English II H-Night by Elie Wiesel

English II H-Night by Elie Wiesel

Summer Reading 2015

English II H-Night by Elie Wiesel

English III-H Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

English IV-H A Tale of Two Cities

by Charles Dickens

These assignments must be completed and turned in on the first day of your English class. You will participate in a Socratic discussion as well as have a test over the novels during the first week.

Read the novels and complete the reading log as formatted on the back of this flyer (one log for each chapter for each book).

If a student registers after the first day of class, he or she will still be responsible for these assignments. For late registrants, it must be completed within the first nine weeks.

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Summer Reading Log

Make sure you put the title of each chapter at the top of each sheet of the Reading Log. Below is an example to follow. You will need to write these on separate sheets of paper, one sheet per chapter. Please write neatly or you may type them.

Due on the first day of class

Section Twitter Feed / For each chapter, choose a character and write a tweet from that that character. This tweet should represent the main idea of that chapter. For example: @sherrif.com Murder is a dirty business even if it is Holcombe# Lover’s quarrel?
Unfamiliar Words
(at least five words) / Write any unfamiliar word, and define them using a dictionary
  1. Unfamiliar word | page number | dictionary definition
  2. Unfamiliar word | page number | dictionary definition
  3. Unfamiliar word | page number | dictionary definition
  4. Unfamiliar word | page number | dictionary definition

Choose three quotes from each chapter and put the quote and the significance of the quote. Do not just repeat what the quote says in different wording but tell what it symbolizes or how it relates to theme. / Quote Page # Significance
Predict (1-2 sentences) / After you finish reading each chapter, make a prediction of what you think will happen next. Include why you think that.
(at least 5 bullet points) /
  • So far, what do you think is the reason the author wrote this novel?
  • Are there any themes you recognize?
  • Any symbols?
  • Is there anything that you think is important to remember from this section?
  • Do you like the novel so far? Why or why not?
  • Here are some sentence leads to help if you get stuck:
  • I think this is funny because…
  • This part makes me angry because…
  • I wonder what this means…
  • I really like or dislike this idea because…
  • This character reminds me of somebody I know because…
  • This character reminds me of myself because…
  • I think this setting is important because…
  • This scene reminds me of a similar scene in (title of book, movie, tv show, etc) because…
  • This part is very realistic (or unrealistic) because
  • I like or dislike this story because
  • This section makes me think about … because…
  • I think the relationship between ___ and ___ is interesting because…

(not optional) / Are there any passages from the novel that you didn’t quite understand?
Or propose a question for our class discussion.