fax: + 90 (212) 335 22 22


Logosoft is a trustworthy and long-standing IT Disributor company which has been established in 1992. The company is distributing well-known hardware and software products to its over 3000 resellers through Turkey.

Logosoft enhanced its organizational structure along with its product range to achive the increased sales target and reached USD 68 million revenue in 2007. Logosoft has 65 employees working at the head office in İstanbul. The company moved in to their new facility in Ümraniye in 2007.

Logosoft aims to be the premier player of IT sector as hardware and software products distributor. In this direction Logosoft is investing for human resources and technological infrastructures while keeping its dynamic, flexible and solution providing structure.

Address: Fatih Sultan Mehmet Mah. Balkan Cad. No:47 K:3 D:2 Casper Plaza Ümraniye / İstanbul
Phone : (216) 528 61 61
Fax : (216) 528 61 03
Email :


SAP which is among Turkey’s top 500 biggest companies has been established in 2001. SAP Turkey was awarded the most successful start-up in 2003 by Global SAP.

Address: Anel İş Merkezi, Inkilap Mahallesi Site Yolu Sokak No:5 Kat :6 34768 Ümraniye / Istanbul - TURKEY
Phone: +90 216 633 03 00
Fax: +90 216 633 04 99

Other Global ICT Companies in Turkey

With 350 employees and as part of its visionary mission IBM Turk provides important services in the IT industry and business consultancy field with various hardware and software products.

This year IBM Turk celebrates its 70th anniversary. IBM Turk always had an important role in pioneering many developments in Turkish IT industry in the last 70 years. For instance the first computer imported in Turkey was sold to the General Directorate of Highways and the first Turkish IT professionals were trained within IBM or by using IBM computers.

IBM Turk’s vision could be summarized as ‘to become Turkey’s most successful IT and business consultancy company’ with its mission of providing professional solutions developed by IBM based on the latest IT technologies to the Turkish institutions and so helping them by adding value to their business and the way they do business.

There are also many ways for IBM to contribute to the Turkish economy aside from these services. The Center for State of Emergency established in Izmir is one of the many examples. The Center allows companies to recover their data in a very short time if lost due to a disaster or an accident.

IBM Turk supports students in training with the latest available data to contribute Turkish R&D efforts with the help of a variety of programs led in cooperation with many universities. And In fact this year Yakındogu University (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) Advanced Studies Center is added to the center established at Bilgi University premises in 2007 and the center opened within Koç University in 2008 –The center in the Yakındogu University houses the fastest supercomputer in Balkans and Middle East.

IBM Turk not only contributed Turkish economy with the activities in the last 70 years but also supported education, contributed to the country’s cultural/artistic formation along with the formation of environmental awareness and will continue to contribute these areas in future.

Address: Buyukdere Cad. Yapi Kredi Plaza, B Blok Levent, 34330, Istanbul/TURKEY

Phone: +90 212 317 10 00

Microsoft Turkey started its marathon in 1993 with six people and today it has 300 employees.
Microsoft MEA (Middle East and North Africa) covering 79 countries is managed from Turkey.

The 2007 IDC study carried out worldwide revealed that in return for every 1 USD turnover generated by Microsoft Turkey, the business partners acquire local value added turnover of 20 USD. Furthermore, approximately 99,000 people in our country are working in Microsoft-technologies related jobs.
With its successful human resources programmes Microsoft was among the ten most preferred companies by candidates in 2006 in Europe; and in the Hewitt research, it was named the “Best Company” in Turkey and the region.
Microsoft EMEA and Corporation HR Directors visited the Turkey Office an examined several activities carried out here to be adopted as models for the offices of other countries as examples of “Best Practice”.
Microsoft Turkey was visited in 2006 by Bill Gates, the Chairman of Microsoft Corporation, and in 2007, it started to be monitored as one of the five company organisations worldwide with the highest potential. Again in 2007, in cooperation with the Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey, Jean-Philippe Courtois, Senior Vice President of Microsoft Corporation, sent out undersigned messages in Israel, Russia, Spain, India, Germany, France, the United States and several other significant countries with developed countries that “Microsoft likes Turkey, and that Turkey likes and believes in Microsoft”. The investors were invited to Turkey.
Microsoft Turkey offers end to end solutions for companies at a corporate level to enhance efficiency and competitive edge through IT. It spends efforts to ensure wide-spread technology use by SME’s and plays an active role in the EU harmonisation process of these companies. Microsoft Turkey strives to ensure widespread computer use in our country and to ensure that the entire society can benefit from IT.

