Does Your Church Want to Encourage Planned Giving

Does Your Church Want to Encourage Planned Giving

Help from the Diocesan Stewardship Adviser

Victoria James, the Diocesan Stewardship Adviser is here to assist parishes with all matters relating to parish finances and stewardship. Victoria will provide:



*Stewardship Promoter Training

*Individual telephone and email support

*Parish visits for further support

For further help and support contact, Victoria James:

direct line 02392 899655 or email .

There are further resources on the Diocesan website for Treasurers, Gift Aid Officers and Parish Stewardship promoters

There are further resources available from the wide Church of England, particularly, , and

Treasurer, Gift Aid Officer and Stewardship Promoter

Work Together

Being Part of a Team

Looking at and learning from, other Dioceses where Parish Stewardship Promoters (PSP) have been championed, it would seem that this role is best carried out by someone concentrating solely on this task.

It is however, understood and appreciated that this might not always be possible and the Parish Stewardship Promoter will need to be combined with another role. In this case, it is preferable for it to be combined with the role of Gift Aid Officer (GAO) (ie the person keeping gift aid records) rather than the Treasurer (T).

The Parish Resources Website ( ) provides a division of duties whether you are part of a three person team or a two person team. This is summarised below asit is an approach which works well.

In the two person model, the roles of Parish Stewardship Promoter and Gift Aid Officer are combined into one role, the Planned Giving Officer (PGO).

Task / 3 Person Team / 2 Person Team
Book keeping & giving updates to the PCC / T / T
Preparation of Annual Accounts & working with the Independent Examiner / T / T
Monitoring cash management & handling arrangements / T / T
Preparing a budget & monitoring progress against it / T / T
Communicating budget in narrative form / PSP/T / T
Encouraging giving & teaching stewardship / PSP / PGO
Organising annual renewals / PSP / PGO
Promoting giving within the parish, through leaflets, magazine articles, resourcing home groups etc / PSP / PGO
Thanking givers / PSP/GAO / PGO
Encouraging tax-efficient giving / PSP/GAO / PGO
Talking to individuals about giving / PSP/GAO / PGO
Administering Gift Aid scheme & records / GAO / PGO
Making Tax Claims / GAO / PGO