Event Spaces Are Limited

Event Spaces Are Limited

You Must Register At http://gllc.motorsportreg.com In Order To Attend!

1.  Introduction

Thank you for registering for Great Lakes Lotus Club Track Event at Grattan Raceway. Please review the contents of this document carefully, and well before the day of the event, including the following:

·  Technical Inspection Form

·  Helmet Acknowledgement and Release form

The completed Technical Inspection Form, the Helmet Acknowledgement and Release must be brought with you to Registration!

2.  Help

If after reviewing this information you have any questions, or you want some advice, please feel free to contact:

Tom Schick / Auto Europe
Telephone: (248) 645-6300 x20


3.  Technical Inspection

Please refer to the Technical Inspection Form included in this document. Our first priority is your safety and the safety of others on the track with you and for this reason we take the Technical Inspection Form very seriously and ask that you do not try to avoid or shortcut this safety requirement. The Inspection should be completed no more than one month prior to the event and AFTER your most recent track event. We would also advise completing the Tech Inspection at least one week before the Event – leaving you enough time to address any issues that arise.

The Technical Inspection Form, completed and signed by a certified mechanic, must be brought with you to the track and presented at the Registration Desk. Unfortunately, due to time and resource constraints we are not able to complete Technical Inspections at the track.

No completed Technical Inspection form means NO driving, NO refund, NO exceptions!

Auto Europe has kindly agreed to provide Technical Inspections to Great Lakes Lotus Club members free of charge. Please call Tom Schick at Auto Europe on (248) 645 6300 to schedule your Inspection.

4.  Registration

Registration will be held at Headquarters Hotel, AmericInn Greenville from approximately 6:00pm to 7:00pm on Friday the 30th.

Additional Registration will be held at the track on Saturday October 1st between 7:30 AM and 8:30 AM. However, Saturday morning is VERY HECTIC - please register Friday night if you possibly can!

You must bring the following items to Registration:

·  Completed and signed Technical Inspection form.

·  Completed Helmet Acknowledgment and Release form

·  Your Snell 00 or later (2000 or 2005) SA or M rated helmet.

It is a BIG HELP if you can arrive at Registration with your Helmet and all forms completed!

5.  Miscellaneous



You must have a Snell 00 or later (2000 or 2005), SA or M rated helmet. The Snell rating sticker is usually located on the inside rear of the helmet, under the cloth padding. We will be inspecting helmets during Registration, so please bring your helmet to the Registration desk.

Helmet Rental

A limited number of helmets are available for rental by prior arrangement. Please contact Chris Price at to reserve a helmet.

Insurance Considerations

This is a non-timed/non-speed event. No timing or racing will be allowed. Anyone engaged in anything that jeopardizes the safety of themselves or others may be expelled from the Event.

Refund Policy

If you must withdraw from the event, please notify Mark W. Plechaty at (708) 369-2736 as soon as possible.

Headquarters Hotel

The headquarters hotel is the AmericInn, Greenville:

2525 W Washington St, Greenville, MI 48838
Telephone: (616) 754-4500

More details and directions are listed later in this document.

Great Lakes Lotus Club has negotiated a group rate starting from $89.00 per night in the name of “LOTUS CLUB”. Please make your reservations as soon as possible – the rate is valid a limited number of rooms through August 31st. Hotel reservations are your responsibility.

6.  At the Track


Please plan to arrive no later than 7:30 AM

Track Fee

In past years, Grattan Raceway Park has charged a fee of $10 cash per person (Driver or Guest) for weekend admittance to the track facilities. We expect that this will be required this year as well.

This fee is a Grattan Raceway Park policy and is not under the control of Great Lakes Lotus Club. This fee was not included in the application fee you paid to us for this event. Please be prepared with exact change when entering the track for the first time. You will be issued a wrist band by the track management. Do not lose this, as it is your admittance into the track for the remainder of the weekend.


Register immediately, along with any guests that you bring with you. Everyone entering the Facility must sign the Great Lakes Lotus Club liability waiver. You will also be issued a wrist band to indicate that you have done this.

If you see someone without a wrist band, please help us by directing them to the Registration Desk.

Unload and Unpack

Unload your car trunk, interior, etc. before the Drivers Meeting at the start of the day. There must be no loose items in the interior, including under seats or in the trunk. The glove box must be emptied as well as tape decks, CD players, loose car phones, etc. Remove floor mats and wheel covers. We recommend that the spare tire (if present) remain secured in the car.

Time and Schedule

The day will be fun, exciting and tiring! We strongly urge you to arrive alert, awake, and enthusiastic. Please ensure that you get adequate rest the night before the event.

7:00AM Grattan Raceway’s gate opens at approximately 7:00 AM

7:30AM Registration is held from 7:30 AM through 8:30 AM

8:15AM Mandatory Drivers Meeting

The Drivers Meeting is the most important meeting of the day and is MANDATORY for all Drivers - if you do not attend, you will lose track time.

The event will run from Registration at 7:30 AM and the morning Drivers Meeting at 8:15 AM through 5:30 PM. Please plan to arrive no later than 7:45 AM.

Run-Groups & Instruction

Run Groups

Drivers will be allocated to a run group based on your experience and skill level compared with other Drivers at this event. Run groups will rotate typically 20 to 30 minute sessions on track throughout the day.

In-Car Instruction

In-Car Instructors will be assigned to Novice Drivers and are required to be in the car until a Driver is signed off to drive Solo by their Instructor. In-Car Instructors are also available for more experienced Drivers as requested or required.


Fuel consumption on the track can easily dip into single figures, so you should arrive with a full tank of fuel!

