Adding & Subtracting Ten Master


Teaching someone is the best way to learning something. You are going to take on the role of the teacher! You must take this big responsibility seriously! Read and follow these guidelines when assisting your classmates.

Some students may need extra practice learning to add and subtract ten mentally. Be ready to explain to classmates how you know you can skip count forward and backward by ten instead of counting by ones. Use the number grid, ten frames, and base ten rods to show them what you see in your head when you are mentally adding and subtracting ten. Use your words to explain what you are thinking when you are mentally adding and subtracting ten.

Important things a Master needs to remember:

  • You are NOT better than someone else because you are a Master.
  • ALL people need extra practice with some things. There are things you need extra practice with, too.
  • Be positive by using kind words.
  • Be patient. It takes time to learn new things.
  • If you are not sure, ask your teacher.
  • If your classmate does not understand something you are trying to teach, think of a different way to show them or different words to explain the idea. If that doesn’t work, ask your teacher for help.
  • Be patient. Learning is hard work!

(Being patient is on the list twice because it’s so important!)

Your Responsibilities:

  • Be sure your classmates are following the directions of the game. If not, please kindly explain what they should be doing and show them the written directions.
  • Be sure your classmates are solving the math problems correctly. If not, have them show you how to solve the math problem counting by ones and use one of the math tools (ten frames, base ten rods, or the number grid) to help see the correct answer.
  • Be sure your classmates can justify their thinking. Have them use math tools (ten frames, base ten rods, or the number grid) to justify their thinking.
  • Ask your classmates questions while they are playing the game. You can use the list of questions below to help you.

What did you roll?

What does the symbol mean?(add/subtract)

What direction do you move? (+ is forward/ - is backward)

How do you know? (+ is adding, counting forward, increasing, etc./- is subtracting, counting backward, decreasing, etc.)

Why did you move one space if you rolled +/-10? (they are skip counting 10 by moving up/down a row.)

Why do we want to just move up or down a row when we are adding or subtracting 10 instead of counting out ten spaces? (more efficient & quick)

Can you think about your move using another math tool? (think units of 10 – ten frames, base ten rods)

How can thinking of this math tool help us with this game? (visualize in head)

What is a number sentence I could write to show what you did? Explain why the number sentence tells about your turn. (You can use a white board or paper and writing tool to record the number sentences.)

Ask questions about the game. Example: {Student’s Name} is at (#). {Student’s Name} is at (#). How many would you have to move to catch up to {Student’s Name}? Explain how you figured it out.