Environmental Earth Level 1

Environmental Earth Level 1

Environmental Earth - Mr. Bauer

Career Project

List of Careers:


civil engineersecologist

cartographerenvironmental engineer

fish and game wardgeographer

geographic information-systems specialistgeological technician


groundwater professionalhazardous waste management technician

horticultural technicianland trust or preserve manager



petrologistrange manager or specialist

soil conservationist techniciansoil scientist

surveying and mapping techniciansurveyor

agricultural engineermarine engineer


anthropologistpark ranger

ecotours coordinatorastronomer

teacher/professor (of earth science or any field above)

Career Project Portfolio Requirements:

  1. Career Description Requirements:
  1. Career description: including daily activities of that occupation
  2. Working conditions: where the job is done
  3. Hours worked per week on average
  4. Annual Salary
  5. Personality/temperament
  6. Special licensing/training/schooling required
  7. Job location: types of places that would need someone with these qualifications
  8. Employment outlook: job security
  9. Professional organizations or unions associated with this career
  10. High school or community activities that would help you prepare for this career
  1. Educational Requirements:
  1. High School

-list prerequisite (and suggested) courses

-GPA and SAT scores required by chosen colleges

  1. Undergraduate School (College)

-name, address, and cost of 2 colleges you could attend to prepare for this career

-required and suggested course and number credits for proper degree

  1. Graduate School/Additional Requirements

III. Professional Documents

  1. Resume: Prepare your own resume including your educational experiences, activities, and employment skills
  1. Business card: Prepare a business card with fictitious information

IV. Interview

  1. Prepare a list of 20 appropriate interview questions for someone who is presently working in this field
  2. Submit interview questions to be approved before conducting the interview
  3. Submit interview form (including professional’s name, address, etc.)
  4. If a face-to-face interview cannot be arranged, one may be done over the phone, by mail, or by internet/e-mail
  5. If you know no one personally, write or call various organizations/companies and explain your assignment
  1. Letter (optional)
  1. You will write a letter to an organization(s) associated with this career. In this letter, you will request additional information pertaining to this career. Include in your portfolio a copy of this letter and the information you receive in return.

VI. Sources

  1. Use research paper guidelines for documenting the sources used for this portfolio – cite in MLA format

VII. Peer Education/Chat/Reception

  1. You will be required to inform your peers about this exciting career at a “reception,” and take notes on other professions at a later date.


-You will make a true resume of you

-Do not make up or invent things on your resume

-Use information such as clubs, activities, sports, etc.

-The point is to have a working resume for yourself…save it and add to it as you go


-Create a business card that you can exchange at the reception chat with those students you talk to about their "profession.”

-Make at least a dozen copies of the card, as you will be giving one to each of the students you interview at the reception.

-Cards should be NO SMALLER than a “normal” business card and NO LARGER than a 3”x 5”

Card – see Ms. Donoghue or Ms. R in the library if you need card stock – or printing help

-Cards should include your name, address (fake), phone number (also fake), name of firm, company, university, etc. you work with.

-Be creative, intelligent, and tasteful

Databases to use:

Facts on File Database:

  • From the Seneca Website, click on Media Center
  • Click on Databases
  • Click on Facts on File Databases (a set of databases)
  • Click on Career or Ferguson’s Career Guidance Center
    password: Username = senecahs Password = senecahs
  • Type in the name of the Career in the search box

Career Cruising Database:

  • Type in the web address:
  • In username box type: senecahs
  • In password box type: senecahs
  • Click on: Explore Careers
  • Type in the name of the Career you are investigating in the search box