Examples of Bittorrent Programs

Examples of Bittorrent Programs

Examples of BitTorrent Programs
You don’t have to delete them from your device but you must make sure the program is completely turned off while connected to the Housing or University Wi-Fi



How to Make Sure Your BitTorrent Program is Completely Turned Off
Many of the BitTorrent programs can still run in your device’s operating system background even if the program is not opened. Even if you are not actively downloading or uploading files using your BitTorrent program it can still generate small amounts of BitTorrent activity which is detected by our University’s network security system, so you will need to make sure your BitTorrent program is completed turned off while you are connected to the Housing or University wireless network. You can check if your
BitTorrent program is running in the background by looking at the lower right corner of your computer
(example below is from Windows 7) and look for the BitTorrent program’s icon. In the example below, the BitComet icon (an example of a common BitTorrent program) is circled in red below:

To confirm the icon’s program name, when you hover the mouse over the icon you can confirm the program name: To completely stop the program from running in the background, right click on the icon and click “Exit”: Notice now the BitComet icon is now gone:
When you are at home or another place and desire to run the BitTorrent program (like BitComet in this example), you can open it from the Program Files menu.