Character Counts!

Our commitment from The Peel District School Board recognizes that students achieve their best when they feel safe, nurtured, welcomed, respected and included. Such learning and teaching environments are to be peaceful and welcoming for all. They must be free of negative factors such as abuse, bullying, discrimination, intimidation, hateful words and deeds and physical violence in any form. They must clearly demonstrate respect for social justice, human rights and promote the character attributes needed to develop responsible members of a democratic society.

Erindale Secondary School’s Code of Conduct reflects the desirable tone and the expectations we have for our school community. We are proud of the fine educational opportunities available to our students and believe that parents/guardians, students and staff working together can build and support an effective learning environment for all students. Students, parents/guardians, volunteers, teachers and other staff members are governed by the policies of the Code of Conduct whether they are on school property, on school buses, at school authorized events or activities, or involved in any other incident connected to the school.

The staff at Erindale is committed to working with students towards making positive choices and enjoying meaningful school experiences. To that end, we are attempting to create a school environment in which everyone will respect the rights, feelings and property of others. Everyone in the school building is expected to exhibit common courtesy and self-control in work and action. Students are encouraged to extend a reasonable and conscientious effort in class and to commit to regular and punctual attendance.

All members of the school community have a responsibility to respect and honour the school Code of Conduct, to demonstrate age and developmentally appropriate social behaviour and to take responsibility for their own actions to be responsible citizens in the 21st Century.


At Erindale, the SAC represents the student body in both a governing and a leadership capacity. Students have the opportunity to run for executive positions. These positions include:

  1. President- Co-Presidents
  2. Vice President
  3. Finance
  4. Communications
  5. Social Convenors

Students qualify for nomination under the following criteria:

  • maintain a minimum average of 65%
  • maintain a pattern of regular attendance
  • maintain a full timetable with no suspensions
  • demonstrate a commitment to good citizenship and community service
  • demonstrate an understanding of and a commitment to positive leadership

As well, candidates must have:

  • the signature of one of the vice principals
  • comments and signatures from 4 teachers who taught/supervised them in a school based activity during the last 3 semesters
  • signatures from 4 current Erindale students

Qualified candidates who run a campaign shall abide by the publicity rules and be prepared to speak to their peers at an election assembly. No multimedia, talent demonstrations or websites will be permitted. The 2015-2016 candidates will be elected in September 2015.

The executive will be assisted by students who volunteer to serve on the General Council. Students have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership as a member of council by participating in organizing school events.


Through its system of awards, the Erindale staff recognize high achievement in each of 5 (five) areas of school life: Academics, Citizenship, Clubs, Arts, and Athletics.

To be eligible for the major school award, called the Raider Award, the student must accumulate enough points in three of the five divisions, as follows.

Academic170 points

Clubs100 points

Citizenship100 points

Arts100 points

Athletics 65 points

To be eligible for a division award a candidate must have been a full time student at E.S.S. for a minimum of three years. All awards are presented at Commencement.


The academic division award will be given to a student who exhibits high academic performance.

  1. The student must be full time, each year in grades 9, 10 and 11 and must have at least 6 courses minimum in grade 12. Only the first four years at Erindale are eligible for academic points.
  2. The Academic division award will be granted in the student’s academic graduating year.
  3. Additional recognition will be given if the student participates in Academic Competitions (Math, Science, Skill Olympics, Business, and English etc.)
  4. The student must accumulate 170 points in the Academic area.
  5. Points are awarded as follows:

Average per semester:

90 + %25 points

80 - 89%20 points

70 - 79%10 points


Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of clubs and activities offered at Erindale S.S. To be eligible for an award based on activities, the student must accumulate 100 points from this area. In general, a club which runs 2 semesters receives 0-25 points, a one semester club receives 0-15, a seasonal club 0-10.


This award is given for activities which enhance the school image within the school as well as in the community. The Citizenship award will be given to any student who accumulates 100 points from the school sponsored organization/activities.


The Arts division award is based on participation in activities in any of the Arts. A student must accumulate 100 points to receive an award in this area.


The Athletic participation award will be given to any student who accumulates 65 points through participation and success in sports on school teams. Points are awarded based on sports participation. Details of the award point system are available from the E.A.C. (Erindale Athletic Council) and sponsoring coaches.To be eligible to play on a school team a student must be taking at least 3 credits.

25 points = Silver Award

45 points = Gold Award

65 points = Platinum Award

Scholarship Opportunities

  1. Erinwood Ford Character Counts - Graduation Award

In 2010, Erindale Secondary partnered with Erinwood Ford to recognize a graduating student who demonstrated good character while at Erindale. Erinwood Ford was impressed with implementation of our character programming which emphasises putting attributes in to action. Erinwood determined that they would support Erindale’s efforts by supplying the prizes for this award. The prizes for this award are a New Ford Fiesta and two cash prizes of $2500.

