Flip Your Imagination Switch to the on Position and Pretend That You Entered a Contest

Excel-Custom 1

30 marks

Flip your imagination switch to the ON position and pretend that you entered a contest at the local mall to win a $5000.00 shopping spree at a store of your choice. Imagine the surprised look on your face when you’re called to the phone and told that you WON!

But wait! The surprised look on your face turns serious when you learn there’s a catch! You are informed that the total cost of all the items you select must not exceed $5000.00, tax included. Also, the total cost of all the items (tax included) must fall between $4995.00 and $5000.00 or you lose everything.

"Not a problem!" you exclaim. "I have a secret weapon called a spreadsheet! I can make it do the math for me - right down to the very last penny! Show me the money!"

  • You must purchase at least 15 items.
  • Calculate the tax at 6%
  • You can only buy one of any item.
  • Use formulas to calculate your tax and your totals
  • Go online to research what the items actually cost and list the websites you retrieved information from

Your spreadsheet must be organized and neat. Add different colors and fonts. Your totals must be clearly visible on the sheet so make them stand out from the rest of the page. Save as Custom 1 in your excel file on your student drive.


Formulas utilized /10

Clear Organization /10

Creativity /5

Bibliography /5