DSSIA(S) /Admin./ 13-14/05 Dated : 22/4/2013

DSSIA(S) /Admin./ 13-14/05 Dated : 22/4/2013

DSSIA(S) /Admin./ 13-14/05 Dated : 22/4/2013


The Additional District Magistrate


Kind Attn : Sri Rabindranath Mishra , OAS (S)

Sub : Recommendation for Ind. sheds or atleast Ac 1.5 of land to DSSIA(S) within Rourkela.


The District Small Scale Industries Association , Sundargarh Chapter is one of the oldest Industries Associations of this district formed during the construction of Rourkela Steel Plant way back in 1962 with the initiative of 13 entrepreneurs of the district. Presently this association has 205 life members & the figure is expected to reach 300 shortly as per the new applicants for membership. Unfortunately even after its existance for past 50 years the association do not have its own premises like other associations viz: RCCI & OYEA and is forced to run within DIC campus now Regional Industries Centre in Industrial Estate, Rourkela-4.

The existing office of DSSIA(S) within RIC is insufficient to adjust more than 20 members at a time because of which we are forced to book conference halls for Corporate and Govt. meetings in Hotels and Clubs which do not speak good about this old association & industries as a whole. Further parking of large number of vehicles on the roads nearer to the existing office restricts movement of vehicles and public during meeting days creating chaos in the area.

Sir,space is required not only to have a full fledged office with decent conference facility to facilitate meetings with Govt. & Corporates but also to conduct various awareness programmes & workshops to benefit the industries & community. Also the association shall construct a well equipped liabrary under CSR and open an ATM within the same premises to benefit the industries, public and children of the locality. Further the co-ordination and services of Mobile Medical Van during emergency/accidents shall be easier as the driver of the vehicle shall be provided accommodation within the premises.

Sir, there are several patches of unutilised land with Govt. and RSP from which if a portion is allotted for our purpose shall in no way disturb future projects of either of the parties & be objectionable to public . Further land & industrial sheds available with IDCO can also solve our purpose if considered in favour of our association. Some patches of land are lying vacant along the ring road near Govt. Testing Lab. & Music Circle which may be considered in our favour where no Govt. Projects can be impleted in near future.

We hope you shall consider our request & recommend land or shed free of cost from Govt. / IDCO / RSP for our purpose which shall not only help local MSME’s of this district but also benefit society through various CSR activities under taken by the association from the same premises.

Thanking you & regards,

For District Small Scale Industries Association

PRESIDENT (Pradosh Ranjan Mishra , 9437041204 )

CC to : Mr. S.K. Hota , GM , RIC , Industries Deptt., Rourkela.