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12V/24V Intelligent Clamps Instructions


The intelligent clamp fits both 12V and 24V battery busses. There is an intelligent detection circuit which detects the buss voltage of 12V or 24V, and starts different protection system accordingly. Overall protection functions: Back charge protection, overcharge protection, over discharge protection, short circuit protection and reverse polarity protection and built in battery test.


Please choose the corresponding output converter. 12V for 12V systems and 24V for 24V systems.

A、 How to start a car ( Same operation process for 12V and 24V)

1.  Connect the red clamp to the positive terminal (+) and make the contact area as big as possible;

2.  Connect the black clamp to the negative terminal (-) and make the contact area as big as possible;

3.  Choose the correct output converter; plug the converter into the jump starter and the smart clamps into the converter. Connections need to be firmly pressed in.

4.  A constant red light and a warning tone indicate the battery voltage is greater than the jump starter voltage. Check the indicator lights on the jump starter for 3 bars or greater.

5.  Press the switch button on the smart clamps for 1 second. The blue light will turn on.

6.  Make sure the operation light (green) is on automatically and there is “click, click…” sound. The vehicle may now be started.

7.  To start a vehicle with low battery or no battery, press the switch, after the blue light comes on for, 5 seconds. The green light will come for 20 seconds and go off. The clamps will be in the manual mode.

B. Testing the vehicle battery

Do not connect the smart clamps to the jump starter. Connect the clamps to the cars battery directly, red clamp to positive terminal (+), black clamp to negative terminal (-). Press the switch button for 1 second until the blue light is on. The color of the second light will be;

12V mode:

Greater than 12.6V the light is green

11.8 To 12.5V the light is red

Less than 11.7 volts the light is flashing red

24V mode:

Over 24.7V the light is green

23.2V to 24.6V the light is red

Less than 23.1V the light is flashing.

C. Warning Function

Reversing the connections on the battery will cause the red light to be on and a buzzing sound will emanate. Correct the problem before continuing..

D. Auxiliary Function

The Jump starter power indicator needs to be greater or equal to 75% when starting the vehicle. Keep fully charged for best results.