Flower Essences for People and Animals

Flower Essences for People and Animals

Misha May Foundation Dog Training and Rescue

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It is our mission to offer quality education to the community to benefit animals and their people. Misha May is a licensed grass roots 501(c)3 non-profit animal rescue. Foster dogs from any rescue or shelter may attend our classes for free. Executive Director: Lorraine May

Prepared Pet Professional Program


When may I begin the program?

Students may begin the program at any time.

Where will I attend classes?

Classes currently take place at the Village of Five Parks inArvada, Wilma & Betty’s Pet Supply in Aurora, Doggie Delights on Broadway and Lil’ Angel Pet Boutique and Gallery in Denver, and theCenter for Wholistic Health as well as Kriser’s For Your all Natural Pet in Lakewood.

What is the length of program?

Students have up to one calendar year to completethe program from the date of the student’s first class.

Is it possible to finish the program in a shorter time frame than a year?

Yes. If a student completes the requirements, he or she may receive a certificate at that time. Each student must completetwo required classes, three core classes, and limited elective classes totaling 20 points as described in the syllabus. Once a student has received their certificate, he or she is no longer able to take any more classes as part of the program.

What is the goal of this program?

Our program is designed to help each student gain additional knowledge and experience needed to be the best professional possible in the chosen animal related field.

How do I attend classes?

Pre-registration is required prior to attending each class to ensure there is space. Send an email o reserve a spot. Cancellations and no-shows may result in the loss of class fee or forfeit of certification.

Who would benefit from this program?

This program is relevant and meaningful for pet sitters, dog walkers, groomers, vet techs, volunteers, fosters, owners, daycare personnel, or anyone who deals with animals professionally or personally.

What is the cost of the program?

The cost of the program is $2000 payable prior to attending the first class. Payment plans are available.

Are there any discounts or incentives to enroll during the month of February, 2015?

The first person to enroll in this program in February, 2015, receives a $500 discount.The second person: a $400 discount. The third: a $300 discount.The fourth: a $200 discount.The fifth: a $100 discount.

The sixth through tenth persons each receive a $50 discount.

What if I refer someone to this program?

If you refer someone to our program who enrolls in February, 2015, you may attend $100 worth of our classes for FREE!

How do I receive credit for the classes in this program?

In order to receive credit for each class taken and so that it can be recorded on the certificate, each student must email the name, date and venue of the class and a 25-50 word summary to within 5 days of completing the class.

How do I find out where and when the classes are offered?

Dates, venues, times and descriptions can be found at Classes are offered multiple times per year.

How does the program work?

Each student completestwo required classes, three core classes, and a wide variety of electives. Upon completion, the student will receive a certificate that represents his or her successful completion of the course, with the specific classes recorded.

Which classes are required?

Each student is required to attend a Free Intro as well as to become certified in CPR & First Aid. If you are already certified, and are not due for renewal, you may choose to attend an additional core class instead.

Which classes are the core classes?

The core classes are generally beneficial to anyone enrolled in the program.

How do I choose my electives?

There is a group of over 20 electives from which you may choose as many as you like. There are an additional 30 electives from which you may choose a limited number.

Is the class schedule complete?

No, classes are scheduled all year round during each quarter.

What should I do if I don’t see a class that I would really like to take?

Email the class topic to

Will this program teach me to be a dog trainer?

This is NOT a program to become a dog trainer or behavior specialist. Request an application / information for Misha May’s Dog Trainer / Behavior Specialist program at . New students are accepted in January, April and September.


1)Required Classes: Free Intro and CPR & First Aid

2)Core Classes: Each student may choose 3 from this group.

3)Unlimited Electives (without your dog): Students may attend all of these during the calendar year.

4)Limited Electives

Option A: Student may attend Animal Reiki Certification + classes totaling 2 points from Group X + classes totaling 2 points from Group Y.

Option B: Student may attend classes totaling10 points from Group X + classes totaling 10 points from Group Y.


1)Required Classes: Free Intro and CPR & First Aid (includes certification)

2)Core Classes: Each student may choose 3 from this group.

