For WLA VA and Community Provider Use Only*

GLA HUD-VASH Referral Line

For WLA VA and Community Provider Use Only*


Monday – Friday 10:00am-1:00pm

(Referrals can only be accepted after direct communication with staff on the referral line. No referrals can be accepted outside hours of operation)

In order to expedite the referral/admission process, Veteran should be assisted with obtaining all required documentation before a referral is submitted. Required documentation includes: CA ID/Driver License/VA ID, Proof of Income (3 most recent pay stubs or an income award letter), Social Security Card or DD214, and Banking Statement (All pages).

*If a Veteran is not connected to a VA or Community program he/she can self refer to VASH by going to the Screening Clinic in Building 206, Monday-Friday 8am-3:30pm. Services are provided first come first served.

Referrals to outlying areas should be made to staff listed below:

Valley areas: San Fernando, Antelope, Canejo, Santa Clarita, Simi Kay Messina at 424-214-9265

Oxnard: Colleen Babineau at 310-497-3327

Bakersfield: Vanessa Bowen at 661-632-1800 ext.1491

San Luis Obispo: Mya Thornburgh at 805-904-3815

Santa Barbara: Kimiko Kuroda at 310-809-9197

Pasadena: Antoinette Bailey at 213-840-1243

Ventura: Barbara Johnson at 424-298-5178

The HUD-VASH Referral Line is available to providers for submission of Veteran referrals to the HUD-VASH program. Please obtain the information sufficient to answer the VASH Referral Line questions and the HOMES assessment form on the Veteran you are referring before calling the Referral Line. VASH Referral Line questions can be provided if necessary. Call the line for information on how to obtain a copy of the Referral Line questions, Self Declaration of Homelessness Status form and the HOMES assessment form.