Gasoline is not always available – and is usually $5/gallon or more at the track. The closest gas station is about six miles west of the track – and at Grattan you cannot enter or exit the track except across the main straight between run sessions, so gas will take you at least half an hour. Be prepared with a full tank!

Garage Rental

Grattan Raceway has garages available for rent – these are a decent deal, particularly in October and if you have a lot of stuff to deal with, tires to change etc. Call Grattan Raceway to arrange rental: (616) 691-7221

7.  Event Check List

Car Preparation

·  Complete the attached Technical Inspection form and address any repairs or maintenance needed.
Note you must have flushed your brake fluid within the last twelve (12) months.

·  We recommend that you consider bringing a spare set of brake pads, in case you wear through your pads during the day. Bring any special tools necessary to change brake pads if you have them.

·  Consider bringing additional vehicle fluids, such as motor oil, brake fluid, coolant.

·  Racing (R-Rated) compound tires are not recommended for Novice Drivers.

·  Driver and passenger seats and restraint systems must be the same.

·  Tools you may find useful include tire air pressure gage and a torque wrench for tightening lug nuts. Don’t worry if you don’t have these – there will be plenty of other Drivers who will be happy to help!

What Else to Bring

Bring the completed Technical Inspection and Helmet Release forms to Registration.

Bring your own, Snell 00 or later (2000, or 2005), SA or M rated helmet. A limited number of helmets are available for rental. Please contact Tom Schick or email to reserve a helmet.

·  Clothing: when on the track, natural fiber or cotton clothing is much better than any synthetic from a fire retardant point of view. Long trousers are recommended on track.

·  Shoes: wear sneaker type, flat soled, non-slip shoes and socks. No sandals or high-heels.

·  Rain gear: we run in the rain. And the rain is honestly a great opportunity to learn car control! If there is a chance of rain, bring your waterproof clothing and umbrellas.

·  A tarp to cover the unloaded contents of your car is recommended.

·  Bring paper towels and glass cleaner for your windshield.

·  Hand cleaner as you can get dirty when preparing or working on your car.

·  Pen and paper pad for note taking.

·  Aspirin, Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen - you can get a headache and you can't take anything else at the track.

·  Folding chairs for when you are not driving.

·  Food: there will be lunch provided at the track, but you are welcome to bring your own snacks, and drinks.

·  Drink: Keep up the intake of fluids. Remember that you can dehydrate quickly, especially if it is a warm day. Keep putting it in. Remember: if it is not coming out, you are not taking in enough fluids. Bottled water or sports drinks, such as Gatorade, are recommended rather than soda.

·  Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at the track.

Periodic Car Check

Check all fluid levels of the car. Remember some vehicles consume oil as part of normal operation. Recheck oil, brake fluid, coolant, and fuel levels before each of your track sessions.

Check tire pressures. Follow your car manufacture’s recommendations, as well as your tire manufacturer’s recommendation. Recheck tire pressures before each of your track sessions. If you are not sure, for most modern vehicles with relatively low profile tires, the standard tire pressure is fine. If your vehicle is older, ask for some advice.

Check the wheel lug nut/bolt torque. Use a torque wrench to your car manufacture’s specifications. Do this with cool lugs only, especially with alloy wheels. Please ask someone for help if this is your first time doing this. Recheck lug torque before each of your track sessions. This is particularly important if you have new alloy wheels as the lug bolts can take time to properly mate with the new wheel.

8.  Lodging near Grattan Raceway


The Headquarters Hotel is the Americinn in Greenville, MI.

2525 W Washington St, Greenville, MI 48838
Telephone: (616) 754-4500

Great Lakes Lotus Club has negotiated a group rate starting from $89.00 per night in the name of “LOTUS CLUB”. Please make your reservations as soon as possible.

RV & Camping

For those hardy souls, camping is permitted at the track for a nominal charge (no plug-ins or RV hookups). Please contact the track directly to make these arrangements. And remember, it’s October and the Headquarters Hotel has hot showers ….

9.  Directions to Grattan Raceway


Grattan Raceway Park

7201 Lessiter
Belding, Michigan 48809

616-691-7221 Telephone
616-691-7449 Fax


http://www.na-motorsports.com/Tracks/MI/Grattan.html is an alternative website with information on the track

Grattan Raceway is located just west of Belding, Michigan, just outside of the Village of Grattan, about 20 miles north east of Grand Rapids.

Grattan Raceway

Google Maps


Driving Directions

From Grand Rapids

Take US-131 north to 10 Mile Road (exit 97) at Rockford.

Fuel up your car in Rockford!

Go east for about 12 miles until 10 Mile Road ends and turn right (south) onto Lessiter Road.

The track is about 1-1/2 miles on the right (west) side of the road. You will see a small sign at the entrance.

From the East

Coming from the east, take I-96 to exit 52 and follow Lincoln Lake Road north to M-44.

Take M-44 west to Grattan. Turn right heading into Grattan and about 1/4 mile take another right on Lessiter Road.

Follow Lessiter Road for about 1 1/2 miles to track.

If you arrive back out onto m-44 then you missed the turn for Lessiter Road!

From the west

Coming from the west, take I-196 to US-131.

Follow directions above from Grand Rapids.

From the north or south

Take US-131 north or south to the 10 Mile Road (exit 97) at Rockford.

Fuel up your car in Rockford

Go east for about 12 miles until 10 Mile Road ends and turn right (south) onto Lessiter Road.

The track is about 1-1/2 miles on the right (west) side of the road. You will see a small sign at the entrance.