Any graduating student is eligible to apply for the award if they satisfy the conditions

  • Academic average of 60%
  • Entire high school was spent at Erindale
  • Graduating in 4 years
  • Community Involvement completed and submitted

The Application Process

Students will complete an application which is available on the Erindale website. The students will explain how they display Erindale’s Character Attributes in areas: (1)Commitment to School (2) Leadership/Mentorship at Erindale (3) Academics (4) Community Involvement. The students will also answer in essay format one of the following questions. How will winning the Erinwood Ford Award change my or my family’s life? or, After completing the application process - how have my views on Character Education changed?

The Selection Process

Students will submit applications by Monday May 16th2016. The selection committee (Principal and at least 5 members of the Climate for Learning and Working Committee) will review all applications and determine the top 3. The three finalist’s application will be edited by Erindale staff to remove any indication of person or gender. The finalist’s applications will be given to Erinwood Ford Management to determine the order of the finalists. The award winners will be announced at the Commencement Ceremonies.

  1. The Norman Gollert Scholarship


Norman D. Gollert served as a Secondary School Principal in Peel for over 25 years at: Streetsville S.S., Brampton Centennial S.S., and Westwood S.S. As an advocate for all students Mr. Gollert was tireless and relentless in his support of student achievement and success. Always recognizing the efforts of all students and proud of their accomplishments, Mr. Gollert had a special place in his heart for those students who prevailed over obstacles to achieve significant academic and personal success in the pursuit of a high school diploma. His personal and professional support of these students was a tremendous source of encouragement. Nothing was too difficult or onerous for him if it meant that one student had a better chance of success.


The purpose of the Norman D. Gollert Scholarship is to recognize, encourage and support graduating students who have prevailed over obstacles to achieve high academic and personal success. Students selected to achieve this award must act, in their community and school, as positive role models for other students interested in post-secondary studies.

Scholarship Criteria:

The following selection guidelines will be used in awarding and administering the Norman D. Gollert Scholarship:

a)candidates must be accepted into full-time attendance at a post-secondary program(apprenticeship, college, university) within Canada

b)candidates must be a Canadian citizen or have landed immigrant status

c)candidates must demonstrate an element of financial need

d)candidates must be between the ages of 17 and 21 at the time they receive the award

e)candidates must have contributed to extra-curricular activities while at their school

f)candidates must have attended their school for a minimum of 2 years(not necessarily consecutive)

g)candidates must have demonstrated that they have been a positive role model in their school and in the community

h)the award shall normally have a value of $1000.00

i)candidates shall be students within the Peel Board of Education

j)candidates must demonstrate how they prevailed over obstacles and achieved academic and personal success

  1. Other Scholarship Opportunities

Loran Scholarship:

Every year, the Loran Scholars Foundation invests in exceptional young Canadians who demonstrate character, service and leadership. We look for qualities that a transcript alone cannot show: personal integrity and character; commitment to service and an entrepreneurial spirit; breadth in academic and extra-curricular interests; strongly developed inner-directedness; and outstanding overall potential for leadership. Through the country’s most rigorous and personalized selection process, which includes interviews at the regional and national level, we select the top 30 of approximately 3,500 applicants as Loran Scholars.

Each Loran Scholar receives an award valued at up to $100,000 for their undergraduate studies. For four years, they receive the mentorship, financial independence and opportunities to seek out how they can most effectively contribute to society. Graduating scholars join a network of nearly 400 alumni who support each other as they take on leadership responsibilities beyond their years in business, public policy, medicine, law, academia, the arts and many other disciplines.

More Information @

Schulich Leader Scholarships

Launched in 2012, this $100 million program funds 50 undergraduate scholarships each year, across top Canadian universities.* Our most promising students can pursue their dreams and become the next global pioneers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
They are innovators. They are Schulich Leaders.

50 scholarships are awarded each year

More information @

For more information on the aforementioned and to learn about other opportunities, please visit our Guidance Department



Regular attendance is vital to good academic performance. Students are expected to attend all classes for which they are registered and be on time everyday.

The school is required by law to maintain an accurate attendance record for all students.

  • attendance is taken at the beginning of each class period and updated on line
  • students are required to provide a note from their parent/guardian when absent from school. The note is to be given to the office immediately upon the student's return to school
  • alternatively,parents can call on the day of their child's absenceat905 - 828- 7206. This will ensure that our automated phone system does not call home to report a missed class

Email Notification for Parents/Guardians - if you would like to arrange for email communication, please contact the school’s main office and make arrangements to complete the consent form.

