Press releaseZurich / Sierre, Switzerland, May 18, 2016

Mondial du Merlot et Assemblages 2016:

A truly international list of winners

First Festival des Merlots is a great success

The 6th Mondial du Merlot & Assemblages organised by VINEA association illustrated the competition's international character. Over 400 wines from 22 countries were entered.

The only Great Gold medal was awarded to a Merlot from Uruguay, with wines from Argentina and Mexico winning gold medals. South America was thus well represented, along with wines from Slovenia, Romania, France and Italy. Swiss Merlots also put on a good show, winning over half the total number of gold medals. These award-winning wines were then presented in Zurich at the first-ever Festival des Merlots, which with some 400 visitors and 40 producers was a great success.

The Mondial du Merlot & Assemblages 2016 awards ceremony was held in a prestigious hotel in Zurich. The competition saw 420 wines entered by 238 producers from 22 countries. The Mondial du Merlot & Assemblages is attractive to producers thanks to its credibility; it is held under the aegis of the OIV, the UIOE and the USOE, and with membership in Vinofed, the world federation of major international wine competitions.

The magic of wine

The judges were 30 confirmed international wine tasters, including oenologists, sommeliers and specialist wine journalists who stressed their appreciation of the smooth running of the competition. “The highlight of this competition is the wines' diversity of provenance, illustrated by specific characteristics related to their terroir, climate and vinification methods – this is truly the magic of wine,” commented Jean-Claude Ruf, scientific coordinator with the OIV.

As wine is not (generally speaking) an industrial product, it is difficult to make the same wine year after year – which can be an issue for consumers who, once they have found a wine they enjoy, hope that it will remain the same, from one bottle to the next. “This is the challenge for wine producers, who have to explain what they do and educate their clients,” continued Jean-Claude Ruf.

A certain style... from one year to the next

Mexican oenologist Rocio Amador Rogriguez was impressed by the entries in the Gran Maestro category, which judges wines over three consecutive vintages: “These are magnificent wines, they express the climate variation from one year to another yet still display the hallmark of the individual producer.”

Medals and special prizes

Merlot wines from different production regions feature among the prize-winners. Of the 42 Gold medals, 25 were awarded to Swiss producers (12 from Ticino, 7 from Valais and 6 from Vaud). For non-Swiss wines, Italy triumphed with 7 Gold medals.

Several special prizes were awarded, including the best wine of the competition which was given to Bouza Bodega Boutique of Montevideo (Grand Gold medal), with the Cave du Chai du Baron (Valais) winning the prize for Best Swiss varietal Merlot. The Gran Maestro prize went to Cantina Monti of Cademario (Ticino) for the best results over three vintages, while the prize for the Oldest Vintages category was won by the 2009 Merlot of Domeniu Coroanei Segarcea SRL (Romania).

Ticino producer Vini e Distillati Angelo Delea SA (Losone) won two prizes, namely Best Rosé or Blanc de Noir, and Best Blend. The complete list of 9 special prizes follows below.

79 other wines won silver medals, and a total of 122 wines won awards in line with OIV regulations.

A successful Festival of Award-winning Merlots

Following the awards ceremony, VINEA will organise the very first Festival of Award-winning Merlots. A large number of wine enthusiasts will make the most of this opportunity to discover the winning wines poured by 40 producers, including several from South America (Uruguay, Argentina and Mexico). This event in Zurich is created at the request of the producers, and its success is most encouraging. Come and wine taste today between 4pm and 9 pm.

The complete list of competition winners can be found at

For further information, contact:

VINEA Association (Sierre)

Elisabeth Pasquier, Directrice

Tel. + 41 (0)27 456 31 44

Special prizes

Best Wine of the competition

Best Foreign varietal Merlot

Bouza Merlot Vinedos Pan de Azucar 2013 Maldonado

Bouza Bodega Boutique (Montevideo, Uruguay)

Best Swiss varietal Merlot (sponsored by Felco, Switzerland)

Merlot 2013 AOC Valais

Chai du Baron, Bramois (Valais, Switzerland)

Gran Maestro du Merlot (sponsored by Ticinowine)

Monti Il Canto Della Terra, 2011-2012-2013, Ticino Doc

Cantina Monti S.a.g.l., Cademario (Ticino, Switzerland)

Best Merlot rosé or Blanc de Noir (sponsored by Serex plastics, Switzerland)

Chiar di Luna Bianco di Merlot 2015, Ticino Doc

Vini e Distillati Angelo Delea SA, Losone (Ticino, Switzerland)

Best Blend (sponsored by Eticolle, Switzerland)

Diamante 2012, Rosso del Ticino

Vini e Distillati Angelo Delea SA, Losone (Ticino, Switzerland)

Best Oldest Vintage

Merlot 2009, Romania

Domeniul Coroanei Segarcea SRL (Segarcea Dolj, Romania)

Vinofed prize (sponsored by VINEA)

Platinum 2012, Ticino Doc

Brivio Vini SA, Mendrisio (Ticino, Switzerland)

Château Bourdicotte (Rolet Jarbin) AOC Bordeaux 2015
Bordeaux Vineam, St Magne de Castillon, France

Prix Italia a Tavola

Lavinia 2012, IGT della Bergamasca

Azienda Agr. Valba di Micheli Laura (Cenate Sopra, Italy)

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