General Information & Requirements

General Information & Requirements


General Information & Requirements

  1. Title of State Credential: Mississippi High School Equivalency Diploma
  2. Regardless of the assessment that a participant chooses, the same credential/diploma will be issued from the State of Mississippi.
  3. Current Approved Assessments:
  4. GED® Test General Education Development
  5. HiSET High School Equivalency Test
  6. TASC Test of Secondary Completion

** Not all Test Centers in Mississippi will offer all 3 assessments. Please check the MCCB website for the most up-to-date test center locations.
  1. Eligibility Requirements for Testing:
  2. Eighteen (18) years of age or older.
  3. Does not have a high school diploma.
  4. Not currently enrolled K-12 school.
  5. Residency Requirement: None
  6. Age Exceptions for Testing:
  7. Sixteen (16) and seventeen (17) year olds must:
  8. not be currently enrolled in K12 school.
  9. provide documentation (withdrawal form) signed by the superintendent/designee certifying the applicant has been released from compulsory school attendance by the school board.
  10. have consent from parent or legal guardian.
  11. Other Exceptions:
  12. Home School examinees: proof of registration as a home schooled student from local school district or home school association.
  13. An applicant with documentation verifying any one of the following conditions:
  14. incarcerated in a correctional institution, correctional youth center, training school for adjudicated youth, or similar institution;
  15. confined as a patient or resident of a state-operated hospital or alcoholic rehabilitation center;
  16. enrolled in or has completed a program of instruction provided by the Job Corps or other such agency, or an apprenticeship training program;
  17. married with minor status removed;
  18. a member of the United States Armed Forces; or
  19. an emancipated minor. (Court order with case number)
  20. an applicant who is enrolled in an official Option/alternative education program as stipulated in Senate Bill #2855.
  21. An applicant with extenuating or extreme personal circumstances showing proper documentation. These include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:
  22. an illness of long-range duration;
  23. sole support of family; or
  24. untenable situation at home which required the person to leave school to earn a livelihood.
  25. Spanish Versions are available for each High School Equivalency Assessment.

Note: Any situation in which the local Chief Examiner cannot render a determination on granting a waiver will be referred to the State High School Equivalency Office for guidance.

Diploma & Transcripts


MCCB has designated DiplomaSender as the provider for all diploma and transcript services. This will include all of the historical High School Equivalency data from Mississippi.

  1. DiplomaSender will provide one complementary (free) initial/original diploma and transcript to test taker.
  2. DiplomaSender will provide duplicate diploma and/or transcript services for a fee.
  3. Schedule of Fees.
  4. The initial/original diploma* is free
  5. The initial/original transcript is free
  6. The fee for a replacement diploma is $15.00
  7. The fee for a replacement transcript is $15.00
  8. Shipping fees are charged to the test taker when UPS delivers the document.
  9. Services are available online at or by telephone using a toll free number.
  10. Service available online at to third party/agency.
  11. Steps to request an original or replacement copy of transcript/diploma:
  1. Go to the following website:
  2. Under Students & Test-Takers, choose Create an Account
  3. Select the state in which you took your test: Mississippi, then choose Next
  4. Create a User Name and Password
  5. Enter your email address to be used as your username for DiplomaSender
  6. Create a password you would like to use for DiplomaSender

(Must be a minimum of 8 characters long and will be case sensitive)

  1. Provide the requested information to find your record.
  2. Choose Type of test you took: Paper-Pencil or Computer Based
  3. Answer the question: How long ago did you take your test? Then choose Next
  4. You will be asked a series of identification/security questions then choose Next
  5. Diploma Sender will generate your documents.

Note: You will have a choice of selecting which documents (diploma or transcript) that you want, order details, giving consent, and payment ($15) if applicable.

