EE-EDS Dallas Section University of Texas at Arlington -Nanofab

EE-EDS Dallas Section University of Texas at Arlington -Nanofab

IEEE-EDS Dallas Section ∙ University of Texas at Arlington – NanoFab

Distinguished Lecture Series in Nano & Micro-Systems

Dennis L. Doane, DMTSPaul G. Barker, SMTS

Texas Instruments Texas Instruments

The Digital Micromirror Device (DMD), developed by the Digital Light Processing Group of Texas Instruments Inc, is a hybrid MEMS device consisting of an array of as many as 8 million micromirrors addressed by an underlying bed of SRAM cells and electrodes. The device is used in many applications such as mobile devices, business projectors, and Digital Cinema. Being a hybrid device, both electrical and optical testing are required. Since the mirrors must be visible to achieve projection, a cover glass is required which must also be inspected. This presentation covers many aspects of the testing of the DMD and discusses the specialized test equipment that had to be developed to achieve comprehensive testing while meeting cost goals. Test sets required the integration of motion control, a vision system, LED lighting control, device control, robotic parts handling, and a data management system to classify parts and archive test results. The test sets are used in characterization, failure analysis, QRA, and production test. Production test flow will also be covered since test points are required throughout the process. Cosmetic defect inspection, usually done by human operators, has been automated to give a further reduction in test cost which allows the sell price of the DMD to be reduced.

Dennis Doane is a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff at Texas Instruments, Inc where he has spent most of his 29 years of service involved in Machine Vision applications. Initially working in the Corporate Manufacturing Technology Center, Dennis participated in the development of the MAVS vision system which was used in various inspection equipment developed by the TI Process Automation Centers starting in 1989. He also participated in the TI Mobile Robot System project, as the Vision Engineer for a 30 part per second commercial container inspection system, and a coin sorter application. In 1993, Dennis joined Corporate Venture Projects , predecessor to the Digital Light Processing group (DLP™) where development of the Digital Micro Mirror device (DMD) was underway. Dennis was a key member in developing the Mirror Master DMD inspection system contributing to overall system architecture and algorithms for motion control, alignment, focus, defect detection, and parametric testing. The Mirror Master system is used in Characterization, QRA, Failure Analysis, and Assembly Test for DLP™. Dennis was also project lead in developing the ClearView DMD glass inspection system , contributed algorithms to the Tilt Angle Measurement System , developed a symbolization system for the DMD, and worked to automate the Projector Screen final test for cosmetic defects. Ultimately, Projector Screen was merged into the T4MAX system (a derivative of Mirror Master) for many DMD’s which eliminates manual inspection and saves test cost by removal of screen rooms. In his spare time, Dennis enjoys spending time with his family and playing trumpet in the TI Jazz Band.

Paul Barker graduated from the University of Oklahoma in Norman OK in 1992 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. He joined the Texas Instruments Defense Systems & Electronics Group where we worked for 2 years in the Advanced Power Supply Design group. He then joined the Digital Light Processing Group in 1994 and started working on his Masters degree at the University of Texas at Arlington. In 1998 he graduated with a M.S. in Electrical Engineering.

For the past 19 years he has primarily designed electronic systems for running the Digital Micromirror Device for test and characterization. This includes burn-in systems and optical inspection systems. He was elected Member, Group Technical Staff in 2000 and Senior Member Technical Staff in 2010. He holds 2 US patents and 2 US patent applications. He currently resides in Allen Texas with his wife Colleen, and his 2 children. His hobbies include; guitar, running, biking, and scouting.

November 21, 2013 106 Nedderman Hall

3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

RSVP: Thanh Bui at or 817-272-1536