Animal Rights, Advocacy and Welfare through the Ages

Anxiety, Trauma, P.T.S.D.

Beginning Animal Communication

Developing Your Intuition Level One

Essential Oils for Health and Behavior Changes

Fear and How to Lessen It – the Desensitization Process

Flower Essences for Emotional and Behavioral Changes

Elective classes may vary according to the availability of instructors.

3)Unlimited Electives: Each student may attend / observe an unlimited number of these classes without bringing a dog.

Barking, Digging and Other Annoying Behaviors

Calming Ovals for Canines

Canine Body Language

Canine Massage

Door Manners and Proper Greetings

Fear and How to Lessen It

Guarding: food, toys, people, territory

I Can’t Control Myself

Intermediate Obedience: Preparation for Canine Good Citizen Certification – 6weeks

Leash Walking & Good Manners

Living with More than One Dog

Obedience and Good Manners – 6 weeks

Puppy Socialization – ongoing weekly drop-in

Relax on a Mat Self-Soothing Exercise

Scared & Scary Group class

Scared & Scary on Leash

Separation Anxiety

Training Tips and Basic Canine Nutrition

Understanding Dogs – 4 weeks

Your Choice Canine Behavior

4)Limited Electives: The student must choose either Option A or Option B.

Option A: Student may attend Animal Reiki Certification + classes totaling 2 points from Group X + classes totaling 2 points from Group Y.

Option B: Student may attend classes totaling10 points from Group X + classes totaling 10 points from Group Y.

Animal Reiki Certification – 3 day course offered once per year at the end of January

Group X

1 pointCalming Ovals for Canines with your dog

1 pointCanine Door Manners & Proper Greetings with your dog

1 pointExplore Life through the Eyes, Ears, Noses, and Hearts of Dogs

1 pointFostering Dogs Successfully

1 pointI Can’t Control Myself with your dog

1 pointLeash Walking & Good Manners with your dog

1 pointPuppy Mill Dogs: adopted, fostered or as a client

1 pointRelax on a Mat Self-Soothing Exercise with your dog

1 pointScared & Scary on Leash with your dog

1 pointYour Choice Canine Behavior with your dog

4 pointsObedience and Good Manners – 6 weeks with your dog

4 pointsUnderstanding Dogs – 4 weeks with your dog

6 pointsIntermediate Obedience: Preparation for Canine Good Citizen Certification – 6 weeks with your dog

6 pointsScared & Scary Group class – 4 weeks with your dog

Group Y

1 pointBeginning Animal Communication

1 pointCat Handling – Stress Free

1 pointCATS: Understanding these Mysterious Creatures

1 pointDeaf Dog Tips

1 pointDeveloping Your Intuition Level One

1 pointDog Handling – Stress Free

1 pointDog Walking for the Dog Walker

1 pointEssential Oils for Health and Behavior Changes

1 pointGroomers: What They and Their Clients Should Know

1 pointLearn Animal Communication using Gemstones

1 pointLearn Animal Communication with Horses

1 pointLearn Animal Communication with Rescued and Deceased Animals

1 pointLearn Animal Communication with Seniors

1 pointPet Sitting Successfully

1 pointPure Breed Dogs: Learn about and meet dogs of various breeds

1 pointTellington Touch Introduction

2 pointsLearn Canine Massage with your dog

3 points3 week Leash Walking Group class with your dog

Program Fee.

The fee for the program is $2000.Credit card, cash and check are acceptable. PayPal is accessible using the donation button at

_____ I understand that all fees are non-refundable. Please initial.

Initial either Payment in Full or Payment Plan 1 or Payment Plan 2:

_____ I am paying the program fee in total prior to my first class. Payment in full.

Payment Plans

1)_____Two-part payment $2500. The first installment of $1250 is due on the first day of class. A second installment of $1250 is due 30 days after the first class attended.

2)_____Three-part payment $3000. The first installment of $1000 is due on the first day of class. A second installment of $1000 is due 30 days after the first class attended. A third installment of $1000 is due 60 days after the first class attended.


Name Phone E-mail

AddressCityStateZipDriver’s License State and Number

How did you hear about this program? Please be specific.


