For the Next Scholastic Year Children in Kindergarten 1 Will Be Needing the Following

Naxxar Primary School

School Street, Naxxar NXR 2561

'21410740 , 21411426


For the next scholastic year children in Kindergarten 1 will be needing the following:

·  8 white cardboard

·  7 A4 coloured cardboard (red, green, Light Pink, Light Blue, orange, yellow, white)

·  1 plain adult t-shirt to use instead of apron (cotton) *

·  2 thick paintbrushes

·  Thick crayons (Jovi or Crayola). Triangle crayons are recommended for promoting a proper writing grip

·  4 Glitter powder (any colour)

·  A photo of your son/daughter (passport photo) & family photo

·  2 packets of wipes

·  1 kitchen roll

·  2 Uhu sticks

·  1 small scissors (rounded edge)

·  3 A4 plain white drawing books

·  Communication book (a normal copy book)*

·  A5 plastic pocket folder (for communication book)*

·  A3 plastic pocket folder transparent*

·  2 A4 plastic pocket green

·  1 A4 plastic pocket red

·  1 packet of white plain paper plates (no plastic/foam)

·  1 packet of googly eyes

·  1 packet of coloured pipe cleaners

·  1 packet of coloured pompoms

·  1 packet of lolly pop sticks (wooden)

·  Cushion*

·  Donation of a storybook for our class library (Maltese or English)*

·  1 packet sequins (antaccoli)

·  Different sized buttons + gift wrapping ribbons

·  1 packet of feathers


Important Information

Dear Parents,

Please put child’s name on all those items marked with an *

Communication book must be kept in child’s bag everyday in the A5 plastic folder and is used for communication between teacher and parent and vice versa. On the 1st page please write down your contact details including address, telephone number, mobile number, emergency contact details and any health conditions such as food intolerance, asthma etc.

Thank you for all your co-operation!