Grade 9 Dance


This is an open dance course where you will be studying three types of dance: Modern, Jazz and Ballet.

Evaluation and Assessment

unit 1: Jazz

unit 2 : Ballet

unit 3 : Modern

unit 4 : Jazz

unit 5 : Modern

unit 6 : Ballet


Written Exam (10%)

Culminating Activity

Production (20%)

Creative Exam (10%)



Within each unit there are technique classes, theory, composition and presentation components which contribute to your mark.

Your year’s mark will be based on:

Knowledge and Understanding




Knowledge and Understanding:

safety in dance and how dance contributes to your well being (classroom rules, biomechanics, kinesiology).

historical and cultural significance of the dance styles studied

vocabulary and terminology

describe characteristics of dance types studied

observe and comment on different forms and styles of dance

describe elements of dance


technique – demonstrate body positions and movement skills

demonstrate and explore elements of dance (space, shape, time, energy


improvise, experiment, and compose

rehearsal, performance and presentation skills

work with various structures – canon, rondo etc.

use various stimuli

work with computer / video technology


observe, describe, compare a broad spectrum of dance

reflect on the work of others and yourself

theatre etiquette

use library and research skills

explain how dance is used in the community

explain how skills developed in dance can be used elsewhere


communicate and express ideas and information in a variety of ways for a number of audiences and purposes (daily etiquette, presentation, written, verbal, non verbal expression)

Our Goals in Dance

to experience the creative and compositional aspects of dance

to receive training in three different types of dance

to learn how to care for one’s body – the dancer’s instrument

to gain confidence through taking part in daily classroom presentation and practice as well

as larger productions

to instill a sense of responsibility and discipline through daily practice both as an individual and

as a team player

to work on literacy through sharpening reading, writing and research skills

to integrate and relate dance to other disciplines (music, art, drama, literature history,

political and social issues, science etc.)

Course Expectations:

Students must:

be in attendance at all times

change into proper dance wear for each class and wear proper footwear according to the uniform and style of dance being studied

remove all jewelry and gum each class and rehearsal

participate to their fullest ability

cooperate and respect the people and property around them

bring a binder, pen and paper to each class

complete assignments and homework as assigned

hand in all assignments on time

attend extra rehearsals at lunch or after school as required for performances and


attend and review at least one live professional performance per school year

help with costumes and set designs as required throughout the year