Eligibility & Procedures

Eligibility & Procedures


Eligibility & Procedures

  • Applications will only be received from athletes at Alberta tackle football high school programs that are confirmed members of Football Alberta in good standing in the year of the application.
  • The applicant must be a graduating Grade 12 player having played high school tackle football within the Alberta Schools Athletic Association (ASAA) system.
  • The recipient must be registered for full time (as stipulated by the institution) attendance at an accredited Alberta post-secondary institution all year or both semesters. The program of study must be a minimum two (2) years in duration.
  • The Applicant must be participating on a post-secondary Alberta football team of their choice during the year of application, while attending the 2 year post-secondary program.


$16,000 (9 X $2,000 Scholarships are available for the 2015/16 academic year)

  • Six (6) scholarships, including the Brock Jacobs Scholarship in honor of the passing of Football Alberta's Calgary minor board member, plus one (1) additional in Edmonton and one (1) in Calgary are available thanks to Calgary Stampeders and the Edmonton Eskimos 50/50 support program. One additional scholarship for this fall will be from 2015 Alberta Bowl participating teams. There are 5 Scholarship/Award regions with each demographically equal region having the capability of receiving one award winner each year (see below). Regions will be Northern Alberta, Edmonton, Central Alberta, Calgary and Southern Alberta based on approximately the same number of teams in each region.
  • There must be a minimum of five applicants in a region/zone in order to be awarded a scholarship.
  • If a region does not meet the minimum threshold of five applicants, then applicants from that region will be pooled with region that has the next lowest number of applicants.
  • If there is a vacant zone, it will be awarded to an applicant from the region with the highest number of applicants.
  • If there are two or more regions that have less than the five required applicants, those regions would be combined to create a suitable number of applicants eligible for one scholarship.

Please send completed application to:

Football Alberta
Percy Page Centre
11759 Groat Road
Edmonton AB T5M 3K6

Or Email (scanned attachments) to or Fax to 780-422-2663

Deadline: June 5th
Must be received in the office by 4:00 pm on or before June 5th, not postmarked.

For further information contact Football Alberta at 780-427-8108.


Deadline: The completed application form and supporting letter of reference MUST BE RECEIVED by Football Alberta by June 5th 2015, not postmarked.


Full Name: (Last Name)______(First)______(Middle Initial)______

Home Address: ______City ______PC:______

Home Phone: (______) ______Cell Phone: (______) ______

Email: ______Birth date (dd/mm/yy)______

Grade 12 School team: ______Head Coach: ______

Post-Secondary Institution Attending: ______

Program of Study: ______

Potential Football Teams Attending: (Team A)______(Team B)______



By signing this application you verify that all of the information is complete and correct and that you authorize Football Alberta to contact the registrar’s office of the post-secondary school of their choice to confirm their full-time registration in both fall and winter terms. Personal information is protected under the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will be kept confidential.

Activity Summary

Please outline in point form the football related activities and accomplishments, which you believe make you a candidate worthy of the award. List only those activities in which you have participated in the last three years. Include dates and do not include extra pages.

Career Objectives/Citizenship

Briefly describe your career objectives (education and/or football objective). What other activities and leadership roles have you taken on in the school and community?


Letter of Reference/Support – (To be completed by reference person…Attention Head Coach: if more than one player from your team applies please have another coach write the reference letter.)

This form must accompany the scholarship application. This student-athlete is applying for the Football Alberta Post-Secondary School Scholarship Award available through the Provincial Sport governing body, Football Alberta. These awards are based on athletic prowess in tackle football, the ability to excel at a post-secondary tackle football program of their choice within the Province of Alberta, while remaining a full-time registered student in a post-secondary school of their choice within Alberta. The applicant has chosen you as a reference because of your direct knowledge of his abilities, skills and future potential in tackle football. You are encouraged to be frank in describing why the applicant is worthy of this award. Your comments will be treated as confidential. A separate sheet or letterhead may be attached.

Please provide the information below so we may verify information about this applicant if necessary.


Name of Applicant


Name of Reference Person PositionPhone


AddressE-Mail Address


Relationship to the ApplicantSignature Date