Elimination Update 0.6.0 - Patch Notes

Elimination Update 0.6.0 - Patch Notes

Elimination Update 0.6.0 - Patch Notes


soon we will start rolling out the long awaited update for Shadowgun Legends and we are excited to share with you what’s new in Update 0.6.0! Challenge other players in the new multiplayers mode, show off new emotes and polish your look with new full body cosmetics. We were also focusing on fixing stability issues and other annoying bugs.

New Features

  • Battle in the new PvP mode Elimination. Two teams will go head to head with limited respawns. One team gets eliminated, one earns glory
  • Turkish added to the roster of available languages
  • Genesys 0.5 - new system for weekly events for exclusive rewards

New Content

  • New full body cosmetic Samurai Demon to give your opponents nightmares
  • Show off in front of other Shadowguns with new emotes Snake charmer, Magic Carpet and Street Sweeper
  • Color your whole armor set with the Paint Bucket
  • Hunt down every new Ribbon and Medal, the collection won’t fill itself
  • New free Silver Keys and Silver Chests to claim on Road to Legends.
  • 3 new Armor Sets added to the game.
  • 3 new summer-themed guns!


  • Premium inventory increased to 150 slots for premium players and to 20 for others
  • Farming of ribbons is now harder and less effective, amount of fame gained from every repeated ribbon is decreasing
  • See how much gold you can still earn from advertising and when there is another ad available
  • Delivery missions removed
  • Tutorial explaining skills added
  • Multiple missions rebalanced
  • Equip Best Gear option now pops up whenever you acquire better gear
  • Feedback can be submitted directly from the game through Send Feedback button
  • Nitro Quest to beat arenas and dungeons now give also XP on top of huge amount of fame. Additionally we are introducing repeatable quests which will rewards you for every 5th dungeon or arena run. Indefinitely!


  • Fixed bug preventing players from reloading under certain circumstances while in PvP match or arena
  • Nitro Quests to beat arenas and dungeons are fixed and can be claimed properly
  • Medals will be awarded after the correct number of ribbons is collected
  • Fame is now counted properly after Ascendancy
  • Blade Dancer and other Enemies now won’t get stuck in the arena
  • Improved performance for low-end devices in the Hive Mind dungeon
  • Checkpoints in Hive Mind dungeon now work properly
  • Fixed a bug responsible for Hive Mind dungeon crash after entering the main gate
  • Game is not getting stuck after message Connection to Server Failed shows up
  • Game should no longer crash when entering Casino or Bar of War after reconnect
  • Enemies will no longer be immortal after player respawns in the mission
  • The Ultimate Survivor ribbon can now be received even in operation missions
  • Multiple fixes reducing crashes of the game