Changes to Telephone Number(s) and Address - please notify the guidance office if you have made a change to your telephone number and/or address. Please call extension 410.

Our automated call home system will contact all parents/guardians regarding student absence on a daily basis.

This system contacts the homes of students absent from one or more classes on any given day.

Sign up For Parent Web

Parents/Guardians can track attendance and other student information by signing up for Parent Web. Student attendance in any course can be viewed live online by parents. To sign up, please visit our school website at: and click on the PARENT WEB icon. The student's Ontario Education Number will be required for signing up. This OEN appears on the student's report card and student I.D. (Identification) Card. For assistance, please contact the Guidance Department.

Communication with adult students (age 18 and older):

Please be advised that Peel District School Board staff, including teachers and administrators, will communicate with the parent(s)/guardian(s) of an adult student (age 18 or older) regarding educational matters unless and until that adult student provides direction in writing that all further communication by school staff regarding education matters must be with that student only. Students who have any questions regarding this practice who wish to provide written direction to the school, needs to see the Vice-Principal.

Erindale Attendance Policy

Attendance and punctuality must be a high priority for all students.

Lates:If a student arrives late to any class it is recorded in the attendance module.

Unless a student is in class by the following times, a student is considered late:

Period 1:8:15am

Period 29:38am


Period 311:53am

Period 41:11pm

As punctuality is an important and desirable employability skill, we have developed a procedure to help students acquire this responsibility. The following actions will result from late attendance:

1 – 5Teacher intervention and parental contact

6Teacher informs Vice Principal fornext steps

7 – 10On-going teacher intervention and parent contact

10 – 15Vice-Principal and Teacher intervention including parent contact, meetings, next steps planning

Attendance: Vice Principal consequences and student meets with his/hercounsellor for next step

If lateness continues, case conference may be arranged.

Home form teachers check the phone numbers of each new student

(once each semester)

  • 1 - 5 unauthorized absences - each absence: teacher phones home and records date/time/person spoken with in SIS with summary of communication. Teacher assigns appropriate consequences.
  • 6 & ongoing - teacher informs Vice Principal: Vice Principal may involve parent, teacher, social worker, school success, counsellor. Vice Principal willassign appropriate consequences depending on circumstances.

Excused During Class Time

Students who must leave before the end of the day must sign out through the main office. This obligation applies to all students even if they are leaving only for a short time and will be returning. They must sign out when leaving.

To facilitate sign out procedures for appointments, students who know they will be leaving during the day should bring a note to the main office at the beginning of the day and receive an excuse slip. The student gives the excuse slip to the period teacher when leaving the class for the appointment. Students do not have to sign out during a lunch period.

Extended Absences During the School Year

Students who have been absent for 15 consecutive school days without appropriate supporting medical documentation must notify the school via the Vice Principal, the reasons for the absence and discuss a plan to re-engage in school. Students under the age of 18 who have 15 consecutive class absences are at risk of being withdrawn from that course. Students over 18 who have 15 consecutive absences from courses are at risk of being withdrawn from courses or from school altogether.

In the event that parents choose to take their child out of school at times other than school holidays, the onus lies with them to complete missed work. Teachers cannot provide detailed homework assignments that replicate the missed work and cannot approve absences from school due to vacation.

Families need to:

  1. contact the appropriate Vice Principal well in advance of the expected absence.
  2. complete the Student Request for Leave From School form in consultation with each classroom teacher and submit it to the office - to help facilitate the continuation of school programming.
  3. fulfill all academic obligations as outlined on the form.

Please note that final evaluation periods will not be considered for approval for vacation (missed finals require medical notes).

Library Learning Commons

The library is available for information skills lessons, for study and research, for recreational reading, and for accessing the internet and computer databases. There are many books, magazines and videos available for sign out with a student ID card. Yearbooks, encyclopaedia, reference books, reserved material, newspapers and computer programs are available for student use in the library. A student ID card is needed in order to access these materials. Our library is also equipped with an IPad lab & document cameras.

The networked computers are in constant use throughout the day and are often booked for classes doing research. When not for class use, they are available for students for school-related work only; check in at the circulation desk if you wish to use one of these machines. Please note: chat room access is NOT permitted on any school computer, and only the Board's email is allowed.

Essay style guides, works cited format information, how to do footnotes, endnotes and embedded citations, as well as many subject-related internet and data-base links can be found on the following website:

Library hours are posted daily, but extended hours are offered to individuals or groups who make prior arrangements with the teacher-librarian. The library staff looks forward to assisting you in your academic endeavours.