Organize and Dispatch It!

Jumbled Call #1

Location: 1420 Main Street

Incident Type: Domestic Violence

Comments: Neighbor reporting husband vs. wife. 12 year old child calling from the kitchen says dad slapped mom in the face about 5 minutes ago. Doesn’t know if there are any weapons. Mom is downstairs and dad is upstairs now. Dad has been drinking. There have been prior incidents at this location. Dad’s name is John Boyd, no further description.

Example Dispatch

Domestic violence occurred 5 ago at 1420 Main St (1). Husband vs. wife, child reporting dad slapped mom in face (2). No known weapons (3). Wife is downstairs with RP in the kitchen, husband is upstairs (4). Husband is John Boyd and has been drinking (5). History of domestic violence at this address (6).”

Jumbled Call #2

Location: First and Main

Incident Type: Hit and Run

Comments: A woman hit a man in the cross walk. She stopped long enough to see if he was okay and then left when she saw that he was not. Caller could only say that is was a yellow sports car and got a partial license plate number of 468. She was 30-40 years, had a heavy build, white pants, red striped shirt, maybe 5-6, blonde curly hair, short.

Jumbled Call #3

Location: National Forest

Incident Type: Missing Person

Comments: RP’s brother and sister went camping five days ago and were due back yesterday and RP has not heard from them. The brother has diabetes but is not insulin dependent. They are experienced campers. RP contacted the rangers at Point Allen Park who said they had them listed due back yesterday and are starting a search team. They need us to file a missing person report. RP is standing by in the police lobby.

Jumbled Call #4

Location: 123 Karma Drive

Incident Type: Possible Homicide

Comments: Housekeeper is dead. Resident just got home and house was broken into. Out of town for 12 days. Doesn’t know what to do. She is bloated and stinks. Hurry.

Jumbled Call #5

Location: 9876 Motel Drive

Incident Type: Prostitution Activity

Comments: Anonymous caller says there are hookers on the main drag doing business. Caller was harassed when he walked by. Stated everyone that walks by is harassed. This is on the north end of Motel Drive. Caller described two of the hookers. One is about 27, 5-7, skinny, maybe 28 years old and was wearing hot pants (pink) and a white tube top. She is black. The other was a little shorter, white, with short cropped hair, colored bright blue.

Jumbled Call #6

Location: 211 Robin Way

Incident Type: Robbery

Comments: The 7-11 clerk was just robbed. The man had a gun and showed it to the clerk. The manager was called first and is en route. The suspect was seen before the robbery in the parking lot in a red 94 Chevy Blazer, he was sitting in the passenger seat. He had a handgun with a black handle and silver barrel. Blazer not there now, unknown direction of travel. Time lapse is about 10 minutes now.

Jumbled Call #7

Location: 455 South First St, Valley Medical Center

Incident Type: Sexual Assault

Comments: Sister sexually assaulted outside her work place. Caller taking her to the hospital; does not want police to come to her apartment. Have police meet her at the hospital. Suspect “Iraj” possible last name of Blashken. This happened about two hours ago.

Jumbled Call #8

Location: 789 Park Way

Incident Type: Suspicious Person

Comments: There is a man standing outside under the street lamp in front of the RP’s house. She does not know him and has never seen him there before. She is home by herself and does not want police contact. When a car passes by, he acts suspicious because he bends down and ties his shoe and looks away. He is “foreign looking” with dark hair and eyes.

Jumbled Call #9

Location: 3219 West Stone Street, Denny’s

Incident Type: Stolen Vehicle

Comments: Car stolen from restaurant parking lot. It is a black 88 Porsche, tinted windows, with a ski rack on the trunk. It has special mag wheels and paper plates. RP went into the restaurant about 45 minutes ago. Just came out and car was gone. He will be waiting inside.

Jumbled Call #10

Location: 417 Morgan Drive

Incident Type: Threats

Comments: RP having lots of problems with ex-boyfriend. He owns several guns and has hit her in the past. She is trying to get a restraining order against him. She is worried he might hurt her kids. They broke up last week. He called fifteen minutes ago and said he is on the way over and threatened to “kick her ass”. He has a blue 92 Honda Civic.