Recruitment: Support Office
Job Description – Support Office Auditor /
Role: / Support Office Auditor
Description: / Provide internal audit service delivery at Support Office level with primary focus placed on providing assurance to management on compliance to policies, procedures and guidelines.
Immediate Supervisor: / Senior Internal Auditor
One Up Manager:
Subordinates: / Internal Audit Manager
Cost Centre: / Internal Audit
Grading System: / Paterson
Grading Level: / C4
Requirement: /
  • NQF level 6 (six) Internal Audit diploma and 4 (four) years internal audit work related experience
  • Knowledge of IIA standards
  • General working knowledge of key processes that are critical to the business such as accounting, finance, procurement and inventory
  • CIA qualification, prior experience in the retail industry will be beneficial
  • Completion of articles at an external audit firm will be advantageous
  • Knowledge and experience with the use of internal audit software (BarnOwl skills and experience will be beneficial)
  • SAP knowledge will be beneficial

Key Performance Area / Description
Compliance reviews /
  • Perform compliance audits at support office. Compliance audit comprises detailed testing of adherence to company policies and procedures.

Financial control reviews /
  • Perform financial control reviews at Support Office. Financial Control reviews comprise detailed and factual review of the status of financial controls as reflected in company trial balance at any given point in time.

Follow-up reviews /
  • Perform follow-up review audits to determine the extent of corrective action.

Technical / professional / special projects (as and when required) /
  • Improvement of audit programs
  • Creation of new audit programs for new focus areas
  • Training of employees
  • Review of company policies and procedures
  • Participation in administrative tasks

Participation in special investigations (as and when required) /
  • Forensic / tip-off / management request
  • Investigation of high risk areas identified through CAAT’s

Ad hoc management requests /
  • Participating in administrative tasks (e.g. fixed asset verification exercise)
  • Involvement in business related activities outside of normal departmental duties (e.g. membership of employee forum; health and safety representative etc.)

Competencies / Description
Concern for excellence /
  • Work within a team/ individually to meet standards set by others;
  • Check own work for order, accuracy, quality;

 Work towards a standard of excellence for self and others within framework of existing structure and time boundaries;

  • Work to improve quality and efficiency of existing systems.

Decision making /
  • Make decisions within a strictly supervised & structured environment;
  • Make decisions within the framework of work standards & procedures;
  • Make decisions that impact 1 day to 1 week;
    Make decisions where immediate and physical consequences are observable on self & others in direct work environment.

Planning /
  • Assist in establishing monthly/weekly operational plan;
  • Meet goals established by others;
  • Schedule activities necessary for operational work completion;
  • Plan according to lists of tasks or activities;
  • Plan within framework of workplace standards, and procedures;
  • Plan on day-to-day basis up to one month ahead;
  • Take into account physical workplace, tools, targets and individual safety;

Communication /
  • Required to display effective communications skills in the work situation;
  • Recognise miscommunication between parties & deal with it effectively;
  • Consciously use direct, open, two-way communication in area of responsibility;
  • Assess the needs of audience in order to deliver appropriate message and content.

Persuasion /
  • High levels of persuasiveness required;
  • Negotiate on regular basis with internal parties in organisation to ensure objective achievement;
  • Use multiple customised actions to influence with each one adapted to the specific audience;
  • Anticipate and prepare for reactions;
  • Apply appropriate negotiation & influencing techniques to build support for ideas and achieve buy-in;
  • Has work knowledge of influencing/negotiation methods with experience utilising them.

Assertiveness /
  • High levels of assertiveness required as part of work;
  • Regularly drive others towards adherence to stringent deadlines/ objectives;
  • Make a positive personal impact that is clear and succinct for the audience

Problem-solving /
  • Use info available in own department and work environment;
  • Trends limited to concrete results and consequences;
  • Solve problems having impact 1 – 6 months;
  • Analyse basic patterns & relationships among a few parts of problem/situation;
  • Observe discrepancies, trends, and interrelations in data or in operational environment;
  • See similarities between current situations & things that have happened before;
  • Find solutions to problems in operational environment, team, cost, production targets, equipment, and physical safety issues.

As an Employee of the Company, it would be expected of you to perform all such duties and exercise all such powers in relation to the business of the Company as may from time to time be requested or assigned to you by the Company.

It would be expected of you to comply with all policies and procedures of the Company and to abide by all rules and regulations concerning its Employees.

I agree that this job description conveys an accurate description of this job.

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