List three specific personal goals for applying to this program.




List three specific professional goals for applying to this program.




Philosophy:Explain your philosophy regarding animals. (50 words)


Describe a professional challenge resulting in a successful resolution through your intervention. (100 words)

Describe a professional challenge resulting in an unsuccessful resolution through your intervention. Be sure to include what you learned from this as well as questions still remaining. (100-150 words)

List yourprofessional experience in the animal world.

In one sentence, state the most important thing you learned from these experiences.

Student Agreement – Please initial each line in this agreement.

_____ I agree to have an email address.

_____ I agree tohave a FaceBook account and to ‘Like’ The Misha May Foundation. I will ‘Friend’ Lorraine May so that I can be added to the closed group Misha May’s Prepared Pet Professionals.

_____ I agree to join Denver Dog Behavior with Misha May Foundation’s Meetup Group.

_____ I agree to help promote Misha May classesand programs each week in at least one way. Some ideas are:

FaceBook: like and share events and classes

Misha May Mutterings e-newsletter: forwardto friends

Place posters in businesses

Request that businesses, especially veterinarians, recommend our classes and programs

Network with rescues and shelters

Post our classes on-line at Craig’s List, Your Hub, and other free media sites

Spread the word personally among friends, co-workers and dog park buddies

Share on Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Evaluation & Certification

____ I agree to evaluate the program as well my experience in the program, including my personal and professional goals.

____ I understand that I will receive my Certificate as having completed Misha May’s Pet Professional Preparation Program upon satisfactory completion of the program.

____I understand that Certification is not guaranteed but must be earned through satisfactory completion of theprogram.

Reserving a program spot:

_____ I understand that my spot is secure once my completed application is received and my payment is made.


_____I understand that no refunds will be given. I can request an extension beyond the calendar year for illness or other approved extenuating circumstances. Only required or core courses will be accessible beyond the calendar year in order to facilitate completion.

Class Content:

_____I understand that I am encouraged to use and share the class handouts only if I do so in their entirety, acknowledging the copyright of Lorraine May, The Misha May Foundation.

Venue, Dates and Times:

_____I understand that elective classes, dates and venues may vary.

_____I understand that I am responsible for checking the website remain current.

I swear that all information provided is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

I freely choose to be a participant in The Misha May Foundation Pet Professional Preparation Program. The Misha May Foundation will use all reasonable precautions against injury, but will not be held responsible or liable in any manner whatever on the account of the training methods, behavioral recommendations or overall assistance provided, described or otherwise in connection herewith. It is thoroughly understood that I assume all risks. I acknowledge no assurance or guaranty has been made of the results from this program, classes or instruction and that risks and probabilities of complications exist. I release, indemnify, and hold harmless The Misha May Foundation, their agents, including Lorraine May, and venues, from all legal claims, including claims for negligence, and including, but not limited to claims for injuries or damages caused by any animal, participant in this class or otherwise.

I give permission for all photos, videos and case study information to be used by Misha May for educational and/or marketing purposes.

I have never been charged, fined, sentenced, convicted, or entered a plea of guilty or no contest under any local, state or federal law pertaining to cruelty, neglect or abuse of animals. I have never had an animal related license denied, revoked or suspended.

Print Name SignatureDate

Please keep a copy for your records.

Misha May Foundation Commitments

  • We believe that each individual dog (and cat), regardless of breed or mix, age or issue, or amount of time needed, deserves the opportunity to find a forever home.
  • We rehabilitate medical and behavior problems, and facilitate healing.
  • We are committed to the forever placement of each animal for whom we assume responsibility.
  • We are committed to creating a compassionate society where euthanasia, or a ‘good death‘, is reserved for those animals who are suffering without hope, as well as for those animals whose dangerous behavior is truly beyond rehabilitation.
  • We are committed to using healing, compassionate methods, not force, with the animals we rescue as well as any animals we help.
  • We are committed to educating ourselves and others in the behavioral sciences, relying upon teaching and communicating, rather than on frightening, dominating or intimidating.
  • We are committed to each individual animal, and we celebrate the mutually beneficial bond that they share with humans.