Inspiring Men and Women

1. Who did Fr Damien volunteer to help?

2. Where did he spend his years of service to these people?

3. Why do you think lepers were herded into isolation?

4. How were the lepers treated once they were on the island?

5. Describe Molokai.

6. How did Damien treat the lepers?

7. Who else treated lepers in this way?

8. Why is treating people like this so important?

9. List all the things Damien achieved while on the Island.

10. What was Damien’s fate?

11. How have the people of Molokai made a lasting memorial to Damien?

12. What is inspiring about Fr Damien?

1. What was Mother Teresa’s birth name?

2. Where was she born and when?

3. How old was Mother Teresa when she entered the convent?

4. As a young nun what did she do?

5. What did God call Mother Teresa to do?

6. How did she respond to God’s call?

7. What happened in 1950?


8. How did the nuns live their lives?

9. Where did Mother Teresa set up homes?

10. What did she see as the worst poverty of all?

11. Explain what you think this kind of povety is.

12. In 1979 Mother Teresa won the Nobel Peace Prize for her service of love to the world.

Whom did she receive this award on behalf of? (Summarise)

13. When did Mother Teresa die?

14. What is inspiring about Mother Teresa?

1. When and where was Jean Vanier born?

2. Who did he serve?

3. What motivated him to serve these people?

4. What is L’Arche?

What is it named after?

What does it symbolise?

5. What needs of the intellectually disabled were Jean and others wanting to understand?

6. What was Jean’s inspiration?

7. What does Jean say we can learn from people with mental disibilities?

8. What do YOU think we can learn from people with mental disibilities?

9. How widespread is L’Arche?

10. What is L’Arche a sign of?

11. What is inspiring about Jean Vanier?

1. What religious order does Sister Helen belong to?

2. How did her life change when she left her teaching job to live in a housing project?

3. In what role did Sister Helen visit Sonnier?

4. Helen was greatly affected by the experience of watching another person executed.

What did she do as a result?


5. Why is she opposed to the death penalty?

6. What does she continue to do?


7. What drives Sister Helen?

8. What is the Catholic Church’s view of the death penalty?

9. What is inspiring about Sister Helen?