Address: Bellevue Residence Levent Mahallesi, Aydın Sokak. No:7 Levent, 34340 İstanbul/Türkiye
Phone: +90-(212) 370 5555
Fax: +90 (212) 370 5556

Since 1996, Cisco, the worldwide leader in networking that has revolutionized how people keep informed, communicate and collaborate, has been operating in Turkey in the fields of information technology and telecommunication.
John Chambers, President and CEO of Cisco Systems, during his first visit to Turkey in September 2006, highlighted the country’s growing importance in emerging global markets by announcing a significant investment initiative totaling up to USD 275 million over five years would be made here.
The investment worth of USD 275 million is to be spread over a number of areas important to the country's growth: broadband connectivity, education, small-to-medium business acceleration, technological innovation and localization, as well as an increase in the number of Cisco employees in Turkey.
"Technology has the ability to drive the productivity and standard of living for communities and countries on a global basis, and Turkey understands what a critical and transforming impact that technology could have on businesses, governments, societies and the overall economic growth of the country," said Chambers. "Cisco's announcement about its investment in Turkey will serve to fuel the country's entrepreneurial efforts and e-transformation initiatives, which are focused on establishing a more “connected” country having a skilled workforce that will increase productivity and foster innovation, which are vital to allow Turkey to sustain the same rate of growth it has enjoyed recently." – Excerpt from John Chambers’ announcement in September 2006.
Cisco Systems' proposed five-year investment plan for Turkey allocates investments in the following areas:
• Development of a Cisco Systems Technology Innovation Center to demonstrate the impact that technology has on productivity across different market segments. As part of this, Cisco will provide a lab platform for local partners and entrepreneurs to test complex new technologies for the Turkish marketplace and to increase the number of CCIE engineers in the country to a minimum of 100.
• Creation of technology investment initiatives aligned with Turkey's Networked Economic Agenda
• Support for a Turkish e-transformation agenda by providing networking technology to promote digitalization and the flow of commerce.
• Establishment of a Cisco Entrepreneurship Institute, among Cisco, the Union of Chambers and the Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) and the Turkish government, to teach skills necessary to open and operate small businesses. The education partner in the program is the University of Economics and Technology.
• Support for the establishment of 200 new Networking Academies in the country over the next five years, to provide enhanced technical programs in concert with leading local universities. There are currently 47 Networking Academies across Turkey. The Networking Academy program has been running in the country since 2000 and has grown by 53 percent in the last year, and is currently teaching more than 1,500 students. The target is to make it available to all of the 13 million high school students in Turkey.
• Offering localized products as well as customer service and support for the technical needs and requirements of local service provider customers.
• Increasing the headcount of Cisco employees in Turkey from 80 to 400 and expansion of office space to accommodate employee growth.
According to Paul Mountford, Cisco’s Senior Vice President responsible for emerging markets, “Central and Eastern Europe are exciting areas of the world. Specifically in Turkey, the largest of the CEE countries with a very young, educated, dynamic population, we are seeing an increase in foreign direct investment that has been spurred by vibrant people, excellent trade networks, a strategic location and the start of European Union accession talks. … In my opinion, this is the most exciting place to be in the world. They want to improve economically and socially. They have huge global aspirations”.

Address: Ahi Evran Caddesi Polaris Plaza, Kat 20 Maslak İstanbul

Phone: +90 (0) 212 335 02 02
Fax: +90 (0) 212 335 02 99