Guide only

NOTE: This is only a guide and should not be considered FAA approved data for Part 145 facility inspections. Consult CFR 145 and AC145-9for any requirements

Letter of compliance. The letter of compliance will ensure that all applicable regulatory requirements are addressed during the certification/inspection process. Do they have one? Yes No

Does the certificated repair station display its certificate and ratings at a place in the repair station that is normally accessible to the public and not obscured. CFR 145.19 Yes No

Repair station certificates to ensure that:

  1. Certificate is displayed in the repair station and is visible to the publicYes No
  2. Certificates in the repair station are identical to those in the CHDO fileYes No
  3. Ratings are appropriate for the work being doneYes No
  1. Certificate Holder/Applicant’s Submitted Manual/Revision. Ensure that following:
  1. That the submission includes at least two copies of the manual/revisionYes No
  2. That each page is signed by an authorized person from the air agency Yes No
  1. The necessary technical expertise required by the applicant’s proposed organization, to include the following:
  1. Aviation-related experienceYes No
  2. Proposed organizational structureYes No
  3. Knowledge of the specific maintenance functions to be performedYes No
  1. The ratings required for the type of work to be accomplished y .Yes No
  1. Sufficient personnel to meet the demands of the proposed repair station CFR 145.75Yes No
  1. Personnel Roster. Ensure that:
  1. Personnel directly in charge of maintenance functions for the repair station are certificated in accordance with FAR Part 65, as required by FAR § 145.51 & 145.153 Yes No
  2. The certificate holder/applicant has a roster of supervisory and inspection personnel that lists at least one appropriately certificated airmen in a supervisory position. Yes No
  3. The certificate holder/applicant’s roster includes inspectors authorized to make final airworthiness determinations Yes No
  4. That technical supervisory personnel in propeller or instrument repair stations are certificated as provided for in FAR Part 65, Subpart E Yes No
  1. Facility requirements for the ratings, to include:
  1. The need for climate-controlled conditionsYes No
  2. The size of the facilityYes No
  3. Appropriate test equipmentYes No
  4. Special toolsYes No
  5. Required of tools types and quantities are available and under the control of the repair station CFR 145.109 & 145.201 Yes No
  6. All required items are serviceable and within calibration criteria, to include traceability to one of the following:
  1. The National Institute of Standards and TechnologyYes No
  2. Standard established by the item’s manufacturerYes No
  3. If foreign manufactured, the standards of the country where manufactured, if approved by the Administrator Yes No

4. A recordkeeping system of calibration resultsYes No

  1. Ensure that the applicant’s manual includes procedures for the following:
  1. Identification of the test equipmentYes No
  2. Inspection and calibration of test equipmentYes No
  3. Recording of the date and identification of the person accomplishing the calibration Yes No
  4. Determine what test equipment is required, by reviewing the applicant and/or manufacturer’s maintenance manuals. Yes No

7. The necessity of having current technical data available prior to certification. Technical data will include the following:

  1. Federal Aviation Regulations and currentYes No
  2. AD’sYes No
  3. TC data sheets, if applicableYes No
  4. AC’s, as requiredYes No
  5. Processes, e.g., maintenance processesYes No
  6. Manufacturer’s approved service manuals, instructions, & Service Bulletins Yes No
  7. Technical documents to ensure that documents:Yes No
  8. Are in compliance with FAR 145.109 and 145.201 Performance Standards (See Below) Yes No
  9. Are appropriate for the maintenance to be performedYes No
  10. Are current, accurate, and complete and in repair station’s possessionYes No
  11. Are easily accessible to personnelYes No
  12. Include a method to ensure that revisions are madeYes No
  1. A description of the proposed inspection system with an organizational chartYes No
  2. A list, including names and titles, of all managing and supervisory personnelYes No
  3. A list of services obtained under contract, if any, with the names of each contractor and the types of service provided Yes No
  4. Inspect the repair station facilities to ensure that work being done is protected from weather elements, dust, and heat. Yes No
  5. Ensure that workers are protected to the point that the quality of their work will not be impaired Yes No
  6. The inspection system:
  1. Employees are familiar with and capable of performing their assigned dutiesYes No
  2. Facilities can support manual proceduresYes No
  1. Proper storage and protection of:
  1. MaterialsYes No
  2. PartsYes No
  3. SuppliesYes No
  4. Hoses and tubes capped and pluggedYes No
  1. Proper identification and protection of parts and subassemblies during:
  1. DisassemblyYes No
  2. CleaningYes No
  3. InspectionYes No
  4. RepairYes No
  5. AlterationYes No
  6. AssemblyYes No
  1. Segregation of the following:
  1. Incompatible work areas, e.g., metal shop, battery charging area, or painting area next to an assembly area using suitable trays, racks or stands Yes No

