5th January 2015

DearMellis Parent,

Well, it is a whole new term. . . not to mention a new year! I trust that you have all had a splendid break with families and friends, and would very much like to wish you all a very Happy New Year for 2015. However, coming back from the excitement of the Christmas break can sometimes (understandably) be a bit of a wrench for your intrepid ‘Mellisian’; it is cold and dark, and the thought of trudging back to school could be enough to provoke a certain sense of gloom! With the right frame of mind, however, this need not be the case; there is much to look forward to, not least of which is the fact that the days are slowly but surely becoming longer and brighter. Key Stage 2 will shortly be trotting off to London for their O2 Young Voices event, and we have new ‘toys’ to play with in the form of our new Tablets. In short, a new year brings new possibilities, and I for one am looking forward to jumping in with both feet!

On a slightly more practical note, please can I also take the opportunity to make you aware of a few things happening in and around school over the next few weeks.


A quick reminder that the School’s Diary can be found on the school website under the Diary Events tab. There is no need for passwords or similar to access this. There is also the regular Thursday email which comprises reminders of the following week’s events, and use of the school’s texting service as and when required. Hopefully this is working well; as ever, please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions. Class teachers will also be sending home the regular start of term letters detailing what each class will be studying this term.

We will also be holding two important evening meetings for parents in the next few weeks. On Wednesday 14th January from 6.30-7.30, there will be an information meeting for current Year 5 parents and children about the Year 6 Aylmerton camp. There will also be an Assessment meeting for Year 1, 3, 4, 5 parents, detailing the school’s new assessment model that is replacing the Levels system currently being phased out. This will be held on Wednesday 4th February from 6.30-7.30.

MSPA Workshop.

It has long been a tradition at Mellis to run Saturday morning workshops (from 9.00-12.00) where all willing parties pitch in to improve the fabric of the school. I would very much like to look at brightening up parts of the corridors and other areas. We shall confirm a date shortly, but if you were prepared to lend a hand (not to mention a paint brush!) that would be very much appreciated!

Traffic congestion outside the school.

As ever, a subject unfortunately close to our minds on a regular basis. As noted before, patience is the watchword here; it would also be greatly appreciated if people could refrain from dropping off on the yellow zig-zag lines, and from turning in private drives. On a more positive note, the Highways agency have confirmed to me that they will be re-surfacing the road in the summer. When they do so, they will be improving the signage, and introducing road markings and asphalt strips to reinforce the speed expectations within the school zone. The school will be contacting local bodies with a view to possible longer term solutions. More on this in due course.

General housekeeping.

Please can we do our level best to arrive at school on time. Children should be lined up with their class by 9.00am to ensure a smooth start to the day; it is always appreciated that there will be occasional moments when things don’t go entirely to plan, but these should be the exception rather than a regular occurrence. Equally, please can parents ensure children are in appropriate school uniform, including proper school shoes and school PE kits - many thanks. On this note, I would flag up the fabulous work the MSPA is doing with respect to the Mellis Uniform Shop – all proceeds to school funds!

Recycle and raise money for the school at the same time!

The landlords of the White Horse (and parents with children at Mellis!) have recycling banks located at their establishment. Monies raised from this can be allocated to institutions such as schools, and they have very kindly offered to direct such money to the school. So – recycle at the White Horse and raise money for the school!

Guitar lessons available.

I am pleased to note that a former pupil at the school has done well with his music studies, and as such is in a position to offer guitar lessons. Should you be interested in lessons/support for your child, please contact Mr Matt Banks on his email


Year 4s will be starting their swimming lessons next Monday afternoon, i.e. the 12th January.

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Best regards,

Paul Ryle.