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How can the Spiritual Corporal Works of Mercy be more present in our lives?

Corporal Works of Mercy / Obras de Misericordia corporales

  • Feed the hungry / Dar comer al hambriento – Help in a soup kitchen * Donate food or money to a food drive * Share homemade food with hungry people * Volunteer in a food bank * Share your lunch with someone who doesn’t have any * Make a meal for someone who is sick or grieving* Start a fundraiser for a soup kitchen * Raise awareness of hunger to give hungry people a voice
  • Clothe the naked / Vestir al desnudo – Donate clothes you have outgrown to St. Vincent de Paul or other charities * Donate socks, shoes, winter coats to homeless sheltersor churches * Organize a drive to collect clothes for the homeless * Make hats and scarves * Give your time and not just your money * Sort donated clothing
  • Bury the dead/ Enterrar a los muertos–Go to the wake and funeral for relatives or your classmates’ loved ones * Send flowers to the family or a memorial donation to charity * Talk to and pray with the bereaved, support them, listen to them, bring them food * Pray for the dead at a cemetery or at church * Help organize a funeral service and be involved at the Funeral Mass * Place wreaths or flowers at the grave * Visit a cemetery and help to clean up debris * Visit war memorials * Share memories of the deceased at a family gathering * Place Mass intentions or light a candle in church to pray for grieving families
  • Give alms to the poor / Dar limosna a los pobres – Donate money to St. Vincent DePaul Society or a homeless shelter * Babysit for free * Give clothes and other basic needs* Volunteer at a soup kitchen or shelter for women and children * Acknowledge and listen to a poor person’s story * Give blankets to homeless people * Donate personal items like toys or books to a person in need * Put money in the Poor Box at church
  • Shelter the homeless / Dar techo a quien no lo tiene– Find them a place to stay * Ask your parents for help bringing the homeless to a place to stay * Let the police help find a shelter * In a power outage, offer others a place to stay * Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity to build homes * Volunteer in a daycare * Donate tents, blankets, pillows, umbrellas, backpacks, and mats to the homeless * Help refugees feel safe and at home
  • Visit the sick and imprisoned/ Visitar a los enfermos y encarcelados– Send cards and family pictures to relatives that are in prison or homebound * Visit people in nursing homes to give them hope * Sit at the window with the homebound or share pictures of the outdoors * Read to them* Call them on the phone * Bring a special treat or a handmade item that will make them smile * Donate to Toys for Tots * Spend time talking to them and take their mind off their illness * Ask them about what life was like when they were your age * Spend time with a sick sibling * Volunteer at a hospital * Read to sick children * Do chores, run errands or help them get around in a wheelchair 

Spiritual Works of Mercy/ Obras de Misericordia Espirituales

  • Instruct/Teach / Instruir/Enseñar– Share a song, video or a picture * Invite people to come with you to a church event * Share your gift or talent with another * Give directions to someone who is lost* Participate and be an example to others * Bring other people to church
  • Console / Consolar– Visit someone going through a tough time * Speak with love, saying: “Things will get better,” “Don’t give up,” “How can I help you?” and “Stay strong”oHow* Remind others that they are loved * Ask others to stay positive and be confident in themselves * Help others remember that for every dark night there is a brighter day * Be there for others
  • Forgive / Perdonar– Always be ready to forgive, and have your words ready * Let go of the past * Be the bigger person * Pray for and talk to the person who has hurt you about why actions were wrong * Treat others as you would want to be treated – put yourself in their shoes * Acknowledge the act was wrong, but that the person is also a child of God * Ask yourself “What would Jesus do?”
  • Advise/Counsel / Aconsejar/Dar buen consejo – Show others a better way to lead their life * Teach friends to think positively * Talk about decisions and consequences * Listen and ask questions * Blog about your own decisions * Pray with friends about decisions so God can direct in the right way * Encourage others to seek more help when needed and to do the right thing
  • Comfort / Confortar– Be a friend * Tell people they are worth something and their life has meaning * Help the disabled and those who are troubled* Believe people’s stories and help them when they need something* Give a tissue and a hug to someone who is crying * Donate blood * Donate hair to Locks of Love * Look around at school and see if anyone is being picked on to comfort and befriend them * Give flowers to sick relatives
  • Bear wrongs patiently / Sufrir los defectoscon paciencia– Think before you speak * Stop swearing * Don’t use rude hand gestures * Stay calm when you hurt yourself * Control your temper * Do not jump to conclusions about situations * Discuss problems with someone else * Forgive and forget * Practice self-control and take deep breaths when you are getting angry * Learn to meditate * Punch the wall instead of someone else * Don’t scream at others * Think happy thoughts * Don’t always insist that you are right

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