GED® Test

  1. Computer Based Test Only
  2. Passing Scores
  3. GED®Passing Score: 145 on each subject area test
  4. GED® College Ready Score: 165-174
  5. GED® College Ready + Credit Score: 175-200
  1. Cost of the GED®test
  2. Testing Fees
  3. $30.00 per subject area test
  4. $120.00 complete test battery
  5. Re-Take Fees
  6. GED Testing Service fees are waived every 2nd & 3rdretake ($20 per subject area test waiver)
  7. You must schedule retakes one at a time for the discount to apply
  8. Discounted retakes cannot be combined with any other discounts
  9. Retakes must occur within 12 calendar months of your initial attempt
  10. After your two discounted retakes, you will need to wait at least 60 days, pay the full retake price and then you will receive two more discounted retakes
  11. Retesting Policy
  12. There is no waiting period if you do not pass a subject area test the first time.
  13. After taking a subject area test 3 times, you must wait 60 days each time before retesting.
  14. There is no limit how many times you can test in a year.
  15. Retake rules are enforced for students retesting in different languages.
  16. For example, if you take the English test three times and then move to a Spanish test, GED Testing Service 60 day waiting period is enforced.

For more information on the GED® Test you can go to the website:

HiSET – High School Equivalency Test

  1. Computer Based & Paper Based Options available
  2. Passing Scores
  3. HiSET® minimum score by subtest: 8
  4. Requires minimum score 2 on constructed response essay in Writing subtest, for a composite score of 8
  5. HiSET® college and career ready indicator 15 – 20
  6. HiSET® battery passing score: 45 comprehensive score
  7. Cost of the HiSET®test
  8. Testing Fees
  9. $17.00 per subject area test
  10. $85.00 complete test battery (includes test and test center fees)
  11. Re-Take Fees
  12. HiSET battery fee include two additional attempts per subtest within 12 months of purchase.
  13. Battery fees do not include additional test center fees or state admin fees for each additional attempt.
  14. Additional attempts offered at the subtest rate.
  15. Retakes must occur within 12 calendar months of your initial attempt
  16. You may attempt each subtest up to three times per calendar year (January through December of a given year.)
  17. Retesting Policy
  18. There is no waiting period if you do not pass a subtest the first time.
  19. You may attempt each subtest up to three times per calendar year, regardless of language tested. (January through December of a given year.)
  20. You may retest in any order, whether you have tested in another subtest or not.
  21. You may use your additional attempts to achieve a higher score when needed to pass the battery or qualify for scholarship.

For more information on the HiSET® Test you can visit the website at

TASC – Test Assessing secondary completion (TASC)

  1. Computer Based & Paper Based Options available
  2. Passing Scores:

The minimum passing score is 500 for Language-Arts Reading, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. The TASC Language-Arts Writing subtest has one additional requirement – the examinee must score at least 500 and achieve at least a two out of eight possible points on the Writing essay.

Subject / Passing Score
Language–Arts Reading / 500
Mathematics / 500
Science / 500
Social Studies / 500
Language-Arts Writing / 500 and at least a 2 out of 8 on the Writing essay
  1. Cost of the TASC:
  2. $17.40 per subject area test
  3. $87.00 full test battery
  4. Testing order:
  5. Subtests may be taken in any order – from testing (and retesting) in a single subject before beginning the next, to taking the complete test in one day; TASC test can be delivered in a way that best suits both examinee and Test Center needs.
  6. Examinees are not required to take the entire initial battery prior to retesting.
  7. DRC/CTB believes any deadline decisions with respect to high school equivalency are best made by each state, and therefore does not currently impose a deadline by which testing must be complete in order to achieve high school equivalency status.
  8. Examinees are allowed to combine different language versions on the TASC test.
  9. Retests:
  1. Examinees can take the entire test and up to two retests per content area for a single cost-effective fee.
  2. There is no waiting period between same-subject retests for the first 3 attempts.
  3. A waiting period of 6 months is required prior to retesting on the same form.
  4. All free retest attempts must be taken within one calendar year of the first instance of an examinee’s TASC testing.
  5. TASC test fees do not include additional Test Center and/or State charges, which may be incurred at each test instance depending on Test Center and/or State rules.
  6. Once an examinee has passed a subtest, the subtest is considered complete and no free retests will be allowed.
  7. Retests for a higher score will be charged the usual TASC subtest fee, plus any additional state- or site-imposed fees.

For more information on the TASC Assessment you can go to:

Mississippi Office of Adult Education Instructor Handbook, 2017-20181