Unpartitioned parts cleaning areasYes No

  1. Forms and records to ensure that:
  1. Station records are completed and retained as requiredYes No
  2. Required reports have been submitted, e.g., Malfunction or Defect reportsYes No
  1. Stockroom to ensure that:

Parts and materials are protected against damage and deteriorationYes No

  1. The certificate holder has a system for identifying and segregating serviceable, repairable, and rejected parts and materials Yes No

Life-limited components are controlledYes No

  1. Manual distribution to ensure that:

All supervisory and inspection personnel are in possession of the manualYes No

  1. All copies of the manual are current with the content of the copy in the Certificate Holding District Office Yes No
  2. Manual is available to all repair station personnelYes No
  1. Contract maintenance facilities:
  1. Requires an applicant for a repair station certificate to provide a list of maintenance functions to be performed by other persons CFR 145.51 and 145.53 Yes No
  2. If work is contracted out to a non-certificated person, the certificate holder/applicant is responsible for ensuring that all work is performed in accordance with regulatory requirements. Yes No
  1. Observe and Inspect Maintenance Functions:
  1. Ensure that the performance of work for part 121 and 125 operators is being performed in accordance with the specific operator’s manual, per part 145.205 Yes No
  2. Ensure that maintenance being performed is in accordance with approved procedures. Yes No
  3. Ensure that maintenance functions being contracted to outside agencies is current with the listing required by § 145.51 and 145.53 Yes No
  1. Does each certificated person who is directly in charge of a maintenance function have the required experience or formal training acceptable to the administrator? CFR 145.51 & 153 Yes No
  2. Does the certificated repair clearly state their certificate number in any advertising? CFR 145.25 Yes No
  3. Does the certificated repair certificate reflect the current business address? CFR 145.55/57 Yes No
  4. Does each supervisor and each inspection person have a current copy of the inspection procedures manual? Is a current copy available to all other personnel? CFR 145.155/211 Yes No
  5. If the roster of supervisory and inspection personnel is contained within the inspection procedure manual, is the roster current and does it reflect all their assigned duties? CFR 145.161Yes No
  6. Does the certificated repair station inspection procedure manual contain examples of all the forms used, and instructions for the completion of those forms? CFR 145.161 Yes No


  1. Does the certificated repair station have records that reflect the training received by supervisory and inspection personnel. Do those records reflect proficiency of all inspection personnel with regards to inspection methods, techniques and equipment used in their specialty? CFR 145.155 and 145.51/153 Yes No
  2. Does the certificated repair station have records that support the experience or training requirements of certificated repairmen? CFR 145.161 Yes No
  3. Do all supervisory and inspection personnel thoroughly understand the contents of the inspection procedures manual? CFR 145.155/211 Yes No
  4. Have all supervisory personnel, who are certificated mechanics, met the experience requirement of part 65.81 and 65.83? CFR 65.81 and 65.83 Yes No


  1. Does the certificated repair station maintain records of all the work performed during the preceding 2years, naming the certificated mechanic or repairman who preformed or supervised the work, and that inspector of that work? CFR 145.219 Yes No
  2. Does the certificated repair station complete an FAA Form 337 for each major alteration in accordance with Far 43 Appendix B? CFR 43 Appendix B Yes No
  3. Does the certificated repair station document major repairs in accordance with Far 43 Appendix B and provide a signed copy to the aircraft owner? CFR 43 Appendix B Yes No
  4. Does the certificated repair station approval or disapproval of inspections performed meet the requirements of FAR 43.11? CFR 43.11 Yes No
  5. Does the certificated repair station have a work order system that is adequate, traceable and in accordance with the inspection manual? CFR 145.155/211 Yes No
  6. Does the certificated repair station maintain records in accordance with 145.219? CFR 145.219/221 Yes No
  7. Is the certificated repair station keeping accurate AD records, to include AD number, revision date, method of compliance, and if recurring action is required, the next date and/or time such action is due? 39.3, 91.417(a)(2)(v), and 145.219 Yes No


  1. Does the certificated repair station have procedures to report defects or unairworthy conditions as required by FAR 145.221? CFR 145.221 Yes No


  1. Is the company's standard repair procedures traceable to approved data?Yes No
  2. Does the certificated repair station utilize approved data for all major repairs and major alterations? CFR 145.107/201/203 and 43.13. Yes No


Reference FAA Order 8300.10